Saturday, June 21, 2014

Spring Goals - how did I do?

Spring flew, didn't it? Yesterday was the first day of summer. Two weeks ago I was like oh shit, I'll never have time to fit all this spring goal stuff in. And I was right, only completing a little over half of my list. Summer does not seem like a good time to try and do things and I was tempted to skip over my summer goals completely, but I wanted to at least have some on the books so you'll see them on Tuesday. 

1. Exercise 3x/week. Some weeks four times, some weeks twice, some weeks zero times. Not consistent enough. Fail.

2. Clean up Pinterest boards. Dunzo, throughout the season. Still doing a little tweaking but I've deleted an assload of pins. 

3. Spring cleaning inside. 

4. Spring cleaning outside.

5. Plant flowers and herbs.

6. Paint book case.

7. Visit a covered bridge. We hit two on Memorial Day

8. Participate in Bark For Life with all three dogs, MFD, and Debbie. Cancelled because Amanda's shower was moved to this day.

9. Raise $350 for Relay For Life. So far I've raised over $1700. THANK YOU DONORS!

10. Go vegetarian for one week. I tried doing this, then I realized that I just didn't see a need to and didn't have a huge desire to do so. Fail.

11. Purge clothes. I donated three boxes and six bags to Goodwill.

12. Walk dogs every day it doesn't rain. I walked them 3/4 of the days it didn't rain. B-

13.  Watch first two seasons of The Wire. I just haven't really been watching much of anything. Fail with acceptance. 

14. Visit The Barnes. Never fit it in.

15. See American Hustle, August: Osage County, Her, That Awkward Moment, Dallas Buyers Club, and Nebraska. I just haven't really been watching much of anything. Fail with acceptance. 

Did you make spring goals? How did you do?

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  1. You still didn't pretty good! I have yet to see any of those movies either & they were all ones that I had wanted to. That is so awesome that you have raised so much money for the relay. Congratulations!! Cleaning Pinterest boards is a pain in the ass. I've been doing it & just wound up flat out deleting some boreds because it was either than going through them pin by pin.

    1. by didn't I obviously meant did...but I'm not retyping all of that ha.

  2. I really like the color your used on your book case!!

  3. I love your bookcase color and I soo love covered bridges! That's a fun to do list and you still did pretty dang good!!

  4. I like the idea of quarterly goals!! It seems more manageable! Congrats on your relay fundraising!!

  5. I like reading these is interesting to see what people get done. Not fitting in too much tv, can't be too bad of a thing :) Congrats on your fundraising!

  6. This is just now showing up in my bloglovin' feed... how RUDE!
    Do you delete your pins after you've made something? I usually type them out, put them in a binder and then delete them to help with the clutter. To be honest though, it doesn't help that much... b/c I pin shit like it's going out of style.
    What about going vegetarian once a week rather than an entire week? I've heard of people doing that.

  7. Pretty solid! I'm not at all surprised your success were the cleaning and organizing ones ;) You never realize how good a cleaned up pinterest account feels til you're done, but it's awesome!

  8. You did great love the B- for walking dogs lol and I say call exercise a pass since some weeks youmade up for the weeks you didnt!

  9. I didn't make spring goals since I knew it would be a rough time. I still think you did good though. The ones you did were time consuming!

  10. If you want to try vegetarianism, I suggest reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, completely changed how I view food. I started being vegetarianism a few months ago because I can't see meat the same way anymore!!

  11. I think the vegetarian thing should also be "fail with acceptance." I think you did great overall!

  12. I had an oh shit moment on Saturday when I realized that summer was officially here and I think I was a total slacker on my goals! Guess I will evaluate that in a few days. You did pretty good!!!! And you raising $1700 should omit the other things you didn't hit because that is huge lady!

  13. wow way to go for raising $1700! holy awesome lady.


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