Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. Let me give you a really quick lesson in the first amendment: The key word here is Congress. Congress cannot do those things. This amendment exists to ensure citizens do not face government tyranny or oppression for their viewpoints or beliefs. 

In ALL other areas of life in this country, you are free to believe and say what you want but you must deal with the consequences. Freedom of speech does not apply to the workplace or to a conflict between you and anyone aside from the government. This is in print in the amendment itself. It's not up for debate.

If you exercise your freedom of speech and you get fired for violating the ethics of your employer or if you lose business because people don't like what you've said, that's on you. A business who doesn't like what you say can certainly fire you and it has nothing to do with the first amendment. If you call your boss an asshole and get fired for it, you can't say they're violating your freedom of speech.

No one is telling Donald whosisname that he can't say or believe something. No one has thrown him in jail or oppressed him for what he's said. His organization is simply saying he can't say it and be in line with their policies. Just like you can choose not to associate with people or businesses who promote ideals that do not reflect yours. The government has nothing to do with this, and the protection of your freedom of speech under the first amendment is limited to your interactions with the government. 

Are we clear here?

2. I hate concerts, but I love Fleetwood Mac. Like, adore them. Time left to see them is running out so I had to bite the bullet. MFD bought tickets yesterday. Hey Stevie...I'll be at the Fleetwood Mac show on October 29 in Philly. Let's meet up and talk about mystical gypsy things, okay? BFF for life!
3. This is the coldest spring I can remember. All we've done all week in my office is whine about how cold it is. Where is the 75 degree, deliciously warm but not hot, tiny breeze and perfect feeling and smelling air? Spring, you owe us some of those days. I better not wake up to 90 and humid one day.I'll be bitching then too, I hate heat and humidity. Yes, even after this winter.

4. Sing it, Walt.
5. I've mentioned before how I have bitchy resting face, yes? My entire life people have thought I was unapproachable, miserable, not nice, etc. when really, it's just my face. And I'm married to MFD, The Gregarious Mayor. He's so nice but his wife looks like such a bitch! This Buzzfeed article 22 Problems All People With Resting Bitch Face Will Understand is hilarious and true, except for the please talk to me part - I don't care if you talk to me or not and some people, I would actually prefer that they didn't. hahaha. And double yes to stop asking me if I'm mad, stop thinking I'm mad, and stop telling me to smile - those are the things that actually make me mad. Someone telling me to smile makes me want to punch them in the face.
6. Wallet Watchers: don't forget to link up on Tuesday!

7. My menu is Mexican everything next week even though Cinco de Drinko is not a real holiday.

8. I  was about to revamp my arm workouts for May since it's oh shit almost summer, then I found it already done for me by Liz @ Fitness Blondie in her Weight Lifting 101 for Women post on Monday. Boom. Thanks Liz. Pin that shit ladies. My squat trick: every other time you go to the bathroom at work, when you're finished, do 20 squats before you go back to your desk. It adds up.

9. I don't get it.
10. Ecard of the week. This made me roar.
Happy May Day!
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  1. It's not Spring it's rain season!! Nonstop all week! Ugh. Resting bitch face is real!! I plan on participating in cinco de drunko all week, it should be a holiday! Love the ecard it can apply to so many!!

  2. OMG someone else understands what the First Amendment is! I now love you even more <3

  3. it has been raining all week so far with gusty winds, grey skies and cold temps. it won't get any better until monday (!!) but i told myself i would not complain about any positive temps if winter would just go away. it has and now i must bite my tongue even though i hate this weather.

    i have a bad case of RBF and it seems to get worse as i get older to a point that i just have a permanent scowl on my face LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Perfectly said about the First Amendment, that has been bugging me all week!

  5. Ahhh, my favorite SMD day of the week. Speak on, sista about the 1st Amendment. My thing is, why is anyone surprised? This is not the first time he's alluded to his views (in fact, what he's said in the past was much worse), this just happened to be the time he said the wrong thing in front of his money grubbing mistress. It reminds me of the Chick-Fil-A "scandal." Like, c'mon, why was anyone shocked that old, white, Catholic man who keeps his private business closed on Sundays not for same-sax marriage? It gets my goat. Yes, Donald is a dick biscuit, single minded biggot, and should be held accountable for what comes out of his mouth, but why Al Sharpton and Spike Lee need to get involved is beyond me. Anywho... Feh. Fucking Flyers. Fucking rain and chilly weather. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

    PS- I love your Bitch Face. K bye! <3

  6. SMD for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously. People warp shit like the first amendment all the time as an excuse or easy way out for EVERYTHING and it's ridiculous.
    I too have resting bitch face. Even in my sleep. I wake up with DEEP lines between my eyes from scrunching them together so hard at night, haha!

  7. Brilliant e-card! Love every one of these random thoughts. I will check out the weight lifting for ladies. I so need muscle mass!!!!! I could kill someone with my bitch face. #nowordsorweaponsnecessary Wicked warmer today, I welcome it. My hair does better in humid weather. Oh, Stevie, I prefer just a concert with you singing. #roomsonfire #edgeof17 #sara! May is finally here! Enjoy! Love your MOMMA

  8. Number 5 describes John and me perfectly. He is the king of nice and friendly and could talk to anyone, and I am the queen of the bitchy face. He loves small talk and making friends with everyone, everywhere, and small talk is my worst nightmare. Also, people who tell me to smile make me want to go postal.

    The weather fucking sucks; we better be rewarded with 82 degree, sunny, breezy, non-humid days a lot this summer.

  9. I despise Winter, so I'm happy with any weather where I don't have to wear a jacket :) Great explanation of the 1st Amendment! Yes, people can say whatever they want and than I choose not to support them, as is my right. Also, you not being able to force your religious beliefs on others is not the same thing as someone denying you your religious rights.

  10. YESSSSSSSSS to the First Amendment thing. OMG as a government attorney the sheer cluelessness about that whole concept has just made me cringe. The ecard is epic. Thanks for a smile this (*@^$ cold spring) morning!

  11. You are absolutely correct about the First Amendment. Thank you for saying what I was thinking! Ditto on the spring thing. I am sick and tired of cold and rainy but if we skip to hot and humid, I'll kvetch just as much.

    1. It was already too humid for me yesterday Mary Jane!

  12. Apparently a lot of members running for office or currently in congress missed the memo they cannot make a laws respecting an establishment of religion. Before I get to ranting, lets move on. I have bitch face and the struggle is real every day. When someone writes K I want to delete them from my phone.Y'all have had some crazy weather up North. I have some friends in Baltimore and the flooding is nuts. Sounds like an excuse for another tropical vaca. Happy May Day.

  13. I think I have a resting sad face. Equally comment inducing. Ugh!

    And yes to Mexican all next week.

  14. Mexican all next week sounds like a great plan to me.

    Pinned the workout. Been wondering myself about weight lifting and she breaks it down if you don't know where to start.

  15. So many things to love about this! I'm going to link to your Thursday Thoughts especially for the first amendment lesson. As soon as I post this comment I'm going to read Liz's tips. Bitchy resting face = me. That ecard is most excellent.

  16. 1. YES YES YES!! I teach government & it is so hard to get that through their thick skulls!

  17. i wrote a whole comment out and it got deleted. try again. so i really like how much my thoughts on politics line up with yours. even if they different you are very good at getting your point across.
    also, i want to go to fleetwood mac.

  18. There are just SO many things to comment on here. I wont touch number 1 with a 10 foot pole. I will start ranting and no one wants that. Lets just say, agreed.

    I might have a bitch resting face sometimes too. Whatever.

    Fuck Wallet Watch! Today we can spend ALL of the moneys!

    Cinco de drinko?!?! LOL!!! I cook Mexican at least once a week...sometimes twice. It never gets old.

    Liz (and Kathy) are my fitness idols. I would listen to anything they say! If they tell me to jump off a bridge, I will ask them with what numbered dumb bells?

    That ecard!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. My husband has resting bitch face and the conversation when I explained that to him is one of my favorites that we've ever had. Now he likes to point it out in pictures.

  20. I love you forever for posting that resting bitch face article. I have that AND I'm generally pretty quiet so people are always asking me what's wrong. Like, nothing WAS wrong, but now I'm pissed at you for bothering me because you thought something was soooo thanks for that!

  21. I hate when people just say, 'k'. RUDE lol
    This is also the coldest spring that I remember. It's fine during the day, but super chilly at night.
    I also have CRBF too. Hahaha!

  22. i totally have the resting bitch face too. i used to care, now i dont have enough energy to give any shits lol. and ugh, so over the cold! hurry up warmth!

  23. ecards make me so happy. I have a resting bitch face as well. People come up to me all the time and ask if I'm okay.....I'm like wait why? Oh must be the resting bitch face again. Mark has the nicest smile he looks so friendly and approachable....annoying! I totally understand. I can't wait to add my 20 squats into my bathroom life routine. It is perfectly crazy enough for me and I pee all the time so it should definitely add up. Oh and I'm wearing heels today so that totally makes it harder right? ;-)

  24. omg I have resting bitch face and it pisses me off to no end when people tell me to smile.. im sorry but do you walk around with a cheesy fake ass smile plastered on your face NO! so Im not going to either!

  25. I text K when I'm mad. That's a sure sign, that's how I express that you are currently unworthy of the extra letter.
    #1, preach!

  26. LOLed at the cactus joke! I love the idea of fitting squats into the everyday routine, but my legs are loving it a bit less right about now...

    Also, I'm sure you've already seen it, but there's an XKCD about freedom of speech and it was also spot on. I was thinking about writing a post, but I think between the two of you, it's pretty well covered. :-)

    Jenn | Business, Life & Design

  27. Mexican everything sounds like a good week! We cooked chicken fajitas last night but totally forgot Cinco de Mayo was around the corner. Perfect excuse to indulge in some Mexican food!

  28. "I better not wake up to 90 and humid one day.I'll be bitching then too, I hate heat and humidity.", you just described Tampa. I'm coming to PA, lol

  29. I LOVE Mexican food. Yum.

    It's been chilly the past couple of days. But then on Sunday it's going to be in the 90s. My poor confused body.

  30. What don't you like about concerts?
    Also, Mexican food is my go to for quick and easy meals- and they're delicious! Hope it's warming up by you!!

  31. I obviously very much agree with you on #1! And, Cinco de Drinko is definitely a real holiday.

    I do what I want.

  32. It's cold in Missouri this week. Like 30s in the morning, high of 50 in the afternoon. Ridiculous.

    I think I might have a bitchy resting face. I get "Smile!" a lot too. Plus, people have always thought I'm snobby just because I'm quiet.

  33. You're always so eloquent! I have an irrational hatred of "ok" but for some reason, "k" is fine. And I think I am starting to suffer from RBF. It used to not happen, but now it's real. Maybe it's a part of getting older?

  34. You are very right about the freedom of speech issue. You are free to speak, you wont be arrested for your words but there will be consequences!

  35. Wait, wait, wait, wait! Resting Bitch Face is a real thing? I thought it was just me! I need to alert the world, all the times people told me I had bitch face and I told them that was just my face...OHEMMGEE! This is life changing!

    In other news...I was just telling my kiddos that I really really would love to see Fleetwood Mac in concert this year, but it's not in the budget. Then I played them some of my favorite songs and sang and danced and told them about the time I dressed up like Stevie Nicks for a Rock and Roll themed birthday party. After which my daughter informed me that I'm old.

  36. Spring is a season that I feel has Bipolar disorder at least here in the Northeast. This year she has opted to go off her meds.

  37. So jealous of your Fleetwood Mac tickets!!!

    I have bitchy resting face too, when I worked as a waitress this old guy brought me an article by Dear Abby about how I should smile more. So annoying!!

  38. OMG! People and their ignorance of that damn First Amendment! I went over that with the Phil Robertson debacle and people STILL used that as a defense. Nope. Wrong. Losers. I saw Fleetwood Mac last year (without Christine) and they were great. It's a very laid back show. Everyone sat the entire time. Why don't you like concerts anyway?


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