Thursday, July 31, 2014

My thoughts on Thursday (alt. title: Thursday Thoughts)

1. I set a goal on Goodreads to read 40 books in 2014. Since I'm reading my 36th book now, I upped it to 50 for the year. I know I recommend books every month in the Monthly Recs post, but would you guys like to see one post dedicated just to the books I've read that month, like Kristin at Krisin's kNook does? Do you guys read Kristin's blog? She's one of my daily reads.
2. This week's weather has been amazing. Windows open, perfect for sleeping and walking the dogs on the new path in our neighborhood.
3. Every day this week I have worked myself up into a frenzy over my dentist visit tomorrow morning. I've given myself a headache, the trots, and a black mood interspersed with periods of serenity/blind ignorance. I am a mental patient. Poor Laura and Michelle, my fellow tooth distress damsels, had to hear me all week. Everyone has their irrational thing and this is mine so let me have my neurosis.

4. Writing about 90210 in my Notes to My Teenage Self post really stirred up a hornet's nest inside my soul. I can no longer watch it on TV (I'm looking at you, SoapNet). Amazon instant video only has season one. Netflix has nothing. WTF, media world! Why are you denying me access to the greatest show ever? I got a wild hair up my ass so I checked my funny money account and ordered the first three seasons.  I will own them all and I will be happy. I will spread them out though because the later seasons are like $40 each! Damn, Donna. You pricey. Sounds like a perfect Christmas gift to myself. Speaking of West Bev, how about that Steve Sanders in Sharknado2? I like it. Give me more.
5. A lot of times in the summer I think about chants my friends and I used to say when we were little over jump rope or clapping games or double dutch. Like this one that's been in my head all week. What are some of yours? Let's reminisce.
uno, dos, ee-ay-say
To the East, west, 
I met my boyfriend at the candy store
He brought me ice cream, he brought me cake
He brought me home with a belly ache
Mama, mama, I'm so sick
Call the doctor, quick quick quick
Will I live or will I die?
Count to five and you're allive
One, two, three, four five I'm alive yeah (point to self with two thumbs)

6. I'm really annoyed that so many people think feminist is a dirty word. A feminist is a person who believes men and women should have equal rights politically, socially, and economically. Does anyone reading here not think that? You can like when people open doors for you and still be a feminist. You can be a stay at home Mom and still think women should get equal pay for equal work. Off of my soapbox and not totally related, you should check out April's post Ladies, Let's Stop... at The Striped Flamingo. She is on point!

7.  My other favorite blog post this week is courtesy of my friend from college, Jana at Jana Says. It's her promises to her friends without kids. I adore it and think it's awesome for people who have kids and people who don't have kids to read. I think it's really important to keep your identity outside of who you are as a parent so you can show your kids the value of self care. I think Jana gets that across here and the other messages are awesome as well.

8. Is it wrong to eat an entire container of blueberries throughout the afternoon? I DO WHAT I WANT.
9. Have I done a side by side of my Pete Rose haircut? I don't think so. Even if I have, the horror/hilarity never gets old. Relax, enjoy.
10. Ecard of the week. This makes me titter with laughter.
I'm going to double dutch my way on out of here.

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  1. Pete Rose haircut picture, never gets old and is priceless. I feel you with the 90210 issue. I bought the Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew DVD season 1 due to season three only being available on Amazon streaming. Yes I said it I bought a Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew DVD. No shame here. May the force be with you during your dentist visit. I use to be so afraid of going to the dentist I was scared into silence. Those that know me know this speaks volumes.

  2. tiny stephanie with the bowl cut! that's so adorable and way better than my lego hair. now that is a hideous haircut.

    and i just read that post jana wote and all hail to her awesomeness. totally and 100% true. not even sure why some mothers are all up their kids asses 24/7 and can't part ways with them/separate themselves from their kids.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I'd love to see your monthly reads! And congrats on knocking the reading thing out of the water this year! I am SO behind. I grounded myself from books while I was in the thick of rewrites because...well, it was causing panic attacks. But now I'm so far behind I can barely see the light! I'm with you on the feminist thing. I think people take everything to such an extreme that no one really even knows the true definition of the word anymore. Can't we all just get along? One of my best friends is having a baby. And we had a conversation about how this baby doesn't have to change everything. She was like "they're portable."

  4. You know the reader in my wants book posts. I loved doing the summer reads post and thinking of doing more myself too. The weather has been so nice lately. That haircut is priceless!!

  5. I would read book posts! (Even though we read entirely different types of books) I love the discussion of feminism that's going around. Obviously I'm less fond of the "anti-feminist" movement, but I think it's started some important discussion about what feminism actually is, and that's important.

    Here's one of our school jump rope songs:

    Cinderella, dressed in yella
    Went to town to kill a fella
    Made a mistake and kissed a snake
    How many doctors did it take?
    1... 2... 3... (and so on until you messed up)

    I was always happy if I even made it to the part with the numbers.

  6. - It's been nice here this week too but I tried opening the windows one night and almost died of hot. Apparently 68 in the summer is not the same at 68 in the spring/fall.

    - I will eat all the blueberries too, and I don't even feel bad. They are a "super food" after all.

    - The Pete Rose side by side, bahahahahaha.

  7. I don't read real books. I read reddit. This should change as I tend to go through phases but the ridiculousness there is my favorite (except for the fact that I wanted to downvote a blog post today... not normal). That said, if I see the same book recommended multiple places, I will put it in the notes section of my phone in case I decide to read something real again one day.

    I used to watch Gilmore Girls reruns on SoapNet every weekend without fail - I would at least have one episode on in the background. Since it's been gone, every few weeks I will have to whine about it. You aren't alone!

  8. Oy, I know you're a participant and now I feel bad for bashing throwback Thursday on my blog today. Eh. It's more directed to those who throw it up all over FB like clockwork every week.

    I personally think we could probably read MORE than 50 books…no need to be too ambitious though ha ha

  9. yes all the books books yes! i didnt know you could do challenges on goodreads!
    blueberries are fruit so how can it be wrong?!
    i dont think feminist is a bad thing, of course i want women and men to have equal rights and all that jazz, what annoys me are people who .. gosh darn it, i suck at the words.
    like i have this friend and i called my husband to take the trash out and she was like why cant you do it, and i said it was his job and she went on and on and on about 2014 and really Kristen, are you really that determined to set women back? and I was just like bloody hell in my marriage we split up chores, chill the eff out. you know? That bugs me.
    Moving on. I do not envy your dentist going.

  10. You and your overachieving book-ness. Can't handle, but I need to do better at that so that's for that!! My kids at summer camp were doing those games and I couldn't remember any of the chants! #childhoodfail I don't blame you for the blueberries, but tell the truth - did you look like a smurf afterward? I hope the answer is yes.

  11. Love this! I always thought if I kept your hair on the short side, you would have a better head of hair. You never wanted me to braid or do anything with your hair when it got longer, either! LOL. Thank God your hair was not fine and did not
    get wicked knots. I just sang an old oreo cookie commercial song to Sean. Little girls have pretty curls, but I like oreos Oreos are the best because they're the very best cookies ever was. Girls are nice but oh what icing comes with oreos.
    Amen on the feminist word. Good Goddess! In a perfect world all of those who taunt us(mostly GOP men) would immediately get a period, cramps, hormones and all, for the rest of their lives.
    Lights to your dental appt being quick and easy. Love your MOMMA

  12. ♫ Oh my name is Chick-in-China
    and I live in China town ♪
    ♪ I do my wash on Mondays
    for 50 cents a pound ♫

    ♫ Oh (insert friend's name here, 3 times)
    you ought to be ashamed ♪
    ♪ to marry marry marry
    a chick without a name ♫

    And yes, a book post please!

    This weather rules!!!!!

  13. :) Great post, and the poor haircuts we were given as children... THE HORROR THE HUMOR.. It never gets old.. does it... I should find a picture of the Sally Jesse Rafael glasses my mom made me get... HORROR! THE HORROR!

    I love how mild it has been this week.

  14. I will get Steve to download 90210 on SteveFlix then I will tell you have you can watch it on your laptop, iPhone, iPad. SteveFlix will change your life.

  15. a post on books you've read, yes please! I am going to do a post on my books as well and I really need more recs! I am annoyed with people who think that's a dirty word too- where in the hell are their parents? mine told me that it's a strong word, and we should ALL be one. it is NEVER wrong to eat blueberries by the case!

  16. I'm not even going to say how long it's been since I went to the dentist. It's embarrassing. Dentists terrify me.

    Blueberries are full of them up!!!

  17. I'm going to have to set up a good reads account I think...write now I just have my books written down but that looks nicer. If eating that many blueberries is wrong then I don't wanna be right.

  18. Yes to book posts! I know that rhyme from The Cosby Show when Rudy had her birthday party and Cliff had to hang with the kids. I am cracking up that you bought the first 3 seasons of 90210 (and a little jealous - LOL).

  19. I love book posts because there are so many books out there and I get so overwhelmed sometimes on which one I want to read next that if someone recommends something, it helps rein me in.

    Awe, look at little Stephanie with her cute little hair cut. I was never allowed to have short hair. Ever. My mom was forced to keep short hair as a child and she did the opposite for my sister and I and kept us both as long as possible. To this day my sister and I keep long hair for fear of what we would look like with it short. Or fear of giving my mom grief.

    mmmmm blueberries

    I wish that everyone view feminists as the way you described above. Unfortunately, there are so many extremists out there that the view has been distorted and the word feminist can be used to describe someone in a bad way these days. Sad. Very sad.

  20. I totally sang that chant!
    I love blueberries and I think I could eat an entire container too!

  21. I love blueberries.

    And yay for reading! I'm trying to mark all my books on Goodreads now too.

  22. I do #8 frequently in the summer months. No shame.

    Would love to see a book post.

  23. Haha- your Pete Rose cut is fantastic! As the ecard! I remember chanting "3, 6, 9, the goose drank wine. a monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line. the line broke, the monkey got choked and they all went to heaven in a little row boat" LIKE HOW AWFUL IS THAT?! lol

  24. I'm jealous of your growing 90210 DVD collection! I LOVE that side by side of you and Pete!!! I can't get started on defending the word feminism because I'll just get all worked up. I really, really hate stupid people. In the middle of Beyonce's song "Flawless" there's a Ted Talk speech about feminism. It comes in at 1;15 in her video: The crowd last night at the concert went CRAZY and it gave me some hope for women. :)

  25. I'd love a book post, please and thank you. I'm always interested in recommendations!

    SO AGREE WITH YOU and don't understand people that don't understand that feminism is about having equal choices. Ugh. Burns me up!

  26. The only episode I've ever seen of 90210 is when Donna got shitfaced at prom, haha! I can't believe Netflix only has the first season though... what the fuck is THAT shit?!?!
    I think the word feminism gets a bad rap like a lot of words do, because of extremists. It's a shame.

  27. this weather has been pretty amazing - so perfect for the puggos. and i want all those blueberries right now. and i also weirdly love going to the dentist. i will go in your place if that's allowed!

  28. I set my goodreads for a limit and never update it although Im always on the site. I always forget to put currently reading and the date I completed a book. I must go do that soon!

    PS those blueberries look amazing!

  29. Kristin is also one of my daily reads. Love her. Also, are we friends on Goodreads? I'd love to see what you're reading.

  30. Definitely nothing wrong with eating all the blueberries. I love that they are so cheap this year.

    Now I am have Miss Mary Mack stuck in my head as one of my jump roping songs :)

    And you know I'd love a book post...


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