Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday Thoughts, star spangled edition

1. I'm sorry, dogs. It had to be done.
2. With Relay two weekends ago and Kim & Steve's wedding from Thursday - Sunday this week, I'm off my game. My house is in shambles. I'm looking forward to setting things to rights, doing some cooking, and relaxing this weekend. I'm also in the mood to purge a lot of items. Hausfrauing is taking center stage.

3. Can everyone stop pulling their sports wangs out like they know the best sport and soccer is not it? First, there's the old standby: if you don't like it, don't watch it.  Second, The World Cup happens every four years, why the need to piss on the parade of those who enjoy it? Yes, we know, it's not the NFL. Nothing is, aside from the actual NFL. However the World Cup is a pretty huge worldwide event. It is normal for there to be hype surrounding it. Third, why are we acting like we've never seen it or heard about it? Our collective I don't get it attitude like we're members of some clueless in-crowd about the world's most popular (and pretty simple) game makes us sound like buffoon Americans. Get it together. And in regards to the diving...we've seen people take dives in every other sport on TV, every week. Have we not? Nothing new to see here.

4. I'd really like to meet Martha Stewart. How can I make this happen?
5. MFD and I max out on road tripping at five hours. After that it's war over someone playing YouTube videos while the radio is on (him) or someone refusing to follow GPS suggested directions resulting in sitting in traffic (me).

6. The liquor stores in the Salem area are called The Bunghole. We laughed uproariously over this many times because we're 10.

The Bunghole I was actually sitting across from at the time of the text below
Text from Laura to me: We just passed the Bunghole.
Me: I'm sitting in front of the Bunghole!
Laura: There are multiple Bungholes?

T-shirt slogans include: I got it in the bunghole, Bunghole Liquors: We're not #1 butt we're right up there!, Bunghole is not a dirty word, Planet Bung: Next to Uranus, The Bunghole: It's a special place.

7. Remember...

8. I always try to wear something red, white, or blue on the Fourth. Is this dorky? I don't care. I do what I want. At least I know April does it too.

9. Best Fourth of July association in a movie: Oh my God! You look like the Fourth of July...makes me want a hotdog real bad.
10. I have a thing about taking flag pics. This is my most recent favorite from Relay For Life a few weeks ago.
11. Ecard of the week -
I hope you have a great Fourth celebrating America's birthday. Be safe, don't light yourself or anyone else on fire, don't misuse apostrophes, and don't drink & drive.

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  1. I am with you on the house in shambles, too many trips. Nothing will be spared in the cleaning frenzy! Have to wear red, white, and blue somehow! The Bunghole slogans are hilarious!! I am not all about soccer but totally respect it, I played as a kid but I kicked too many shins! ;)

  2. I feel like I haven't read your blog in weeks. Oh, that's because I haven't! How I've missed your Thursdays Thoughts! I'm pretty sure I need to make it to The Bunghole at least once in my life. Pure genius for a business name is you ask me. Why don't I think of this shit?
    Enjoy your much needed weekend of rest, relaxation, and catching up on housework! Cant wait to see what you have the pups dressed in tomorrow! And the BB cream is Clinique Age Defense BB cream SPF 30. It's sheer and provides just the right amount of coverage. Me likey.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout! Also, #9, one of my fave quotes. I've been using it all week! And finally, that flag pic is absolutely stunning! I thought it was a stock image.

    Happy 4th! I'll be posting my red, white and blue outfit on Instagram soon. HAHA!

  4. I just quoted our favorite 4th quote last week, because I had put "festive attire" on the invitation for Melinda and Derek's engagement party, and someone asked her if that meant dress up in red, white and blue!

  5. Yes, I definitely look for something RW&B to wear on the 4th. I'm sure it *is* dorky but that's how I roll. I will be hausfrauing it up big time this weekend too, as we make the final push to pack stuff up before the movers come next Monday.

  6. I must be 10 also because I'm still snickering. Also... You tube during radio or tv? Yep, that happens here too. Grr.

  7. Amen to #3! People are crazy about it. Have a good holiday weekend. :)

  8. I have a thing for red/white/blue desserts. I always have to make one on the 4th.

    I played soccer for a very long time and spent my childhood and adolescence listening to the "cool" kids make fun of it. I have a REALLY hard time getting on board with whatever World Cup fandom is going on because these bandwagon jumpers (and I can even pick them out in blogland) are probably the same people who spent all the time making fun of kids like me for playing soccer. (Why yes, I do hold grudges :)

    Also, I have this thing against Martha Stewart. So much so that I've always refused to buy her products. I'm starting to get over it, but I remember registering for gifts at Macy's when we got married and I was so annoyed that they toted her products. I wouldn't put any on my registry.

  9. I never dress patriotically for the 4th because I own no red but I did get a blue shirt with stars on it for this year and I'm pretty excited about it. I love the dogs and always support proper apostrophe usage and wonder who on Earth thought The Bunghole was a good name? People are strange.

  10. It's a tad ridiculous how much my sister and I quote that hot dog line...all year. But I love it, so whatever. You could have ended this post with number one of the pups benig so patriotic and adorable, and I'd still have commented. I love it!

  11. Thanks for the World Cup write up. Really?! Most complainers are non-athletes & critique their fav sports teams as if they could do better. I have a soft spot for Martha, who was put in jail by men who have done much worse. #rogerrabbitshewasframed I have red tootsies, wearing my beautiful blue halter outfit I wore at your wedding and white glittery fingernails for Edmund and Lisa's wedding in Essington on the Delaware tomorrow at 3. God bless them and God Bless America and always grateful I was born here! Get teary and a lump in my throat many times.
    For some reason John Philip Sousa's tune We love the USA has been in my brain over and over(I think he wrote it)
    Carpe every diem and be thankful for everything big and small!! Love your MOMMA

  12. Yes! Thank you for what you wrote about futbol. You are completely right. I also wear red, white and blue on the 4th and other patriotic holidays. :) Have a great one!

  13. I laughed for nearly ten minutes straight over "Bunghole" because....I am twelve apparently. Also I always wear red white and blue as well....and usually paint my nails to match!

  14. First things first...wanna meet Martha Stewart? Click here: I've been seeing this ad on TV for a few days now.
    I LOVE taking flag pictures. I have oh so many. I usually buy a new 4th of July shirt every year. I bought an American flag belly button ring this year. I love pretty much all things America.

  15. #3... thank you! seriously why do we have to act like this? it's obnoxious. i want to meet martha too. I'm also 10 because Bunghole is hilarious. who DOESNT wear red white and blue on the 4th?

  16. I must be 10 also because I cracked up at the Bungholes restaurant.

  17. I need to visit the Bunghole someday. Hooray Legally Blonde! I should watch that this weekend. Hell, both of them.

    I don't generally wear red but I do wear blue on the 4th and sometimes put red on my nails.

  18. Oh the dogs! They secretly love it. And really - Bunghole? How old was the guy who opened it? I tend to always wear red,white, and blue jeans on the 4th. It's just fun. It's one day. Why not?!?! The flag photo is gorgeous!

  19. Love the flag pic. And the Bunghole.

  20. Bunghole might be one of my favorite words - maybe I should live in Salem. Also, I'll do my best to not light myself on fire this weekend, but no promises.

  21. I think that most people posting about the NFL were just joking. I know I was when I posted the graphic about 48-0 in Super Bowls. I am a huge NFL fan but I have always found it funny that they proclaim the Super Bowl winner to be "World Champions" when the sport only exists here.

  22. Hahaha! Bunghole. I agree with your soccer rant. I feel like that during the Olympics too - when people say how stupid it is all day long. JUST DON'T WATCH. I'm also over "real" soccer fans crapping all over anyone who's "bandwagoning." Just let people get exited and feel patriotic. It's much better than arguing about Hobby Lobby. Yay for 4th of July clothes!

  23. I am dying over the bunghole!!!! That is the best name ever! And they say Martha is out and about doing all sorts of normal things in her town on the reg. Just go there and hang out at the cheese shop or the bakery or something:) And yes red, white and blue!!! Always appropriate on the 4th!!

  24. I love American flag pictures when they're flowing in the wind! Ah just too beautiful! Those puppies are too cute!

  25. I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!

    The World Cup bores me, but I understand that some like it. Just as people go nuts over football, which also bores me.

  26. My house is a wreck and until my child starts school again, it will stay that way. I give up.

    Bunghole is hilarious!

    Don't misuse apostrophes--solid advice.

  27. I've been thinking about the hotdog comment from Legally Blonde all week!
    I want something to dress my animals in now so they are patriotic.
    I always dress in red white and blue (something my mom started with us when we were very little).
    I would KILL to meet Martha Stewart.
    My weekend plans are almost exactly the same - get my house in order and try to chill a little.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  28. Mae looks like a little baby seal with those glasses on. Hers a bad as bitch fo realz.
    What do you mean I can't light anyone on fire? You're not the boss of me.

  29. I am dying over those puppy pics!!! too cute! And can I say thank you for all of number 3. I'd be a bitch if I said the same thing since Im not from the US but I think you quite effectively said what a lot of ppl think. so go you Steph!

  30. i'm glad that everyone is excited about the world cup but for real, i can't stand those doucheholes who drape their cars with whatever flag they support. then they honk the entire time they're driving and act like morons on the road. annoying!

    happy 4th of july!! enjoy your long weekend :)

    Vodka and Soda

  31. The pugs are too cute!!! Why, just why would you name your store Bunghole!?! I guess it gets people talking though :) Your flag picture is really good!

  32. I also love taking flag pictures! This one is beautiful. I'm still laughing so hard at The Bunghole, I think my husband would be rolling in laughter as well I need to share this haha!

  33. I honestly don't ever remember The World Cup before now, I watched a game with my sister and it's pretty good. I don't understand much of anything about it but if you can understand ball in net equals goal you can follow along. :)

    The Bunghole is hilarious and I'd have probably bought a shirt, I like to sleep in weird T-shirts.

    I think you if you don't wear red/white/blue on the 4th you're a dork!

  34. Bahaha The Bunghole is the most random name EVER. I think it's funny how mad people are getting about the World Cup. They need to get over it!

  35. OMG, the Bunghole slogans are too funny. D and I had a similar thing going on while at Six Flags. At the time this ride Goliath had just t opened up. It had some pretty major drops and more gforce than any roller coaster in the US. What that means is lots of tears coming off the ride (forced by the gforce). Anyways, we were on such a high after getting off the ride, we seriously couldn't stop laughing and kept joking about how we should print t-shits to sell outside of the park that read "I went down on Goliath". I still laugh about it like a 10 year old girl.


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