Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. This week started out with a bang on Monday! I met my friend and yours Marla from Luck Fupus for lunch at our usual spot (Continental Midtown). We're good enough friends that I can meet her on my non makeup wearing days and not give a fig's fart. The grilled cheese and banana nutella tart were excellent but the company was the best, as usual. She gave me some Yes to Cucumbers products too! Banner day.
2. What a difference the last person out of bed makes.
3. I was crying laughing when I saw this. It's perfect because not only do they look similar, MFD is just so Clark Griswold at Christmas and all the time, really. Thanks to Rachael Bell for this thing of beauty.

4. Happening now:
5. Look who got a bathing suit from Treat Lady and is not pleased that I put it on her after her bed time. I mean she looks like a stone cold B, doesn't she? Hazel in full effect.

6. Flights booked for our December vacation. BOOM.

7. You just put your pickle on everybody's platecollege boy, and leave the hard stuff to me.

8. Two of my favorite things on Tuesday night: nail painting and Rizzoli & Isles. Does anyone else watch?
9. This weekend: roller coasters and Bruno Mars with MFD.
10. E-card of the week. We all have some people we need to check these things with, am I right?

That's What She Read is celebrating a two year blog birthday today and Jen let me get in on the celebrations. Head over and share your good wishes with her!

No blog post for me tomorrow. See you on Facebook or Instagram for weekend things, otherwise back here on Monday for TWTW.

As 20/20 says, "We're in touch. So you be in touch." Toodleoo, mofos.

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  1. The banana Nutella tart sounds amazing!! Love the nail color and Rizzolli and Isles! The MFD/Clark is too funny, love it! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Also Mae....not pleased but the suit...perfect.

  3. Awwww, my favorite weekly post! HOLLER for lunch meet ups at the Continental!! That may be my favorite picture of MFD, ever. He makes me laugh, and I've never met the guy. But I will in Chicago!!!!!! Mazel looks like a little (pissed off) sun goddess in her suit. Love that nail polish color, but I don't watch R&I. I'm a Suits gal. Did you try any of the Y2C products yet?

    1. MJ looks marvelous and glad you are having a meet-up in Chicago! Splendid!

  4. A doggie bathing suit? I love it. Also, come Christmas, I am expecting loads of pics of MFD reenacting Christmas Vacation for us. Hope he enjoys his Christmas ham (or was it a turkey? I suck at remembering movies).

  5. Yayyyy for lunch dates with Marla, lucky girls!

    I should totally do that squat challenge, I do squats now and then but never regularly.

    I wonder if it's okay to save that ecard and email it so work associates as appropriate?

  6. Love that e card! Maybe Maisel wants a bikini!!! So happy it's cooling off a bit. Thankful for fans, pool, a/c, electricity
    etc! I know Bruno Mars will be excellent. Will miss your blog tomorrow. #cantyoujustblogeverysingleday
    Love your MOMMA

  7. Gigi will sit still like we are going to beat her after we put clothes on her. It's the funniest thing. I love my crazy bee-otch. What/where is vacay in December?!

  8. I love the e-card! (And I don't say that often.)
    I've been known to re-make the bed when Scott leaves for work/before I go back to sleep. I can't go back to sleep if it's all messy.

  9. I want to join you girls for lunch dates! And I'm totally the same way with the bed- I always have to make it!

  10. That bathing suit is just the cutest thing on her! I cant get over it. And that eccard... can I steal it???

  11. Oh my cuteness!!! I just want to squeeze her in that little swimsuit! She does NOT look happy AT ALL! Mean mommy! You know the boys were probably laughing at her and giving her a hard time too! A girls got a certain standard to uphold.

    Love the nail polish color!! What is Rizzoli & Isles?

    That ecard knows whats up!

  12. hahahahahah! hazel is like: HUMAN, WATCH YO' BACK.

    Vodka and Soda

  13. I was literally cracking up over that bed picture. We have had an unspoken rule whoever is last out of the bed must make it.....except Mark fell through on his duties yesterday and I made him come and make it even though he was running late....sorry dude you were the last one out. Ummmmm she is straight rocking that outfit she has that serious model face down cold!

  14. That bathing suit is EVERYTHING.

  15. Hahaha your dogs face is HILARIOUS!
    We never make our bed, when we first moved in together I did but now Im like F it.

  16. DAMMIT must I squat today? fine, you convinced me. secondly i audibly laughed at the MFD clark griswold comparison. thank you for that.

  17. hahaha I love the Hazel sighting. She's so mad!!

  18. Oh the doggie bath suite is SO cute!! If she saw the picture she would appreciate it ;) LOL MFD and Griswold!!

  19. You're so good at painting your nails. I'm in awe.

  20. Daaaaaaaaaaamn, Hazel! Bahahahah! So cute! That FACE! "Mother, how COULD you?"
    I tried to get into Rizolli and Isles a while ago because I love the book series... but for some reason I just never got hooked on the show.

  21. aww look at little mae in her bathing suit. nothing in this world is better than a pug in clothes! and our bed looks similar depending on who makes it. damn dudes.

  22. Clark and MFD - total resemblance. I can't wait to see your light display this year. And I hope Mae sleep in a cage...if not... I'd be careful... Nobody puts Mae in a suit.

  23. I really like that nail color!

  24. I went to Continental Midtown once when I was in Philly! It was the coolest!

  25. The banana nutella tart sounds amazing! In our house, the bed situation is the husband is much more likely to make up the bed in a neat and timely manner. I'm a bit more "relaxed" about it. Have a wonderful weekend! We're off the NY for the weekend. Cheers!

  26. I wish I could have teleported to lunch on Monday, not only to see you and Marla, but also to have some grilled cheese.

    Really? Squat challenge? Really?

    I wanna see Bruno Mars.

    I love Rizzoli and Isles, as you know. I bawled during the Goodbye to Frost episode.

  27. Great e-card! (They're always great, though) Jealous of your weekend plans! Roller coasters are awesome, but I feel like my time is running out. The older I get, the more easily motion sick strikes. :-0=== (puke face)

  28. That tart looks really delicious.

    Haha that dog does look pissed!

  29. Just found your blog through Casa de Crews. Love it! Keep that shit up! ;)

  30. Yay for vacation booking! Where are you going? I love having vacations on the horizon. It gives me something to look forward to. Bruno Mars is such a great concert! Have a blast!!

  31. Steph, I've missed you!!! Is Continental Midtown the Continental by the Sofitel Hotel? D and I had brunch there one morning (tang mimosas). Such a fun place.

    The picture of MFD is hilarious. What a fun loving guy you have. Off to stalk the rest of your posts I've missed now. Hope all is well and that you're having an amazing weekend.


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