Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Five - All Aboard the Good Ship Lollipop

Some weeks are like climbing uphill through a mudslide, am I right? Some weeks, like this one for me, just flow on a river of goodness. Here are some pluses from my week:

1. I'm super fucking psyched. I am a mere $75 away from raising $1000 for Relay For Life (my page shows $100 away, but the American Cancer Society has a $25 check from my friend Lindsay to process!). Thank you to everyone who donated, you all rock!! If you'd like to help me get to $1,000 and tell cancer to get bent, click here to donate. No amount is too small! Relay is June 21. I can't wait!
2. Wednesday afternoon some coworkers and I went to the business person's special at CBP. It was a great day and really nice of the partners at my company to send us with the firm's tickets. My favorite things about baseball games: when I can go to a day game, having a beer with lunch, watching people dance on PhanaVision, eavesdropping on the conversations of the people around me, people watching, hot dogs, hecklers, and clapping and cheering. Which honestly we're not doing a ton of with the Phillies this year.
3.  Remember I told you I was saying screw it and finding someone to clean once a month? I pulled the trigger. I found Linda through a personal referral (thanks Noelle) and she came this week. So fucking awesome to come home to a clean house without actually cleaning it. She's great with the dogs and sent me a photo of Mae with all the bones she found in the bone hiding place. I even managed to refrain from pre-cleaning, which I really really wanted to do but which totally defeats the purpose. Instead of cleaning this week, I did zumba. Boom. And MFD did the lawn and added some flowers to brighten shit up before we plant, which may or may not be this weekend.
4. Every year the parish across the street from our house has a carnival. It's MFD's favorite week of the year. The man can spend $40 in fair food in 25 minutes eating his way through and getting his beloved cherry bells. I don't like it, because, you know, carnies are there. Although it does make for awesome people watching. Anyway typically we go on Friday night but we got it out of the way Wednesday this week, so tonight is all about sweet freedom whispering in my ear.

5. Today is Put on Purple Day for Lupus Awareness. I'm wearing my purple for my girl Marla at Luck Fupus. Are you? If you share your purple on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #PutOnPurple. Yesterday I joined Marla at LOVE Park for a Lupus Rally. The fountain was dyed purple for the occasion.

Quick! Give me five things that have been good for you this week.

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  1. Coming home to a clean house that you didn't have to clean sounds fabulous!! I absolutely loved the fair growing up, the fried dough was a must and the scarier the ride the better.

  2. yeeessss to the cleaning service!! i need to get on that quick but the lady i used moved away wah!!! i love local fairs; there's so much to do and the kids love it!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. So jealous of the cleaning service. I finished everything except our living room/dining room area... it feels good once it's done but I get wayyyyy too anal about it, to the point where I drive myself crazy. (Anal... hehehehe!)
    I want to go to the fair with MFD. Fair food is the BEST. Worth hating yourself the morning after, for sure.

  4. I SO SO SO want someone to clean my house!!!!!!

  5. 1. I made it to Friday 2. I'm wearing jeans that I love and that haven't fit in two years 3. My self tanner game is going really well right now 4. A fun pageant weekend awaits me 5. Miss New York is next weekend,mand I'm getting a five day weekend!

  6. My house is getting cleaned next week and I AM FREAKING ECSTATIC!!! I'm so glad you pulled the trigger, now you have much more time for wonderful things!
    You need to wear more purple, it looks great on you. And your makeup is the bomb dot com!
    The Dalai Momma got 2 chicks on Fox to wear purple. I am freaking out!!! AMAZING!!!!!
    I kinda dig that MFD gets so excited about the carnival! Good thing you guys went on Wednesday, and tonight will make a most perfect evening for relaxing on the couch with your loves

  7. Y'all reminded me and I still failed, ugh! I can't blame MFD for being excited about a carnival in walking distance. I think I would want dinner there every night. This week has been busy at work, but I like it - the days have zoomed by and that alone makes for a great week!

  8. Referrals are the only way to go for cleaning services- you can't let just anyone in your house! Glad you found someone great. And love your plants- I want a yard!

  9. Cleaning services are the best and I wish I had someone to clean for me booo. On a serious not though congrats on raising the money and for recognizing Purple day. I had a friend who passed away from Lupus and its such an up and down disease. So kudos to you Steph!

  10. I'm so happy the cleaning is working out! And you look gorgeous in purple!

  11. I am so glad your cleaning lady is normal! Love she sent a photo of Mae and the bones, hehe. That would make me happy. Have a great weekend, chickie!

  12. i didnt know about the purple, boo! but i wore a dark blue..
    and man i would LOVE a cleaning lady. sigh. one day!

  13. That's very awesome :) I'm wearing putple too - I have been debating getting someone to clean my apt. It's not that big at all I'm just super lazy - lol I'm just happy it's Friday and payday and this weekend will be slow so cleaning up time and family time. :) Happy Friday Stephanie! -Iva

  14. I cannot stand street fairs and carnivals. I actively avoid them. Don't even get me started on the state fair.

    I would love to hire someone to clean my house. I just can't justify it since I'm home.

  15. People watching is one of my favorite past times LOL!
    1. Boss bought me lunch.
    2. Boss let me leave early.
    3. A friend is coming to help me clean my house tonight. Yes I need help.
    4. I havent had to talk to my ex all week.
    5. Today is Friday WOOT WOOT!

  16. Rock on for getting that cleaning lady. If it was in my budget I wouldn't think twice. I think it would be interesting to keep track of the extra thing you do for you once a week instead of cleaning! Make it something fun!! And one thing I miss about living in the North are parish festivals. Give me all the fair food!!!

  17. Carnival food sounds fun....carnies do not! I love some people watching though.

    Does purple beads on a necklace count?

    Look at all those pretty flowers! We need to landscape outside still. I just...dont wanna.

    Have a great weekend!!!!

  18. 1 - chewy sweet tarts
    2 - my sister-in-law is graduating from law school tomorrow
    3 - it's friday!
    4 - yogurtini tonight with my favorite 10-year old
    5 - the horses in our back yard always make me happy!

  19. Hooray for almost getting to your goal, that's a lot of money! And extra hooray for your cleaning lady, that's awesome. Such a good feeling coming home to a clean house.
    Carnivals creep me out. And carnies. I loved it all as a kid but when I got older I'm like... THOSE are the people in charge of your safety. PASS.

  20. You and carnies were meant to be crack me up!! And nothing better than a spring day at the baseball fields...enjoy your "quite" Friday evening!! PS - thanks for sharing about Lupus Awareness day...a good friend and aunt both suffer from this!! xoxo

  21. 1. My tribe. They continue to rock, we'll all be together until we're dead. 2. Our play was well received last week and last night. 3. Three performances to go, then freedom! 4. I went to Boot Camp one morning even though I was exhausted. 5. I had an awesome client this morning.


  22. YAY! I'm so glad you let someone take care of the cleaning for you :) I have loved seeing all the people in purple today. Happy Friday!!!

  23. alright i need to get a cleaning service. that sounds heavenly. no really, that must be what heaven is like- everything is always clean.

  24. Stop it....I just spit my water out "the carnies are this close without the zoom" dying! I am so glad you love your cleaning lady and you got to spend that time doing something for yourself boom! Oh what kind of food does he get? I love Carnival food!

  25. Carnival food sounds amazing right now. Your weather looks so nice; ours is total shit. High of 49 degrees yesterday.

    I am so jealous of your cleaning lady and the fact that you have been able to plant flowers already!

  26. I love carnivals--mainly the food. I love deep fried stuff. We have a state fair in September and I always pig out on the food.

  27. I used to love my parish fair when I was growing up - it was always the best week of the year and filled with so many great memories! Have a fun weekend!

  28. Oh my goodness, having a carnival that big across the street would be crazy cool, for all of maybe a day. Then I'd get super pissed at all the traffic I'm sure it generates. MFD and I are like to peas and a pod with our fair food. I'm a corn dog junkie among other things.

  29. I love your blog - just followed! Happy I came across.
    Would love if you checked out mine sometime too so we can stay in touch!


  30. Congrats on raising nearly $1000!! I really want to go to both a baseball game AND a carnival!


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