Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Thoughts - your weekly dose of random

1. Imagine going to the dentist for a routine procedure and emerging permanently blind in one eye. Unfathomable, right? A year ago in July, my friend Jenn was at the dentist and the dentist dropped a needle in her eye, resulting in permanent blindness. I'm really proud of the way she's handled this life altering experience. It's hard, it's scary, it's your life totally changed in an instant. I really can't imagine it. Jenn has been strong and fierce in her reaction to it, and when she does get low, discouraged, upset, overwhelmed, frustrated, or afraid, she doesn't let herself stay down for long. She's also doing her best to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else by mounting a campaign about the importance of wearing eye protection at the dentist. Please like her facebook page Jenn's Vision and wear your sunglasses on July 8 to raise awareness and show your support for Jenn, who basically wears sunglasses 24/7 now. I'll be reminding you as we get closer to July 8, but I wanted to get the word out to you now. Demand your dentists give you eye protection! Don't let them do a thing without it.
2. We're all guilty of wishing days away. I mean, wishing for Friday is ingrained in the brain of the worker. It's also great to look forward to stuff like vacations, weekends away, parties, what have you, but make sure you are present enough each day to live in and appreciate the now.

3. Happy birthday weekend to one of my best Kims. Enjoy your birthday on Sunday KVSR.
4. Rest in peace, wise/strong/beautiful soul. Thanks for lending the world your powerful voice.
5. My mom of all people sent this to me yesterday and it made me laugh. Like way a lot of laughing.
6. This is circulating on Facebook, and people actually believe FLOTUS was photographed holding up this sign.  I'm sorry...regardless of your politics, if you for a minute considered this to be real, you might as well move into a cave and commune with amoebas.
7. A few months ago the manager at the B&BW next to my office told me they were doing away with Eucalpytus Mint, my signature hand wash. I got hysterical and bought a zillion online. It turns out she is a lying liar who lies and they were just repackaging the entire hand soap line. So yesterday I had 20% off and I picked up two of my old faithfuls and tried two new ones.
8.  Guess who's leaving for the shore tonight? WE ARE. Girls' weekend is this weekend and Lori & I are heading to OCNJ tonight. The rest of the girls arrive tomorrow. Boom shaka laka.
9. Paper or digital planner? Check out this planner post on Not Entirely Perfect. Steph speaks my organizing and planner language and I love it. And stay tuned -  I'm giving away a $50 giftcard to Erin Condren starting tomorrow!

10. E-card of the week:

Tomorrow, Marcie from On the Needles will be here tomorrow to talk about five awesome things about Indianapolis. Check out her post on puppy siblings here.

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  1. What a horrible accident that happened to your friend. I never would have thought to wear eyewear at the dentist. The Taco Bell one is hysterical!! Maya Angelou was such an inspiration, sad day. Hope you have an amazing girls weekend!

  2. The dentist office accident is awful! I used to always be scared of something like that (I'm kind of eye phobic) and for the first time at my last cleaning, they stated using eye protection. It was just regular sunglasses as far as I could tell, so even if your dentist doesn't offer anything, people can wear their own sunglasses in the chair.

    Can't wait for your giveaway tomorrow!

  3. I was already scared shitless of the dentist, and I may never go again. Kudos to Jenn for being so strong and sharing her story. No doubt it was an accident, but it's definitely got me thinking now, and I hope this story gets circulated.

    Awesome sauce giveaway!

    We lost a good one yesterday.

    Have an amazing time at the shore!

    Wow, B&BW, that's some bullshit to make yo think that! Bitch! That said, the new packaging is pretty. That's the 3rd or 4th time they've changed it!

  4. Wow, it never would have even crossed my mind that I would need eye protection at the dentist! Best wishes to your friend! I hope you have a great weekend! Sounds so fun!

  5. I remember when I had a dentist appointment a few days after I had my LASIK procedure done. I wore the awesome goggles that they give you (bc your eyeballs are nothing to mess around with). My hygienist chuckled at first, but then she said that she was jealous of my goggles and wished that she had some of her own! (She was crushing hard on the foam pads.)

  6. omg i had no idea that could even happen at the dentist...but i get it since they handle all those crazy instruments. they give eye protection to kids (kayla) but i don't recall ever wearing them when i go. next time i will ask for sure!

    and girls weekend? YES PLEASE!! have a blast :)

    Vodka and Soda

  7. The dentist always makes me wear the stupid eye protection and I HATE it. Now I know why though and I'll stop being so annoyed by it.

    People are so stupid with what they believe, especially shit on Facebook. The things that I see super conservatives like on Facebook just make me shake my head. I mean, come on, whether you like the Obamas or not, get a fucking clue. She would not hold up that sign.

  8. The story about your friend's eye is horrific. I can't believe it. And yes, totally wearing eye protection going forward at the dentist. Thanks for sharing.

    I am guilty of wishing for Friday. Will try to take your words to heart.

  9. Have a. Blast at the shore this weekend, Snots McGhee!

  10. Oh my goodness, how horrible for your friend... terrible terrible terrible!

    And I haaaate those pics floating around social media... it always blows my mind what things people will believe! ANYONE can photoshop something like that so quickly and so many people take it as fact... blows my mind!

  11. I wish for Friday but I wouldn't say I let life here and now pass me by because of it. I just really don't want to work. :)

    Jealous of your girls weekend! I have the beach but I rarely have a girls day there unless you count Little K and I don't.

    I would have never ever thought of wearing eye protection at the dentist, they should really suggest that there!!

  12. Pooping anywhere except my own toilet is my wish always. Read an article that Mexican food can cause explosive diarrhea(worst thing ever) especially in those who are bowel challenged. Love the ecard. Love Maya - the peaceful, passive activist who is just a short way away on the other side- her reward! Goddess speed to you girls on your OCNJ weekend. Amen on wishing our lives away. Savor each moment! Healing lights to Jenn and thankful we are all warned now. Carpe every diem. Love your Momma

  13. I've never even thought about eye protection at the dentist. Wow!

    That Michelle Obama thing pisses me off. Look, I'm sorry the Marine is in a Mexican prison but no one can compare that situation with the Nigerian schoolgirls. It's not even close to the same thing.

  14. I can't believe that story about your friend! I honestly have never even thought about that possibility happening

  15. Wow, your friend and the eye. Just wow, I admire her courage! I have tried over the last couple of years to really stay present in the moment and not "live for Friday", it's amazing how many wonderful things can happen on other days too! I am so jealous, I need a girls weekend bad!!!

  16. 1. I cannot imagine! That's so great that she's creating awareness about it though!
    2. I am definitely guilty of that from time to time.
    6. People who believe that need a reality check. It doesn't even look real. I cannot stand when people just blindly believe & share things because it fits their political agenda.
    8. Have an awesome time!!
    9. I'm definitely a paper planner type of girl. I need physical things ha.

  17. I'm on my third Erin Condren and i love love love it ... i'm a paper planner kind of girl - i've tried keeping an electronic calendar and it just doesn't seem to work for me. Enjoy the beach! I'm jealous. Girls night next weekend for me - which will consist of me and my bestie sitting on the couches and love seats in her living room and eating guac, milanos and watching 90210 (the original).

  18. The Michelle Obama photoshop thing irritates me to no end, especially because really dumb things are being put in there. I have to call myself out when I get too anxious for the weekend and forget about the good stuff happening on other days, too. And your friend's story is so... crazy and unexpected? I don't know the right word. It's something that can happen to anyone that I've never thought about. Thanks for raising awareness, as always.

  19. I must actually live under a rock because I never saw the Michelle Obama pic...but I mean the fake print is so bold and typed that how could someone think it's real? So lame. How brave of your friend, I hope she was compensated by the dentist? Have THE best time this weekend!

  20. Oh no, that is horrifying about the dentist! I can't even imagine. #5 and #6 i audibly laughed out loud. thank you for that.

  21. Ummmmm I seriously just sat here for a couple of minutes digesting what happen to your friend....that is so unbelievable! Makes me think....I'm pretty sure he does but I will damn make sure now!

    Have a fabulous time down at the Shore!!! Oh I just stocked up on those soaps and well.....and my EC planner is sitting next to me open right now. I seriously cannot live without it!

  22. digital calendar all the way!

  23. OMG thats so scary about the dentist and going blind... like WOW!!!
    Okay why did you call her FLotus bc I totally laughed and I dont even know why!

    1. FLOTUS stands for First Lady of the United States :)

  24. I can't believe what happened to your friend! That's insane!! I feel so bad for her - I'm happy she's been able to stay positive about the experience though! I can't say I'd be the same.

    OK, I am absolutely 100% NOT a fan of this administration (which you probably already knew) but if someone couldn't tell that picture was Photoshopped, that person is an idiot. It doesn't even look real.

    We're going to Seattle in a couple of weeks and you best believe "Buy all the candles" is on my list for BBW while we're there.

  25. Good Lord girl that has to be the most traumatic freak story I have heard in a while! Glad her spirits are up though! #6 has to be a joke! People actually believed that? Ridic!

  26. I need a planner! Bring on the giveaway! I feel SOOOO bad for your friend. I'm not sue happy, but I hope she got some money for that. The dentist should have given her glasses to wear and been more careful! From now on, I'll make sure the dentist gives them to me!

  27. omg that is the craziest thing i have ever heard, and now i am even more terrified of the dentist. but that is awesome that she is being positive and what not.
    um what the actual eff with that sign that Michelle is holding?! people are so freaking stupid. makes me mad for the human race.

  28. Oh my! I knew I always disliked the dentist...but now this rationalizes my fear!!!!

    My heart stopped when you said they are doing away with Eucalyptus Mint bc that scent is my jam. Then all was right in the world again. Close one!

    I hope you have a fabulous time on your girls weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Oh no, I'm sorry about your friend :( I know our local dentist does have everyone wear protective gear.

    I usually can tell when things are photoshopped. I know the First Lady would never hold up a sign like that. I mean, geez. Granted, she's not my favorite person in the world, but still. Hello? People can be dumb.

  30. Jenn's story is awful! My dentist always give me sunglasses, but I thought it was for the light. Her FB page is down at the moment, but I'll like it as soon as it's working again. Ugh, FLOTUS memes. I've seen a few varieties. And the one of Bill Gates offering his money for some likes. People are so stupid. Paper planner all the way! Though, not EC. It was too small and the spiral was too big and hard to write in. I like my cheap Target one the most out of any I've ever used. Have a great, sunny weekend!

  31. that is so awful about jenn - and so scary! and love that taco bell thing ha. hilarious and so true. have a fun beach weekend!

  32. I love Eucalyptus Mint! You'll have to let me know how you like the lavender one... that's another one of my favorite scents but I've never smelled their version of it.
    I can't wait for tmrw... I want one of those planners SO bad but I'll never spend my own money on it! haha

  33. Holy shit. Now I have one more reason to be scared to death in the dentist chair. Hopping over to like Jenn's page now.

    Have an awesome time at the shore.

    I had a chuckle over this weeks ecard. Was that inspired by my insensitive post yesterday? I swear that's how I felt when I woke up this morning (head up my ass and foot in my mouth). Don't post when you're unhappy and having a bad day :)

  34. I love my paper planner. I get teased but no shame in my game.

    I also wholeheartedly agree with #2.

    Have so much fun at "the shore!"

  35. Your friend's story made me gasp. How awful.

    I think that I may just buy a nice planner from Target (my EC one is up in August). I like the durability of the EC planners, but I don't use the extras. I just use the planner pages and the pocket in the back. I looked at the Simplified Planners online and they are upwards of $60 and they are sold out and you can't order them for the next year until like September. Lame. I do like their look though.

  36. OMG that is awful your friend went through that and super scary!! Stuff like the picture of the FLOTUS, is why I have to block people of's like really, really you seriously think that is real. I hope you have a BLAST on your girl's weekend!!!

  37. I can't believe that can happen at the dentist! With all of the safety features in place everywhere - why not there?!?

    Do you use an Erin Condren planner? I'm really thinking of taking the leap and getting one this year. . . hope you are enjoying your trip!


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