Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday School: Shore lessons

1. OCNJ will always be my favorite shore town - it's where I grew up coming. It's where some of my best memories live.

2. Coming down a night early means an extra morning at the shore, my favorite time. Time to stroll and enjoy the coffee and the quiet. I'm so glad Lori suggested it.
3. Time during girls' weekend is very free and flowing. Nowhere to be and nothing that needs to be done. Coffee at night? Why not. Wine before noon? Sure.

4. Seeing two vets stop and hold a salute while the Star Spangled Banner plays and the flags are raised will make me cry, even when the backdrop is a water park.
God Bless America.

5. Everything is better here. Except the wifi.

Wishing my KVSR a wonderful birthday today!

Hope you're having a great weekend! Mine lives on until tomorrow.

Did you see the article from yesterday about picking indoor plants for places with low light?

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  1. shore time is my kinda time! when we were in miami, we did whatever because #yolo. drinking at 9am? sure! passing out and getting burned? #yolo! glad you had a great time; looking fwd to the recap.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I want a beach vacation so bad...P and I need to schedule our's ASAP. I love our time at the beach, we get up around 9, eat breakfast, pack a cooler with beverages and snacks, and just layout until lunch and then do it all over again after we are fed :) The week always flies by. Glad you are enjoying the trip!

  3. Those vets... that picture gives me goose bumps!
    "Nowhere to be and nothing that needs to be done." Best thing about vacations!

  4. So, I found a photo strip this weekend of my dad and i from a booth in Ocean City! I had totally forgotten about the trip!! Loved stalking your fun this weekend on instagram :)

  5. The picture of the vets brought a tear to my eye :). So glad you're enjoying yourself. Free flowing girl time is the best. Love the morning shot you posted on FB!!! Thanks for linking up Steph.

  6. I love the laid back tone of vacations. Pretty much anything military related like that will make me cry anytime & anywhere.

  7. Life by the ocean always feels more relaxed, and I can feel the laid-back vibe radiating off the screen! So awesome.
    How nice that your weekend extends till tomorrow! I'm just a bit jealous. ;-)
    Enjoy every second of it!!!
    Thanks for linking up again and the twitter love!

  8. The star spangled banner always makes me cry. What a great moment to witness. Shore time is awesome. Drinking at noon, lazing about and just plain not having plans is perfection!

  9. I love strolling on the beach early in the morning! Ahhh, and especially the Jersey Shore- it's been too long since I was down there!

  10. My parents vacationed there last year and fell in love with it :)

    Wine before noon? Yes please!! Enjoy the rest of your girls trip!

  11. Seeing them stop and salute the flags would definitely have made me tear up...especially if I had had wine before noon that day! :)

    I do what I want.

  12. looks like a fun time. and i would so tear up about those vets as well!

  13. That number 4 picture is so moving. Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  14. This post makes me ridiculously excited (ok, even more so, I was pretty excited already) for vacation and beach time.

  15. The vet picture makes me tear up, I would have balled in person!

    So glad you're having a great time, can't wait for TWTW tomorrow.

  16. The Jersey Shore is one of the only places on the east coast I haven't been to. This is sad and needs to be rectified.

  17. Mornings at the shore are my favorite too. Glad you had a good girls weekend!

  18. Such a great weekend. The veterans saluting the flag, the people on the boardwalk stopping with the exception of the ahole runner , so moving. Thankful to be able to take a trip like this. Three full days instead of two a must if possible.

  19. #5 is my absolute favorite. There is no feeling of peace greater than waking up down the shore. Instant calm.


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