Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. From the never say never file: I purchased a pair of Crocs. They don't look like Crocs, but they're Crocs. After all the shit I've talked about Crocs on this blog, I feel I owed it to you to divulge this purchase. My geriatric feet don't care that they're Crocs.  I'm trying to make myself feel better by saying at least they're not the clogs, but no matter how you slice it, I now own Crocs. And I was ecstatically happy about wearing them as I made my way around Hersheypark and stood for a zillion hours last Saturday. The bottoms of my feet did not hurt at all. Uggs, there will never be an admission like this about you. Sorry.
Purchased from Amazon
2. We've reached the point of summer where I don't feel like cooking a freaking thing. I wish living off of Popsicles was healthy because that's what I feel like doing. Summer makes me lazy and I hate lazy.

3. Kristin's Pinterest post reminded me that I really like when people have boards of stuff they've completed on Pinterest and direct me to them so I can follow them. If you have one of these boards, please leave me a link to it in the comments! I have two, and in the description I write any changes I made to the original pin. Mine are: I Made It - Recipes! and I Did It! Things I Pinned & Did.

4. Monday was a good mail day. Purple sequinned slippers? Hell yes. Thanks to Ameliorer la Vie for the recommendation. I cashed in on the annual July Zoya polish sale and got these three for $12 including shipping (L-R: Odette, Binx, and Erika). One of the best things about the Disney Cruise Line? The toiletries. It was time to replace mine. New earrings and bracelet from Chloe & Isabel by Jen.
5. My poor Geege with the storms recently.
6. Currently reading: Tell The Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. You?

7. Who's watching Under the Dome? Three episodes in, I think Season 2 is awesome. I'm extremely pleased with the addition of Eddie Cahill to the cast. I love him. The science teacher, not so much. She grates on my nerves.
8. Weird Al got grammar nerds everywhere excited with Word Crimes this week. You win the interwebs, Weird A.
9. Some blog posts I enjoyed this week:
     -Coconut Blueberry Breakfast Popsicles from Rachel @ Can't Google Everything
     - Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out these theme road trip ideas from Kelly at A     Lovely Life Indeed
     -Kelli's list of happies at Just Beachy Blog - what's on your list?
     -Really cute Lessons from a Nine Month Old from Mercedes @ It's a Harr Life
     -Ziplining Thought Process of Steph G @ Insert Classy Here

10. E-card of the week. You know you do too...

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.

Tomorrow: Philly Favorites.

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  1. What? You mean popsicles don't count as a meal? :)
    Also, I geeked out SO HARD while watching that Weird Al video yesterday. SO. HARD.

  2. Aww my dog hates thunder, too, and now so does my kid after we saw fireworks the other night and he was scared to death! I am having some good mail days this week, too, since my birthday is on Tuesday!! And... I'm thinking maybe I should make one of those "done it" Pinterest boards now- great idea!! Oh one more thing- we watch under the dome- I thought we were the only ones!!! We haven't gotten int season 2 yet though it's waiting for us on the DVR!

  3. Love those slippers and the Odette Zoya color. Very pretty. I get the sugar free popsicles so they are only 15 calories so totally don't count, right? Never heard of under the dome, will have to look for it on Netflix.

  4. That looks like a fantastic mail day! Do you know I've still never tried Zoya nail polishes?

  5. I just started reading Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. I have no clue what it's about, but I've read tons of recommendations for it on blogs, so I'm just going for it. I only have two weeks left of "doing time" in the lactation room at work, so I fully intend to take advantage of it and get a book read while I'm in there. =)

    Hey - random thought - can you email me about blog sponsorships? I think once I get my shit together and start blogging again regularly (maybe this fall?) I'd like to sponsor your blog. Thanks!

  6. I just saw the Weird Al "Foil" video and it's hilarious! I'd forgotten how much fun he is. I really like the idea of a pinterest board for things I actually did, but my only DIY project was scotch-taping the power strip to the side of the bed's headboard so I wouldn't have to move furniture to plug things in/remove them. (but it was a work of art - 2 layers of tape so that none of the adhesive is directly attached to the wood)

  7. I watched Word Crimes this morning! It was quite awesome. I should make a Pinterest board of things I have done, great idea!

  8. Thank you so much for road trip link, Steph! And I also have Crocs...the flip shame. I love them! Good for all weather and they never get stinky. Embrace the croc. And thanks again! :-)

  9. Well, the brand may be Crocs but they really are just slip on sneakers! Sometimes comfort is more important.

    I too have a Pinterest board with the stuff I've done/made. Helps me keep track of what I liked and if I want to go back and make it again.

  10. I love Eddie Cahill. He was one of the best parts of Friends (a million years ago).
    Crocs actually makes some REALLY cute wedges. I've just never splurged on them in the past. It's a pride thing.
    I'm reading Delicious by Ruth Reichl. Perfect for anyone who loves food!

  11. my first thought was: OMG SHE GOT CROCS? SHE HATES THOSE!! and girl, one day you will be convinced about uggs too. you say never but watch; your feet, the fact that your winters are sub-zero and ridiculously cold and when you quickly slip into a pair to run outside for just a will change your mind. before i was all UGGS ARE UGLY AND STUPID AND WHY WOULD ANYONE IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WEAR THEM. then i stuffed my feet into my sister's uggs to run outside for something and then i was like, OMFG WHAT ARE THESE THINGS OF AMAZINGNESS ON MY FEET AND WHERE CAN I GET A PAIR ASAP???

    Vodka and Soda

  12. Agree about the crocs, but I still have a pair and they are perfect for wearing to the pool.
    I'm reading The Fault in our Stars.
    Word Crimes = awesome.
    Poor Geege.

  13. I give you a pass because they really don't look like crocs. and i have those exact slippers in blue!! awesome. i need to check out some of those posts you linked to!

  14. Those crocs are actually very cute...I'm very anti-crocs myself. Love the slippers!! Poor Geege :(

  15. At least the Crocs are cute and I'm with you no Uggs ever!

    My Seven hates thunder too, I want to try one of those thunder jackets to see if they work. Someone should send me one free to review for my blog. :)

    I love the Ecard, it's so perfect!

  16. I need those slippers, and the crocs are super cute! i really like Uggs though, sometimes.
    I don't watch Under the Dome - do I need to? I need a new show, so I wont be upset if you say yes.

  17. Thank you for showing the video on here.... I had heard of it but hadn't gotten around to looking at it. It's awesome!!! I make mistakes... but at least I don't write with numbers or emojis!!!

  18. Soooo your crocs aren't bad. Who knew they made something acceptable to wear in public?!

    I have never heard of Under the Dome....perhaps I need to check it out?!

    Awe Geege!

    That ecard is so true!

  19. Those crocs don't even count as crocs. They are definitely not embarrassing like those awful plastic clogs with giant holes.

    I haven't seen any of this season of Under the Dome. It's recording on my DVR back in Texas. Anytime it has started to come on at my parents' house I get to that remote so fast to change it.

    My "Nailed It!" Pinterest board:

    I have that Weird Al song pinned to my teaching board so I can play it for my kids when school starts.

  20. At least they're not clogs- you can't even tell that they're Crocs! And I have two boards like that! and

  21. Those shoes are actually really cute.

  22. I'm watching Under the Dome, and that bitch science teacher needs to get cut in half like that poor cow toot suite. I hate her.

  23. I love Under the Dome. It is filmed about an hour from here and they keep posting needs for casting. maybe one day i will drive on down and find myself trapped;)

  24. If you didn't say those were Crocs, I don't think anybody would have any idea those are Crocs, haha. They're cute!

    I have a board like that... But I haven't updated descriptions to say whether things tasted good/worked or not...

    Under the Dome is back!? We watched Season 1 and have been waiting for Season 2. Good to know! I love that show.

  25. Ohhh nooo.... Crocs are the worst! I like to think I won't ever even put my currently nonexistent but maybe someday kids in them. I'll have to check out Under the Dome- need a new show.

  26. My pitbull is the biggest chicken when it comes to thunder. He will stay under his daddys feet until its all over.

  27. I like those slippers.

    I'm also watching Under The Dome!

  28. Love all your new purchases! Those purple sequined slippers or fabulous!!

  29. You did WHAT?! LOLOL

    Also loving Under the Dome and also hating on the science teacher.

  30. Love the purchases and that eccard is perfect!

  31. OMG your dog's face! I think you managed to pick the least visually offensive pair of Crocs ever made. Well done!

  32. No Under Dome. Just a little weird for me. Weird Al - I saw the news ones - the grammar one is by far my favorite! And Geege and Lucy can get together. Lucy is terrified. Shaking so much, but maybe she will burn extra calories!

  33. By name alone they are Crocs but that is it. Not a win for Crocs lol. Summer also makes me lazy.

  34. Yes! Can we please just live off of Popsicles until September??

  35. The Crocs were really that comfortable? I've seen a few new styles, like Mary Janes, boat shoes (I want!) and sneakers. I just didn't think they'd give enough support. It's all still rubbery, right? Hmmm...

    I have a "completed & bought" pinterest board. ( It's not very full though. I love moving pins over there!

  36. If I didn't love you as much as I already do, the Crocs would've ended our friendship effective immediately. BUT they ARE cute ones, I'll give them that!

  37. I totally love under the dome!! It's such a fun concept for show. I have my own Pinterest "accomplished board too, but I wish I had thought to note things in the comments! Fail. But here it is anyway:

  38. I've been stalking your goodreads to see what you rate that book. It's been on my list for a while so I can't wait to hear what you think :) Have you ever tried on Toms? I have a serious love affair with them which has kept me away from the temptation to try on a pair of crocs.


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