Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday Thoughts...your weekly dose of random

1. The Parkwood Farmer's Market is back this Saturday! Right in my neighborhood. I'm super jazzed. Since we have three dogs now we won't be walking those turd burglars over with us unless I put Mae in a bag. Northeast Philly friends, click here to follow Parkwood Farmer's Market on Facebook and get yourselves over there to buy local and boost the business of area farmers.
2. I would kill a small woodland animal to get audio of the TMZ Solange/Jay Z elevator fight. Solange is a woman on fiyahhhhhh. Queen Bey just stands there like I'm over this, and Jay seems like he's deflected this type of business before. I am full of glee at all the 99 problems plus one bitch = 100 problems types of interwebs zingers. TMZ is a power house at leaks recently between this and Donald Sterling.
I'm consumed with this celebrity nonsense because it's a welcome distraction from the fact that this is still happening. These Nigerian girls have not been returned to their homes. And for all its faults, hashtag activism can work. #bringbackourgirls
3. We finally caught up on The Good Wife. Alicia Florrick is killing it this season. Take no prisoners, Alicia! All the awards for you, Juliana Margulies.
4. Tomorrow is Put on Purple Day for Lupus Awareness. Click here for more information from the Lupus Foundation of America. Wear purple to raise awareness and support people like my friend Marla. If you take a little selfie Friday and post it on social media, use the hashtag #PutOnPurple. To find out more about Marla's life with lupus, resiliency of spirit, and hilariousness, check out her blog Luck Fupus here. You get it? That's a nice way of saying fuck lupus.
Photo stolen from Luck Fupus
5. Funny stuff happens during the week that teaches me a little lesson, and I envision a super short but funny blog post but I never pull the trigger on it. This Sunday linkup with Brass Honey; Food, Booze, & Baggage; and Farm Girl might be my ticket to ride. Something tells me a lot of my Sunday School sessions will center around jerkfaces on the MFing train ride I take every day.
Life Lessons Linkup
6. Happy birthday to one of my BFFs, my fabulous friend Jenn - she always makes me laugh and is a great support system for me. People always mistake us for sisters, and we're not but I love her like one. Can't wait to celebrate at the shore!
7. Speaking of...two weeks from today I leave for Girls' Weekend in OCNJ. I cannot freaking wait.
8. Need something for your wall? Cash money from this print order goes to support Walk MS. More information on Another Clean Slate here, direct link to the Eva Marie Typography shop on Etsy here. I ordered Do Good for my gallery wall. It's something we live by in this house.

9. One of my favorite little Philadelphia treasures: DiBruno Brothers. Celebrating 75 years this year. I love to walk over at lunch and pick up some delectable items and to just look around in general. They have good stuff.

10. Ecard of the week:

Do me a solid and click here to check out Marcie at On the Needles - she's a knitter, a dog lady, and she's chasing her student loan debt down to $0 because her and her husband decided to hold off on the bambinos until then. Did you know that the phrase on the needles refers to a knitting project still in progress? I always like cool stories behind blog names because I lack one. Uh, my name is Steph, and this is a blog about life, uh...according to me. A derr. Anyway since Marcie's blog name origin is much cooler than mine, please check her out.
 photo purple_zpse5f7f916.png

Linking up with Kristin for Stuff & Things


  1. Love hearing everyone guess about what got her so mad to go off on him. The Nigerian girls is such a sad story and hopefully they get returned soon. I don't know if I eve own anything purple I'll have to check my closet.

  2. i had no idea solange was off her rocker. maybe she's tired of sis being in the spotlight? i need to watch that video again; i thought i saw beyonce standing there but wasn't sure. i was also really tired from miami and only had half a brain when i watched it LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I can see why people mistake you for sisters! I'm guessing either Solange just had way too much to drink and he said something way wrong, OR their is trouble in paradise and she's being the protective sister. Hmmmm.

  4. i am jealous of your girls weekend. that sounds fun. and really i need to hear audio of this. someone got mad at me yesterday for talking about j and solange bc its not as important as the nigerian girls. WELL DUH. had to get that off my chest.

  5. I think this is such a nice post because I follow many of the ladies whose stuff you're promoting and I enjoy knowing that you do do it because you want to, not because they're sponsoring you. So thanks for that. I take recommendations from bloggers far more seriously when I know they share something whether they're paid to or not!

    Love your farmer's market. Mine is closing in two weeks for the summer and I'm so bummed. OH and I might get a night or two in Philly this summer... if I do, I may consult you on what to do with my short time there!

  6. OMG! I seriously want to know what happened in that elevator! I mean, we've all seen the video, but I want to know what was said. The world may never know.

  7. Mae in a "Toto" basket would be a riot! #bringALLthegirlshome We have human trafficking RIGHT here in the USA!
    The guy who "sold" the JayZ/Solange video got $250,000 for it and lost his job.#audiowouldbefab
    Goddess speed always to our Marla! I have had my amethyst earrings in since May 1st and will don purple tomorrow.
    I will tweet fox good day about it now. Looking forward to the Sunday blogging!
    Our landscapers are here today #firsttimeever Hooray.
    Carpe diem! See you tonight! Love Your MOMMA

  8. Hahaha, as always, your ecard of the week has me laughing like a crazy person. I've had that feeling a few times this week. Also, thank you sooo much for the shout out about our linkup. I really appreciate it. Hope you can join us soon. Have a great day. Xo

  9. I love DiBruno! And I never watch videos online, but I really do need to watch this JZ/Solange shizz.

  10. Thanks for the shout out! I love commuter stories so will love your School of Life posts if they are train related. And seriously, I want to be Alicia Florrick when I grow up.

  11. I am DYING for our farmer's market to open. I think it also opens this weekend, but not a lot in season around here yet. Asparagus is the big spring Michigan crop. Who knew. Too bad I hate asparagus.

    I saw a story yesterday about a SEPTA train operator getting assaulted. You could not pay me enough to be a train operator with all those crazies.

  12. GIVE ME ALL THE SOLANGE/JAY-Z INFO! I hate myself for being so intrigued by it, but, I can't help it.
    Definitely wearing purple tomorrow... the only purple shirt I own.
    Dying to check out DiBruno's and EAT ALL THE THINGS.
    "Uh, my name is Steph, and this is a blog about life, uh...according to me. A derr." bahahahaha

  13. So my comment didn't post! Let's see if I can remember everything I want to say....

    That ecard is my life.

    Your girls weekend sounds lovely!

    I have not tried The Good Wife yet....perhaps it should go on my list of shows to pick up this summer. Speaking of shows, I know you quit The Originals but I watched the season finale last night and I have one word for you: Elijah!!! Just yes.

    I am totally jealous of your farmers market that you can walk to. The closest one for me is 35 minute. Boo!

  14. You are jammed pack with info today miss Steph! Bey just stood there in the corner like, "whaaaa?" I can't believe that video!!! I wish we had a great farmer's market too!!

  15. I hate that they haven't found those Nigerian girls yet - apparently their military didn't react appropriately and "underreacted" to all the threats which is why they were taken.. it's awful - these are little girls we're talking about, OVERREACT! Ugh it fires me up - as for purple It's in my calendar for MJ! :) Will be rockin' some purple tomorrow woot woot! Best ecard - it's so accurate for this week. Happy Friday Eve Stephanie! -Iva

  16. I agree that hashtag activism can be effective from a "raising awareness" standpoint. That said, I really don't understand what the pic tweeted by FLOTUS was trying to accomplish. This particular hash tag is a call for help/action to those in power. So when you share a bed with the most powerful man in the world, it seems to me that you may want to try to use that access to get things done ... instead of singing back to the choir.

  17. haha you're hilarious - i like your blog name, wish i had thought of it for myself ;) i am so curious about the whole jayz thing, wonder if we'll ever find out? oh, and now i'm hungry. lol

  18. The Farmer's Market here is only open on Wednesday's and Friday's from 10 AM to 4 PM, WTF is up with that? Tomorrow will probably be my only visit this summer which is SAD.

    I want to know all about this Solange/J/Bey drama too, it's good to know drama happens in every family but what the hell is it all about?

    That Ecard is perfect for me this week!

  19. The saying around here is 'going solange' that is hilarious!

  20. Happy Birthday to Jenn!

    I've been composing a #BringBackOurGirls post about my outrage of both the situation and certain people who want to poo-poo the hashtag campaign. Assholes.

  21. I was so thinking how awesome audio would have been to that video. I love it when celebs are trashy. .... thanks for the link about your bloggy friend paying off student loans. I have a ton and go back and forth about whether or not to pay the government back quickly or not. The struggle is real.

  22. I LOVE Farmer's markets! One of these days I'm going to get organized and sell my jam there.

    So jealous of your girls weekend!! Have a great weekend:)

  23. Solange has been consuming my thoughts. Also, now I'm imagining you taking 3 dogs to the farmer's market. I'm sure yours are much more well behaved than mine are. It would be a disaster to try and take our 2 to a busy public place.

  24. Ill help you kill the woodland creature and then we'll sit together and listen to all the awesomeness ok? haha

    1. Also .... I said the same thing... he most def has a bitch problem now!

  25. I wanna know why they were fighting!!

  26. Yup, that E Cards wins the internet today! And so late in the day, so you know it's a good one! Fucking awesome! I'm so glad you joined me in the stiffling humidity, wish we could have spend more time chatting! Thank you for the shout out! Also, I received my print from Eva, and it's GORGEOUS!!!

  27. Girls weekend!!! I need one in the worst way. I think the closest I'm going to get is a week later this summer when my older son goes to grandma's and my hubby is out of town. You KNOW I'm going to be that chick in Sweet Home Alabama that Reese Witherspoon walks up to and says, "Oh! You have a baby... in a bar?!"

  28. My family has a beach house in OCNJ. It kind of gets passed around to whoever wants to use it. I've been thinking lately that I just need a beach. And then I'll be relaxed. I wish I was going!

  29. If Juliana doesn't get an emmy, I'll be REAL pissed. She's so good. Olivia Pope should be bowing down to Alicia Florick. I too would kill for that elevator audio. Beyonce just stands there like it's a regular occurrence...

    I do what I want.

  30. THANK YOU so much for that shout out and for your tweet!!! You are awesome! Sorry I'm so very far behind in reading/commenting/responding/life :) Love your promotion of your local farmers looks nice! P and I try to buy a lot of local products. You and your friend do look like you could be related! I'm dying for a beach trip!


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