Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. What, you don't encounter people dressed as ringmasters from Barnum & Bailey, complete with a full length coat with flair, a top hat, a pipe, white gloves, and (not pictured) a monocle on your way to work? Oh.
2. Meanwhile, on the corner diagonally across from the above, the 16th & Market Preacher has found himself a pulpit. He's moved from the curb to the street and brings a piece of cardboard flooring with him every day. Ready, set, tell everyone they're a sinner!

3. April Wallet Watch - how's it going? I had one snafu on the first day, I've been holding my own since. This weekend coming up is a designated shopping weekend.

4. Have you guys ever felt like all of the sudden your tongue was too big for your mouth? I felt that yesterday and freaked myself the fuck out.

5. Monday night I made a bunch of food for Frank & Amanda's freezer (cheesey chicken casserole with no cream of soups, tex mex chicken biscuits, healthy power breakfast muffins, and chicken cacciatore to make in the crock). Tuesday night I headed over to see them in the hospital. I scrubbed in to see Baby Eva chillin' in the NICU, stretching and kicking like Sally O'Malley. I like to kick, and stretch, and kick! Eva is small because she was early but perfect with a ton of hair. Seeing Frank so proud and happy is awesome. I think of all the good times we've had and the shit we've been through over the past 20 years and now I see him with this little baby girl and a wife that's become one of my BFFs. It gives me warm fuzzies. 
6. Currently reading...this is a strange series (can two books be a series?) but it holds my interest for some reason.
7. I need a lot of dry, sunny weather. I have a bookcase and outdoor flower pots to spray paint. Our yard looks totally awful and could use a clean up too. I'm getting impatient.

8. We're heading to Cape May this weekend. MFD is doing a retreat thing and when he's occupied with that I'm looking forward to doing a lot of reading, writing, walking, photo taking, staring at the ocean, coffee drinking and even some shopping, which is allowed for in April Wallet Watch. Thanks to Amanda and her boyfriend for holding down the fort with the dogs!
9. You've got to get in on this Back in My Day link up on April 22 with Suze @ straight on the ground, Steph @ Steph's Space, and moi. Be there or be square. That was a thing you said back in my day. It's going to be a hoot, I can feel it. I'm jazzed to show you all how ancient I am. Cell phones weren't a thing until I was 19 or 20, mmkay? Anyway, bloggers grab a button and link up on April 22. Non-bloggers make an awesome list of how things were back in your day and share them with me on April 22!
SMD's Blog
10. Ecard of the week:
Tomorrow, my friend Steph from Insert Classy Here will be here. Don't miss it.

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  1. The street people are always so interesting. That is the best part of commuting sometimes. I had one snafu in the wallet watch due to being sick both otherwise I have been good. Looks like a fun weekend planned, hope you get lots of relaxing in!

  2. I wish I encountered someone even half interesting on my way to work! OK so I've definitely had the tongue thing happen and it has also freaked me out...thought I was just being a weirdo but we can't both be weird right?

  3. Oh Wallet Watch... is going so-so, trip to Target aside. The good thing is that it's helping me realize my budget isn't very realistic because there are whole categories of spending (like, um, medical bills) that I haven't accounted for. Also... where the heck does all my money go? I guess I'm going to find out this month.

  4. I've never been this excited for hot weather. I mean, I really had my fill last summer, but I've never been this happy for winter to end. After 23 years in PA and 4 in AK, I'm considering this Missouri never-ending winter to be the worst ever.

    I may check out that book.

  5. 1) we have a preacher group at the corner of yonge/dundas and all they do is scream at everyone about god's wrath upon the sinners and hand out flyers and by hand out, i mean they legit shove it in your face and in your hands.

    2) there's a guy who, every day that i was working downtown, walked around in a pink leotard and tutu and gave zero fucks about it. it was actually pretty awesome because everyone stared at him and he did his thang without a care in the world which made me want to hi-five him. sometimes he'd look at the people staring at him with an expression of "s'up?" on his face.

    3) my post for the linkup is done. boom boom pow.

    Vodka and Soda

  6. The cardboard floor really legitimizes him, don't you think?

    So I kind of forgot about the wallet watch, but checked my bank account balance yesterday and about had a heart attack, so that shit starts today.

  7. I treated myself to Chick-Fil-A yesterday (I hate their beliefs, but they make a yummy chicken nugget). After the events of this week, I figured I deserved it. Other than that, I've been good. Tampons up the nose make it rather difficult to go out in public and spend money

  8. Serenity now in Cape May. Beautiful forecast, too! Very odd about the enlarged tongue. Unreal about the sights in the city. No wonder the few times I have been in any big city, my eyes are wide with wonder and I look like a foreigner.
    Enjoy this beautiful day!
    Love your MOMMA

  9. I hear ya on the yard work - I need some time to get out there and really go through everything. Both the front and back yards need MASSIVE overhauls. My veggie garden also needs prepping for the new summer season. Have fun in Cape May!!

    Have fun in Cape May!!!! :D
    Sally O'Maley... me and my sis impersonate her on the regular. Have you ever seen the Sopranos skit with her? OMG best thing EVER.


  11. You and I are fighting now. Why? Because I'm sitting at my desk getting insanely worried about my tongue. DAMMIT. Also, I'd love to shadow your commute for a day because you see the best people. Mine are not so much.

  12. Seriously, your morning commute makes for the best stories. Happy shopping weekend!

  13. hahaha such a good ecard! I haven't yet seen a guy dressed as a ringmaster, but I am familiar with #2. We're buds, even though I'm going to hell. He still says what's up when he sees me. My wallet watch is going awesome! My only thing has been on the 2nd, I forgot Hawkeye was getting groomed. So $80. But that's not REALLY a fail, it's a necessity so whatever. Other than that, golden!

  14. The streets around your work are just too much! I would crack up every day going into work. Especially the circus guy? He's too awesome.

  15. That ecard! Yes!!!!!

    Seriously, WTF to the people walking your streets!?!?! WTF.

    Does work out equipment count as a blunder on the wallet watch? I got too strong for my 5 lbs weights and had to buy some heavier ones...and my stability ball died.

    Ohhhh that link up sounds awesome!!!! I love looking back at the good ol' days!

    Have fun in Cape May!!!!

  16. This weekend is work in the yard weekend, right after I get done laying on the beach. It's going to be 77 so I can't not go to the beach.

    Cape May sounds fun for you, a little me time is never a bad thing.

  17. I think I need the recipe for the Tex Mex Chicken Biscuits. They sound amazing, plus I have to do some cooking in a few weeks for my friend who is going to have her second baby. Your weekend sounds like perfection - enjoy!!

  18. Duddde, I need to know why pic number one is dressed like a ring leader?! My commute is so boring, compared to yours ;) That's awesome you prepped meals for your friends, my sister is due in September and I am trying to come up with easy meals I can bring them home since they'll be...well you, know BUSY.

  19. I need to visit a big city just for the people watching!!!!!

  20. You go, making food for new parents! I need to do that when my aunt has her baby in a month. I remember people giving my family lots of food when my baby sisters were born...that is one community tradition that should never be forgotten!

  21. Hahaha... that ecard is the greatest!!!

  22. Did you ask about the elephants? And maybe he has popcorn in his bag...
    The preacher kills me. Does anyone ever really stop and listen?
    Sweet lady making all the food. Best gift for new parents - MEALS!
    April wallet watch - AWESOME. Cheating a little today, but it is a necessity - Operation Save My Hardwood Floors.
    About the tongue - never get it pierced. It really is way larger than your mouth. Talk about a freak out.....

  23. I saw the "back in my day" link-up first via your Instagram when I woke up the other day. and later on that day I thought "wait. didn't I read something about a fun link-up? where did I see that at?" and I couldn't remember and thought maybe I dreamed it. it took me a few hours to remember I saw it on your Instagram account.

  24. I went to Cape May for a wedding last year. I had never been to that area (or New Jersey at all?) before and it was so unbelievably beautiful!

  25. Wow...that guy's outfit! He must have a dream of being in a real circus, ha ha.

    Happy almost Friday!

  26. Yesterday a person in a bear costume was rocking an electronic keyboard outside the train station. Love people watching!

  27. You have a live reality show everyday don't you? The streets on your part are pretty exciting! :) Enjoy your trip!! Hope you gets lots of R&R! xoxo

  28. You are a saint! That's so nice of you to cook for them. Enjoy your trip! I haven't been there, but I love that area.


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