Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This is how my day went down last Thursday, July 17. Thanks to Lauren from Eat, Drink, & Be Lauren for the idea.
6:41 - Wake up. I didn't actually get out of bed until 7.
7:41 - Training it into town
8:08 - That's Mohammed getting me my large iced coffee, he never even asks what I want any more. I consider him a close acquaintance.
9:08 - Admiring my new Chloe & Isabel bracelet
10:10 - When I'm finished that water, it'll be 60 ounces so far for the day.
11:11 - Snack time - blueberries
1 - My sleep pattern is way off, so I hit my favorite local pharmacy (Pickwick) so I can give Melatonin a try. 2 - I love the reflection in the Comcast building.
3 - Forgot breakfast, so I ate my lunch, meaning I had to buy today. I picked up a salad. Back to work.
1:16 - I'm out tomorrow. Time to file some shit and get this desk cleared.
2:12 - Budget things.
3:13 - Afternoon iced coffee. I bring a gallon in from home and my friend Kim & I sip on it in the afternoon.
4 o'clock hour - missed it.
5:07 - Observe the 16th & Market Preacher while I wait to cross Market Street
6:12 - Oil change. The people at my Jiffy Lube are the freaking best.
7:10 - Finished Tell the Wolves I'm Home at Jiffy Lube. I should be packing a bag but I started The Girls from Corona del Mar.
8:21 - Diner for dinner due to summer cooking strike.
9:26 - Just finished cleaning out the fridge, removing all the drawers, etc. A job I hate.
10:16 - Attempting an early to bed thing as my circadian rhythms are off. I end up falling asleep after 11:30.
I have found myself boring.
Will I live? Not sure. 
Two things I'd love it if you'd do ASAP:
-Head to Can't Google Everything to enter Rachel's birthday giveaway and wish her a happy birthday!
-Check out my guest post at Helene in Between today - it's my top five organizing tips.

Tomorrow: the cult of positivity, where some of you are sure to hate me for shitting on the positive.
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  1. I am a little jealous of your wake up time. I love the train pic, we are phone addicts. I make my own iced coffee at home but never thought to bring some in to work, perfect for the 2pm slump. I am on a summer cooking strike too. Too hot to move, feeling lazy. I am not looking forward to you busting my positivity bubble, good day!! ;)

  2. how come your sleep is off? i hate when that happens; sometimes melatonin is needed to reset your body but i'm always afraid of taking stuff like that :(. hope things get worked out.

    also - did you get the samples?

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I loved this! The nosey side of me is all about knowing what other people do all day.

  4. I've always thought about doing a post like this but I always forget until the day is half way over lol

  5. I need an oil change so bad and hate our Jiffy Lube (so there I am boring too talking about Jiffy Lube, lol), and make Jason usually take mine but he's in finals mode so I fear I have to just deal with it myself. OY. Also I bought melatonin for the first time last week because my sleep was off...love that stuff!

  6. I love DITL posts. On one of my normal days I should do one!!

  7. You are seriously such a rock star at getting shit done. I mean, after I had worked all day and gotten an oil change, I would call myself done for the night but then you go and seriously clean the fridge. I'm super impressed, as per usual. Also, I love that bracelet. Glad you liked the idea - I like seeing your life!

  8. I loved your guest post at Helene's! that sucks your sleep patterns are off, I have been wanting to try melatonin so do let us know if it is an amazing miracle worker.

  9. Oh, this post was fun! Can I steal it third hand?? I loved the glimpse into the everyday moments, like reading on the train and getting your coffee (by the way, if you are free anytime at all I'd love to take you to my favorite coffee haunt!).

  10. Another fun post. I will need to get you an 8 x 10 of me to put in your cubicle LOL! Mohammed is the bees knees.
    I used to sleep like a rock when I was working full time and running around like a nut. For the past 8-10 years, good sleep has eluded me. Lucky duck that I am, I am a housewife.#loveit! So I am not on the go all the time. Melatonin has helped me, I take it about 15 min before I am ready to go to bed. I think the computer, phone, busy-ness-makes our brains stay awake longer. And you are not boring at all RE; haiku
    I always make myself laugh
    and my spirit guides, too
    Life is but a dream

    Love your MOMMA

  11. I love this. And bringing a gallon of homemade iced coffee is awesome idea! I have no idea how you have energy to clean out a fridge after a full day. Also- did you take the melatonin? How was it? I heard it can give crazy dreams so I'm a little afraid to try it.

  12. So wait, the melatonin is found in the nail polish aisle? :P

    Bringing in coffee is a freaking genius idea. GENIUS!

    That last picture of Mae!

  13. I love this post idea, mind if I borrow it?! I also love that comment Nadine made above me about Melatonin in the nail polish aisle ;) Awesome idea about the iced coffee from home, too!

  14. Such a fun post...I like how you did the pictures. I just drank some of my water after reading this...I was like oh it's almost 11 and I still have a full water bottle. Hope you get your sleep figured out...that sucks! I've been having trouble staying asleep lately.

  15. I always love seeing other people's days. Maybe I'll have a fairly exciting day someday soon & do another one.

  16. Let me know how the melatonin goes. I have sleep issues too! Love these day diary posts- one of my favorite types to read!

  17. Matching desk phones for us! I loved the look at your daily life, I wouldn't say it was boring at all.

  18. Ummmmm can I even begin to tell you I have made an attempt at this post about 10 separate times and I can never remember to get a picture every hour. I love them though because it's like the best behind the scenes ever. Alright you inspired me to try one tomorrow!

  19. I just found your blog from the post you did on Helene's blog today! I live and work in Philly too! I remember when I had to take the train into center city everyday (I'm lucky enough now to live a walk-able distance from my office now). I look forward to following your blog!

  20. Not boring at all
    On the contrary, a hoot
    A very full day.

  21. Cleaning the fridge is the WORST. But it feels SO good after it's done, doesn't it? There's nothing nastier than a dirty fridge.

  22. I've always wanted to do this - but i never remember!! And cleaning the fridge at 9:30 - award for you! Haha. Thats my feet up ,glass of wine, trash tv time! Oh and maybe one day could you do a video of Preacher Man... looks interesting! haha

  23. I might file this idea away for a future post. Good one!

    I'm slightly jealous that you work in a city, in an office, where you can leave at lunch and run errands.

  24. Aww the Mae photo, too cute. I have a love hate relationship with melatonin. I love that it knocks me out instantly, but it gives me the weirdest dreams ever.

  25. I love these posts
    I tried melatonin but it did nothing for me. I finally went and got a prescription pill from my doctor. It helps but it's not great. I give up on sleep :)

  26. When I used to ride the bus, there was usually a street preacher at one of the main bus hubs. He wore a huge, white fur coat, and he'd wave his arms crazily about as he yelled about something or other (it wasn't well enunciated). Public transportation is such a great opportunity for people watching!

  27. So fun! I'm actually doing one of these today! Look for your blog in my video. LOL! Girls from Corona del Mar is next on my nightstand. How do you like it so far?


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