Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Recommendations

Skimmers, recommendations are in bold. Aside from me, this month you get recs from Marcie at On the Needles and my BFF Laura. If you see something in a different color type, you can click on it to be taken to a website with info on the product. Let's do this!

1. The Campaign for Female Education - I actually found this via a NY Times article  (side note, I love the NY Times and consider it worth the subscription) regarding the #bringbackourgirls campaign. This organization raises money to send girls in Africa to school, helping them lift their families (and their countries) out of the cycle of super-young motherhood and poverty. Learn more and donate at
2. Bowles Mattress - This is really only a recommendation for those of you who live in the midwest, but these mattresses are amazing. They're made in southern Indiana-- I'm not a "buy US at all costs" person, but it's nice when US-made is truly the superior product. They have many styles of mattresses, comparable to the big name brands, at less than half the price. This is the mattress that C and I have (comparable to the Simmons Beautyrest Recharge), and it's quite honestly the best thing I've ever slept on in my life. And for $1000+ less than we would have paid for the Beautyrest-- sign me up!
3. The Birth Partner - Anyone who knows me at all (or has read my blog), knows that I'm obsessed with all things pregnancy/birth/baby. I came across this book relatively recently, and seriously, every pregnant woman needs to read it. It's so informative about everything from the last month of pregnancy through birth and postpartum. I borrowed it from the library, but when the time comes, I'm going to shell out the $16 and buy a copy.

4. Trader Joe's Fruit Floes - I'm so late to the Trader Joe's party. Seriously, it's kind of embarrassing. HOWEVER! In case anyone is as late as I am, I must wax poetic about these popsicles (yes, they're just popsicles). Fruit juice and chunks of fruit on a stick, and they're SO delicious. I realize that I'm describing them terribly, but just go and buy some. You will not be sorry. The strawberry flavor is my fave. 
5. Flor - C introduced me to the wonder that is Flor. I will admit, at first I thought it was sort of a cheesy concept. I mean, carpet tiles are for restaurants and office buildings. But not all of the styles are obviously tiles (if you're interested in wall-to-wall carpet), and it's actually really awesome for custom-made rugs! They sell rug kits, but you can also work with their designers to create your own. This is the one that I ordered for Baby B's room, and I'm in love. Best part? They're perfect for houses with kids and pets (or messy grown-ups), because each tile is removable. So if you get a stain on one or two pieces, you can just pick them out and clean them in the sink (or replace them) and put them back. No more dragging out the carpet cleaner or replacing the entire room's worth of carpet. Easy peasy!

1. Organize your photos in photobooks  for vacations, special events and a “Year in Review” for all of the random photos you took over the year. I used Shuterfly.
2. Pure Beech MicoModal sheets – It’s like a nightly hug. The most comfortable sheets ever. 
3. Bumble and Bumble Gentle Shampoo & Super RichConditioner .  Love!
4. The People’s Couch on Bravo - I want to be friends with everyone on the show…especially Julie and Brandy
5. Everything at The Container Store - but specifically the Linus Medicine Cabinet organizers here and here
6. Keep a first aid kit in your car in a plastic bin or re-usable shopping bag and buy the supplies individually. This was passed down from my dad Mike. Make sure you have tampons and maxi pads in your kit…yes tampons and maxi pads – the maxi pads work better than gauze in stopping bleeding and tampons can be used to stop a nosebleed.  “Besides their obvious uses, tampons and maxi pads are very helpful for wound management and are an essential part of any first aid kit.  Did you know that the modern tampon was invented in the 1800s for management of bullet wounds?  An OB-style tampon can very effectively treat a persistent nosebleed.  The smallest OB tampons fit nicely in the nose.  Bleeding wounds can be easily controlled with a maxipad held in place with an ace wrap.”-

Other things you may want to include in your kit:
an assortment of adhesive bandages, gauze pads, water bottle, Benadryl, Alcohol wipes, safety pins, adhesive tape, antibiotic ointment, cotton balls, cotton swabs, pain relievers, tweezers, scissors, a needle, hand sanitizer, hot and cold packs, disposable gloves, sunblock, clean towel,plastic/Ziploc  bags for disposing unhygienic items, flashlight and blanket, First aid manual.
And now I will share a photo of a tampon on my blog. - source 

1. Orly Bonder Base Coat - I am passionate about base coat. I will argue to the death about why you should use it. My nails are super strong and healthy and one of the things I attribute that to is using a base coat. I've been using Orly Bonder for about three years with great success. Polish stays on longer too.

2. Sanuk yoga spree flip flops - I started wearing these over two years ago after buying them at Girls' Weekend. I've been obsessed ever since and have grown my collection yearly. If you like flip flops, you need these.
3. Water babies sunblock - for your dogs. They get sunburn too. 

4. These cookies from Sam's  They last five seconds in this house so do yourself a favor and buy them for a function where more than two of you will be eating them.
5. Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler - I've been in a reading slump for three weeks and this book kicked me out if it. The writing is beautiful and I like the story too. Then again, I always love the book that gets me out of a slump.

What are you recommending this month?

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  1. Mattresses and sheets in the same post? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?! *sob* I want to go back to bed!
    I use Orly Bonder, too. My main thing with base coats is avoiding nasty stains... so gross!

  2. Oh I love these! Ill have to try the Orly base coat and having a kit in the car is a really good idea. Tampons included!

  3. i agree with you on the base coat but mine is shitty. i need to get on yours pronto.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Love the Orly base coat! Those pastries look so good! I'm with Amanda I want to go back to bed now!

  5. I love the idea of photobooks but I'm always too lazy to make them. I should, though. It would clear up so much space on my phone if nothing else! I'm currently obsessed with a t-shirt I bought at JC Penney. I'm too lazy to find a link to it now but I'll likely share it on my blog on Friday. I want to buy ten of them for the summer!

  6. I have a new pair of Sanuks being delivered today, so this means I will stalk the UPS man all day. I recently discovered that the dogs are so used to him coming here that they bark and go nuts when they hear the truck even if he isn't coming to our house. This may indicate a slight problem.

  7. I need a new pair of flip-flops so I'm going to check your recommendation out. First the Land's End now the flip-flops :) I'm with Marcie and try to buy USA when possible or (for major purchases), our couch was made in NC. The Hail Merry Chocolate Macaroons I'm currently obsessed with...I have to figure out how to make them myself.

  8. I think I'd like to try the shampoo recommended! I'm always on the lookout for new fancy shampoo to try! Also need to get on doing some photo books! My son is almost 2 and I have yet to do ONE book for him!!!

  9. I started using the Orly Bonder base a few years ago based on your recommendation, and I'm never changing! Great stuff!

    Off to check out the flip flops. I am in need of new ones.

  10. Laura had me at nightly hug. I need some sheets, too! Just put the Orly base coat on my ulta list. Waiting for a 20% off the entire order coupon. I rec enjoying not needing a/c or heat. I have a house that remains fairly cool. I like 75-77
    inside. Enjoy the green-ness right now. Perfect amt of rain and sun! Send positive energy and love to all the graduates to be good, productive citizens. Can't have too many good people! I rec walking barefoot in the grass to ground yourself to Mother Earth! So thrilled it's my favorite 5 months ahead of me. well almost 5
    It's already 5-28
    Love your MOMMA

  11. Here is a petunia that does not enrage me with its impossible demands and yet looks lovely:

  12. That is one of my most favorite pics of Laura. I've done photo books of vacations but I love the idea of random pics throughout the year! I just received my first pair of Sanuks yesterday - hooray! And OMG, I haven't had those cookies in forever but I love them too.

  13. Orly bonder is the best. It makes such a difference in how long my nail polish lasts. I use nothing else.

    I am too lazy to do photobooks but I did discover that I can create albums on my iPhone and share them. How did I not know about this?! I do print photos from snapfish and make photo collages. About once every two years, but still.

  14. oooh i need to check out those trader joes popsicles next time i am there!
    and i have got to do that car kit thing, tampons and pads?! how smart!

  15. I love love that pic of Laura, I remember when you blogged about her wedding last year. All I can think of is nose tampons. I am traumatized....

  16. Thanks for the bolds (read: I was lazy today). The container store is pure perfection. They are opening a new trader joes down the street from my work and I am excited. I'm going to ask the blunt/rude/inappropriate question: is there a baby in the future?

  17. I keep forgetting that I want to go to Sally's and get Orly stuff. It is in a ghetto Walmart parking lot near me and I guess I just haven't been feeling adventurous lately.

    I get irrationally ragey everytime someone suggests something from TJ's because Alabama doesn't have any. I mean WTF!!!!

  18. I would get that basecoat if I painted my nails more than 5 times a year. man i suck. i want to check out flor!! that looks freaking cool.

  19. that rug though....Im needing it like now!

  20. I love photo books! I've made a few in the past, but I've been way too lazy to make any recently.

  21. Orly Base Coat & their In a Snap drying polish never gets left out!! And my Facebook photos are a hot mess....time to organize!! Ha!

  22. Sanuks are the shiz. When we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii I killed my feet the first few days with cheap Old Navy flip flops, so I bought some Sanuks (the slip on shoe kind) and was in absolute heaven. I love them almost as much as Toms.

    I need a really good base coat, I might order that one. I always use one, too, but I can't do more than one round of polish without my nails breaking and splitting and peeling like crazy. Last time I did my nails I did 2 rounds of polish (wore one for a week, took it off, immediately put another color on, took it off after a week)...that was 4 weeks ago and my nails STILL look like crap.

  23. I am learning so much about nail care from you! Base coat, eh? I will have to give it a try. =)

  24. Those cookies are a favorite, my Grandma and great Aunts used to make them from scratch for all the holidays. It's a Polish thing:)

  25. Love this list of recs! I've been wanting to make photobooks since all my photos are stored online but I haven't been able to make time for it yet. Hopefully soon! I'm going to need to get me that base coat from Orly. I've been using OPI and so far, it's okay but not always the best. I'm making a list of books to read for the summer. I've been in a reading slump for a couple years now. Too long! Hopefully i'll get out of it soon. Really miss reading.

  26. I bought that Orly base coat, and my polish still chipped, as I have the crappiest nails in all humanity. I forgot to tell you I hold you personally responsible for this travesty! LOL

  27. I was so confused about you wanting baby books and rugs... and then I realized I skipped the line that these weren't your recommendations... as though it were my first month reading this series. Ugh.

  28. I haven't even entered the Trader Joe's party yet. Bad blogger...I know. I love The People's Couch.

  29. I'm gonna need those flip flops. Love these posts, always looking for recommendations on things to spend $ on, ha! :)

    I do what I want.

  30. Orly binder have been using it for years and recommend it to all. Maxipads saw them used at a car accident incidentally Stephanie was with me for a gash on the head. Looking up the sheets now.

  31. I watched The People's Couch one time and wanted to stab myself in the eye - and I am a lover of all things reality tv. Make that most things...because The People's Couch and I are not in love. I asked my husband, "Who the hell watches this shit?" Well, now I know. HA. (no judgments - okay, maybe just a little).

  32. I really do need a first aid kit in the truck! It's almost hurricane season and the flash floods we've had lately are no joke. I love Orly Bonder!! I never paint my nails...but when I do...I use Orly Bonder ;)

  33. I really need to try those flip flops, I am going to bookmark this page in my weekly favorites folder so I see it every time I write my Friday post until I get some!


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