Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Diary of an April Wallet Watch

I did a wallet watch for the month of April and today is the day to come clean on how I did. To refresh your memory, these were my parameters:
My Five Wallet Watch Rules
1. Wallet watch lasts from April 1 - 30.
2. No buying clothes, shoes, other accessories, or beauty products except the weekend of April 11-13, when money has been budgeted for some shopping during a weekend away.
3. Only one DD coffee per week except for weekends away (April 4-6 and April 11-13).
4. Cook out of the pantry and freezer and really use what I have before food shopping.
5. Stay within budget for all outings, including weekends away.

Date of infraction: April 1
Purchased: Tank top from The Gap
Amount: $12.99
With: Gap card
Note:  I decided to return a few things to the Gap today, the first day of the wallet watch. That was cocky. And what happens to cocky people? They get their asses beat. My ass beating came in the form of a clearance tank top. 
Lesson: Do not go anywhere on Day 1 of wallet watch. It's almost like I wanted to get a violation out of the way. 

Date of infraction: April 3
Purchased: hair ties, eyeshadow, Fresh Sugar Lip in Petal
Amount: $.94 cents
With: change
Note:  I had a $50 gift card I saved so I could take advantage of the VIB 15% off, and I did just that. Over by less than a dollar make me hollerrrrrrrr.

Boston Bridal Weekend April 4-6: $80 under budget
I promptly turned around and spent that on a photo book of the shower and small gift for the upcoming PA shower for the bride and new clothes for Baby Eva, like a Dirty Dancing onesie and a bunch of other cute purple things. 

Exercises in stupidity April 6: Perusing Groopdealz. Self-sabotage.

Cape May Weekend April 11-13: $122 under budget
I was allowed to shop this weekend, I had a budget and all. I love trolling the stores in Cape May. And I did troll them, I just didn't spend more than $18. This always happens - free reign to shop, can't find anything I want. Watching my wallet, find all the things. 

And then we come to the final full week of the Wallet Watch. 
Also known as the week I shit the bed
Date of infraction: April 21
Purchased: Dress for work from Land's End, LLCJAM cued me into their awesome dresses for work
Amount: $31.50 with shipping
With: debit
Note: Upon closer inspection of my work wardrobe for spring, I realized I'm missing a lot of pieces. This dress is comfortable and perfect for work and the price was right - $29.99 with 25% off, plus shipping. I'm buying the other two colors if they're still in stock when this hell watch is over, but I had to have the green. 
Date of infraction: April 21
Purchased: Nikes
Amount: $60.00 with shipping
With: debit
Note: I  had money. I need new sneakers. I could've waited 10 days but I didn't. Woop there it is. 
Dollah dollah bills
I spend them on spring dresses
One cannot work nude.

I think my blase attitude here lies in the fact that I wasn't doing this wallet watch FOR anything - I didn't need so save anything, or pay anything off. I overestimated my budget on some stuff and ended up with a lot of cash I didn't think I'd have after my weekends away. I'm much better if I'm working towards something. 

What about you? How did you do?

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  1. i'm the same as you - when there's nothing to "save" for its a lot harder to say no to things! i still think you did great - you bought useful things and didn't spend all the money you alotted for your trip anyways!

    jenn @ hello, rigby!

  2. I think I am more motivated to say no to things when I am working toward a goal but I didn't do horribly this time. Most items were out of my control, like getting sick.

  3. After I made my first infraction, it was a downpour from there. Ironically I think I spent more in April than I had in previous months. It was like the quote unquote rule of no spending made me want to spend even more. Maybe I need baby steps...like 2 weeks no spending and work up to an entire month challenge. haha

  4. I want to say I love the green dress, but that sounds really generic. How about, "I would really wear that green dress and I would definitely buy it myself"? I hate the thing where you could wait a week or so to buy something and you just choose not to. It's ALWAYS possible to wait. I rarely do, though, because by the time I get around to purchasing, I've already thought about it for a few days.

  5. if you shit the bed, then i took a nasty watery explosive diarrhea dump on mine because i screwed wallet watch so bad 2 wks into it that i just couldn't continue. but i need to know where you got that dress because i need one. and you're totally right - i have had 4 gift cards burning a hole in my wallet but NOTHING is available for me to buy.

    Vodka and Soda

  6. That dress is super cute! I think you did great!

  7. HAHAHA oh my gosh, that Dirty Dancing onesie is AMAZING!! I need to buy that for my cousin! I cannot wait until my wedding is over in September (well, not really, but you know what I mean ;) ) so we can do a spending freeze!

  8. I'm so glad I didn't participate in this wallet watch because April ended up being the most expensive month I've had since December and the money pit that is Christmas. I think you did a great job! That green dress was totally worth it.

    I do what I want.

  9. I'm wearing one of my Lands' End work dresses - it's like walking around in a night shirt in the office but not LOOKING like you're in a nightshirt. I didn't partake in the wallet watch but was pretty controlled. I recently had to admit that I am not going to be a lunch-bringer-in person... I just can't and I have to stop beating myself up about it.

  10. Hahah wallet watch...I had great intentions, but those went out the window. However, I did buy the rest of the baby stuff we needed yesterday and didn't spend a penny of my own money, so that is a win I guess? I am thankful for generous friends and family and Amazon gift cards that I forgot that I had coming!

    I love the Land's End dress...I need to keep reminding myself though that I am not going to be back in non-maternity clothes as soon as I have the baby, so alas, it looks like my cute summer clothes shopping is on hold until 2015.

    Also, I made the Pioneer Woman iced coffee. Super easy, as you said, but what the hell do I do with the cheesecloth now? Do I just rinse it? Put it in the washing machine? I am perplexed.

  11. buuuuut that dress is awesome, you had to. haha the nikes probably could have waited though. At least you saved during your shopping trip?

  12. Good job. The best thing is being aware. Since I do not have a paying job, I am always on wallet watch. I use cc for everything, we get $$ back & all purchases are documented. I do not care for cash. Anyway, my bra size is way expensive, can never find any under $40, so this morning I got a beautiful, lacy, pink (which I can use)bra- see below
    5894 Harlow Full Busted Demi Bra
    City Rose
    Reorder 36DDD 1 In-Stock $24.99 $17.49
    Order Subtotal: $17.49
    Shipping: $0.00

    TOTAL: $17.49
    Bare Necessities VIP deal today only!
    Enjoy your day, Love your MOMMA

  13. I think you did pretty well! at least your unplanned purchases weren't huge expenses. I forgot I had a post that was due today so i'll be posting my wallet watch post tomorrow.

  14. You did pretty good! Clearly, all those purchases were necessary! DUH. And coming in only $0.94 over you gift card is talent! I really like that green dress. Were you able to buy the other colors?

  15. i didn't do this challenge but i love reading the recaps. that onesie is awesome!

  16. I think you did a great job! In my opinion, the underspending on the budgeted weekends balances out the infractions. That's what I tell myself when I do it, anyway...

    I love the onesie! And Sephora is the best. I have a gift card to there but can't figure out what I want to buy so it just sits on my desk, mocking me.

  17. 1. It makes me feel better that you told your own wallet watch to fuck off.
    2. That dress is super awesome and it was obviously a need.
    3. Umm clearance doesn't count, does it? I mean....at $12.99 for a tank top you are loosing money by not purchasing it.
    4. Now we can spend all the money!!!!
    5. I am OCD and I really needed it to end on five points....so yeah.

  18. At least you got cute new stuff right? Im glad I dont have the money to spend like at all because homegirl could really use some new running shoes and work clothes

  19. I still think you did well, especially since you found next to nothing on the Cape May weekend. I think it's hilarious though to start reading and scroll down and find Date of Infraction: April 1!

    That onesie is the best!

  20. I'm with you on when I have money I can never find anything I want, it's really one of the most annoying things EVER!

  21. Ahh you ladies are definitely an inspiration (believe me I still think you did well!) xo

  22. Online shopping gets me every time and Target....if I can steer clear from those two things I usually do okay. I do need to do a closet clean out that also helps "shopping" in my own closet. You did a great job! Sephora is the devil though but gift cards totally don't count! ;-)

  23. I'm attempting to spend less this month but I think not having a real goal is going to be my problem too. I live to in the now when it comes to money.

  24. Ah, yes... the curse of not finding anything you like when you DO have money to blow. I kid you not... I usually come home from vacations with at least half of what I went with because of that same reason.

  25. The dress is totally worth it! I only find things when I'm not looking too :) So much so that P (my husband) begs me to buy stuff if I show any sort of positive reaction to it. I think he was scarred for life by the black flats search of Spring 2012.

  26. Group dealz are always a frenemy. always.

  27. I'm with you. i have to be working towards something or it ain't happening. still think you did pretty great!

  28. Nice idea. I also have a monthly budget. I will only allow myself to shop at the end of the month so I will not go crazy and I only get what I really need. Kids birthdays are the exception :)

    1. I love my monthly budget, sometimes I like to stretch it like mad!

  29. This made me laugh! I don't think you did too bad overall! Isn't that always the way? When you're trying not to shop you need EVERYTHING!

  30. $30 for a work dress is amazing. You had to get that. I see how having a goal in mind makes "depriving yourself" easier. You watched your wallet and were careful and didn't buy crap you didn't need, so I would say things were sufficiently watched!

  31. You still did great I think!! And Im like you I need a goal or a deadline or something to work towards otherwise its just another $5 spent or another $10 because I can afford it and then it adds up. Will you be doing this any other month? I'd love to try it!

  32. You needed that dress...plain and simple and it is a staple. You did waaaaaaay better than me...just saying! Ha!

  33. Buying clothes for work and sporty shoes should totally not count against you! You did great, and I do agree that it's easier when you have something to save for.


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