Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June Recommendations

Skimmers, recommendations are in bold. Anything underlined is a link you can click on.

Aside from me, this month you get recs from Heather at My Little HEA, Rachel at Can't Google Everything, and Mercedes at It's a Harr Life.  Links to their social media accounts are under their recommendations. I hope you check them out and follow them all the ways or one of the ways. Go forth and enjoy!

1. Sons of Anarchy will be airing the seventh and final season this Fall and I started binge watching on Netflix this weekend. Seasons 1-5 are on Netflix and then I’ll have to figure out how to watch the sixth season before the seventh season starts. I watched NINE episodes this weekend; it’s vulgar, disgusting and full of really mean backstabbing people. I must have a bad girl side because I love it - Especially Jax!!! I NEVER do guys with long hair and um he would be my one and only EVER to make me break that.
2. Seche Vite Top Coat is the ONLY brand of top coat I trust. I remember using Sally or Revlon top coat in middle school and high school thinking it was worthless! Then after getting my nails done at the salon I saw what they were using, tried it out myself and haven’t looked back. If I give someone polish and they don’t have a set brand I sent them this stuff. It’s just that awesome - it’ll make my nails last 10-12 days with regular polish on my nails.
3. Papa Murphy’s Pizza is nowhere near enough to me to indulge on the reg and this makes me all kinds of sad and probably healthier. I mean, I would eat this pizza all the time if they were closer and definitely try their Chicken Herb Mediterranean, soooo good! They’re a take-n-bake pizza company that some places also lets you just buy their crust already on a bake sheet for $3!!
4. Jay Crownover’s Marked Men series. I’ll be honest, the writing isn’t top notch and there are editing problems but I read through the four published books in a week! They also feed my inner degenerate since I’m such a goody two shoes, but like seeing how the tattooed bad boys are with their women. Plus the series is based in Denver which is rare for the books I read.

1. Starbucks Iced Cafe Favorites in Caramel Macchiato.  I love these cartons of iced coffee deliciousness!  It is a great way to cool off on a hot day and saves me a trip to Starbucks, not to mention money!  It cost just under $5/carton and I get about 5 servings from it!
2. Essie nail polish in "Too Taboo." This color is from their summer neons collection and it is my summer color of choice this year!  It's my jam!  
3. Target shoes!  I love these gold sparkly sandals I got form Target last week!  They are only available online, but if you have their red card you can get free shipping and 5% off!  They are super comfortable and ooooooooh glitter!
4. Game of Thrones!  I have loved this show from the start but this season was especially awesome!  It's a little gory but if you can get past that then it's amazing!  Also- read the books!  I just finished the third one in the series and hope to finish the next two before the next season comes out!

5. Michael's holiday section.  I have been obsessed with going to the craft store lately and I am loving their seasonal/holiday section!  I have gotten tons of stuff from there for parties and cookouts!  Oh, and not to mention the coupons they give you with your receipt ever time you buy something!

1. A Lesson Before Dying: This is one of my favorite novels. It's set post WWII but pre Civil Rights Movement, so you really catch a glimpse into the lives of African Americans in the south through the eyes of Grant who is the only educated black man in the area. The story is about a crime that was committed and how an innocent bystander is accused of it and sentenced to death. It's really great!
A Lesson Before Dying novel.jpg
2. BFF Facial Cleanser: I've recently discovered Perfectly Posh (disclaimer: that is to my store) and have fallen in love with their products so much as to become a consultant (spreading the word about great products + product perks, yay!). Anyway this is an exfoliating cleanser that is like your BFF and works wonders. I've used plenty of products and I'm not going to say this one is better than yours, however I feel that it is SO worth trying.

3. Graze Box: I absolutely love mail subscriptions and this one is for food snacks! They're very small one serving size (almost about the size of 100 cal pack snacks) that vary from dried fruits, nuts, mini popcorn bag to pop, chocolate pieces, pretzels, and so much! Check out their website for all of the varieties, but I think it's a fun treat to get in the mail every 2 or 4 weeks (your choice) and it's only $6 with free s&h! You can also select your favorites and which ones you don't want them to send because they're not so tasty.

4. Chico Bags: These bags are my all time favorite reusable bags! They're cheap, come in so many varieties, and there are even specific grocery bags for particular produce in the store to maintain freshness! Here in the Bay Area of California (and I know a few other places) plastic bags are disappearing and it's costing $0.10 per paper bag, so Chico Bags are the way to go!

5. Tazo Passion Tea: I am a lover of all teas, but lately passion tea has really hooked my taste buds! I've tried other brands and I do like them, but the TAZO is just really great in my opinion, it's not overly herbal and has a yummy fruit taste to it. I do go to Starbucks to get it when I'm on the road, but it's just as great making it at home!
Tazo® Passion® Filterbag Tea

1. Big heavy books: Unfortunately, the two books I want to recommend to you are not light summer reads. In fact, May We Be Forgiven weighs in at a hefty close to 500 pages. And The Lowland is less than joyful. Both are good stories though and worthy of your time if you have some to spare.
2. Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe. Full blog post coming on this prize a week from today because I love sharing things that make hausfrauing easier.

3. Buying earrings at Kohl's. Good selection on costume jewelry and it's nearly always on sale. If it's not, wait a week, and it will be.

4. The Skimm. Every day I get the news delivered to my email inbox broken down in a fresh way, like The Skimm is talking to me one on one. I like getting the gist of what's going on with a quick read and not feeling like someone is reporting to me or pushing any sort of agenda. Sign up! It's free.
Via The Skimm
5. Chobani mango greek yogurt. Yes, I know the ones without the fruit are healthier. This is me not caring. I eat this mango greek yogurt most week days for an afternoon snack. It's usually $1 at Target too.

Thanks Heather, Rachel, and Mercedes for sharing your musts of the month. Please go check these ladies out!

What do you recommend this month?

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Peace in the east. 

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  1. I've been meaning to try out the Seche Vite top coat, I'm beyond sick of my nails chipping on day 2 or 3.

    And yay for Chobani! (I also love Oikos) Neither of which use sucralose in their yogurt, but Yoplait does and they keep broadcasting all over the place that their yogurt wins in taste tests. I'm sorry, but the first time I tried it all I could taste were the fake chemicals. No thanks!

  2. I love the Passion Tea from Starbucks and love that you can buy it at the store to make at home...little bro that works at Starbucks said it's only available in the Summer though to stock up! I really want to find some patriotic earrings for my stuff next week, so I'll have to check out Kohls!

  3. i've come to realize that the reason i can never finish a book is because it's on the same platform as the internet/youtube. therefore, i have decided that i will be kickin it old skool and going back to physical books. now if only i can just find my damn library card...

    Vodka and Soda

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Ten to twelve days for a manicure?? That's crazy!! I'm going to be buying that top coat now. This was a great post--I love reading people's recommendations.

  6. I just started watching SoA this weekend and I'm not fully on board yet, but I'm glad to see it's good. I watched two episodes, I think? And Steph, you know I have been waiting for the vacuum review... like I seriously want to bug my husband about getting a new one but I don't want him to research one and we buy it only to read your review and have blog envy. It's sad how much I'm looking forward to this!

  7. YES to Tazo tea! My favorite kind, especially the green Zen tea.

    YES to SOA! Because SOA. Probably one of my all time favorite shows. Season 6 will probably be on Netflix before the new season starts. And I also talked about SOA in my post today so that's fun.

    YES to Chobani yogurt. We're all fans in my house.

  8. I watched a few episodes of SOA. I need to get back on that.

    I don't eat much yogurt but I love me some mango so I can see trying that.

    Have a blast this weekend! Can't wait to see pictures!

  9. Made note on that top coat. Just started using a base coat courtesy of you, Steph. I am anxious to test drive your vac! I am still into my non-fiction as my reading preference. Safe, sound, happy travels to you. KIT often. I will not call you or text while you are driving. #willmissyouandyourblogs #toomanydayswithoutthem
    Love your MOMMA

  10. I like all the book recommendations! I've watched SOA, but was never that into it. P and I saw a woman the other day that looked just like the mom...P could not contain himself to make sure I saw her :)

  11. I started watching SoA at season 4 or 5 I believe & then never saw the ending to season 6 (although I know how it ends). I need to binge watch it from the beginning. It just ended up being too much for the same drama over & over. I need to get that carton of Starbucks coffee. Way cheaper!

  12. The main thing I got from this post is that I'm craving pizza something fierce. I've never watch SOA but if you can watch 9 in a row maybe I should...

  13. I saw the starbucks coffee stuff when I was at the store a few weeks ago and I am thinking it will be perfect to get when we are at the beach next week!!! Obviously I am not dragging our Keurig down with us. I am excited!

    And that Too Taboo nail polish! I think I need it!

  14. I always love these posts because I get to find out about things that I had zero clue the The Skimm....I am so signing up for this!!!

  15. Great recommendations. I have never seen the Iced Cafe Favorites. I so need to get them. Love love love Games of Thrones. I'm currently re-watching season one. So cannot wait for it to come back on.

    Best, Mree

  16. I love SofA, it needs to be back already! I'll have to wait till the fall for the longer books I am fried on long books right now, I need short but they are on my list to read. I love a good vacuum so excited to see how you liked it.

  17. I'll save your book recommendations for a long plane ride or winter time :) Give me brainless reads on the beach for now ;) But, The Lowland is definitely already on my list. And I will add the other too.

  18. I signed up for The Skimm can't wait to see what it's about.

    I love Jana so I will be reading tomorrow guest post!

  19. I've been treating myself to the Chobani yogurts lately, too. Yeah, they have a little bit of sugar but it's better than raiding the office candy dish, which is what I usually do! I always enjoy your recommendations posts. Have a great long weekend!

  20. OMG I need SOA back in my life Im having Jax withdrawals LOL

  21. i love that top coat, and i think i accidentally threw mine ou when we moved so my nails have been shit for so long. and hells yes target shoes, love them! thanks for the book recommendations, i'll be checking them out!

  22. Everytime I see this product mentioned all I can think is Ceviche Top Coat... lol... every time. And I am dying to try the Love With Food Box which I will be talking about on Friday!!

  23. Papa Murphy's is the best. AND on Tuesdays you can get the Pepperoni for only $5! Skinny Girl Sangria is the top on my recs!

  24. Hey Steph!! That essie polish looks beautiful!! and LOVE those sandals from Target!! So so pretty!! :D


  25. Mmmmmm, mango yogurt! only 11 more days til I can try it! Have a fantastic time this weekend!!!!

    Love many of the recommendations. Essie polish is gorgeous and I want to try the BFF face wash

  26. I LOVE The Skimm! Especially since I don't like watching or reading the news, but this keeps me somewhat up to date in a language I can understand. Our trip to Salem got moved to August- boo. Hope you have a great time!

  27. Love love love the nail colour and the shoes! Im going to check those books out too!

  28. I love Essie nail polish!!! Also I've been hearing about The Skimm a lot recently, I may just give into a daily email ;)

  29. Greek yogurt is no good without the fruit! It takes a little getting used to, at the very least. And I love the sales at Kohls. So many other places want you to sign up for the store card and then there's no benefit for using it. Kohls is always like, "Oh, you have a card? Here's a discount, in addition to your coupon, on your already marked down items!"

  30. So many good recommendations this month! I nodded my head to almost all of them! Except mango yogurt... I get hives from mango like you wouldn't BUHLIEEEEEVE! haha

  31. Hell yes to Game of Thrones fanatics - it's an addiction for reals. I love those Target sandles they'er super cute! Target is a trap though, especially if you have their card because 5% off every purchase is beast?! Have a great one ladies! -Iva


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