Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday Thoughts - your weekly dose of random

1. This week in hijinks:
  • Best time to find out your sweater has a hole? After you get to work. I told my coworker lady friends that of course it was on the back since this sweater had no elbows, which is where unsightly holes usually manifest for me at work. 
  • I thought I forgot my lunch bag on the shuttle bus Monday. I looked everywhere for it, no dice. It appeared inside the front door on Tuesday morning. doo doo doo doo
  • Purple Heart did not pick up my donations that were left out for them on Monday. Purple Heart's loss is Goodwill's gain.  
  • I fell twice during the dog walk on Monday night due to tangled dog leashes. It was like a fucking Benny Hill skit out there. 
  • I walked around Center City Philadelphia with my zipper down on Tuesday while running a Groupon related errand for MFD. Oh, the irony. 
2. Another gem from Entertainment Weekly's The Bullseye. This page is consistently my single favorite page in any magazine. I get crazy when MFD tries to mention something from The Bullseye to me before I've read it. 

3. Are you a picture whore? Check out She Crab Soup's Picture Practice link up every Monday to see everyone's take on that week's prompt, and to share your own.  Here's the post that contains the prompts through July.
4. Out of like 45 tulip bulbs that were planted by my fabulous garden guru Lori a few years ago, these six remain in bloom. Back to the drawing board next year. I'll be planting bulbs this fall. Or begging/paying someone else to plant bulbs this fall... 
Goddamn pine cones every goddamn where
5. Yesterday I talked about weird guilt I got from deciding to bring in a once a month cleaning person. Something I had zero guilt about? Getting Hugo and his crew who did our retaining wall to do our initial yard clean up. I would've sold my soul to ensure I didn't have to do that. It took them a few hours on Tuesday what it would take us a few days to do. I did the whole kit & kaboodle by myself last year because MFD was on crutches. I fucking hate yard work, especially the big initial clean up after winter. I could cry I am so happy. Now we can hose off furniture, clean cushions, reorganize the shed, put out lanterns,  plant shit and spruce things up - you know, the fun things - instead of wrestling sticks and ivy and hauling it all away. F U yard work! Maintenance only for me this year! Suck it!

6. The Man of Steel. Have you seen this? Why is Amy Adams so unlikable in this? Climbing into a goddamn glacier. Yes, I know she's rabid reporter Lois Lane. And Superman! Supe, as Richard Pryor calls him - I couldn't help but compare him to the Superman in Christopher Reeves movies. This Superman makes a mess of Manhattan - sorry, Metropolis - and then never cleans it up! Supe always went back and resealed water towers,  lasered shit back together with his eyes, etc. This Superman doesn't give a good crap about mass destruction from his Zod fight. Rigoddamndiculous. And what's up with a movie in which Diane Lane is old!
7. Since it sometimes seems like a long time between Shit MFD Said posts...I got this text yesterday:
8. This jem. I wanted to include it in my Back in My Day post but I forgot. This is Laura and MFD at the Sophomore Dance. I freaking love this picture. Laura, can I have it in a frame? You know all frames in my house are black.
9. The mother effing Wallet Watch is mere days from being done and I had three slip ups this week. This is MY GAME and I'm crapping all over it. I blame MFD for at least two, so expect blame shifting in my link up post on May 6 when I expose my sins. How are you doing? 
10. Ecard of the week. Ladies, you know who you are:

Do you guys read Straight on the Ground? Suze is a french teacher from St. Louis, wife, mom, and the inventor of the Back in My Day link up everyone enjoyed so much on Tuesday. If you're not familiar with her, go check her out on her blog or follow her on Facebook!
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  1. The week in hijinks was hilarious!

  2. it's been one of those weeks!! at least you didn't lose your lunch bag. i once forgot mine at home and thought it fell out of the car and i walked the WHOLE parking lot to see if maybe it got dragged by another car!!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. My tulips are slowwwwly coming up. Not ready to bloom yet.

    I love that prom picture and I think MFD kind of looks like Anthony Michael Hall in the Breakfast Club. I just googled to confirm that and the recent pictures of AMH are creepy. He looks like a weirdo.

  4. I can't tell you how happy Laura's bear-perfect pageant T-stance makes me!

  5. JMJ you never told Lori and I you fell twice walking. Maybe the single leash with 3 off-shoots! And the zipper down.
    #XYZ, hilarious. Very nice on getting that lunch bag back! Purple Heart must be better at picking up donated cars!
    They were spot on time when we donated Richard. I can definitely sub for you on this Random Thoughts blog.
    It seems to be how my mind works. Happy to see any tulips. Need some warm weather. Pool opens week of 5-4!!
    Have a happy day! Love your MOMMA

  6. "Rigoddamndiculous" New favorite word. Move over "redneckognize!"
    I haven't slipped up ONCE with Wallet Watch! The only things I bought that I didn't need were bought with gift cards... I even held back from purchasing music on iTunes!

  7. I always love a well-placed F bomb... well done! And chin up, the weekend is in sight!!

  8. Hahahahahahaha! Benny Hill dog walking! Been there, done that!

  9. (P.S. I remember MFD when he was even cuter... little curly blonde boy down the street!)

  10. What a random spot for a hole. Glad you got your lunch bag back! I didn't like man of steel either. I have 3 infractions for wallet watch, one is not my fault, blame shifting will happen!!

  11. I had a couple of slip ups, one related to an ill-timed eye doctor appointment, and a couple related to the fact that I can't get my shit together some days.

    The dog walking nonsense? Been there. Do you get the "oh, but they're so little so it's just so damn cute to watch" stares? I do. I want to punch those people.

  12. Yeah I dont do yardwork even when Mike tries to make me..hello excuses LOL!
    I hated that man of steel movie

  13. Why can't the dogs figure out how to not get their leashes all tangled?!?! I used to have the same problem with Gracie and Mac. I am so thankful for a fenced in back yard!!!! I don't have to worry about their clusterfucks anymore....unless I am taking them out in public. Which for Mac, is a rare occasion. He is a crazy one.

    Stupid yard work....

    Oh wallet watch. I have had a few slip ups. I can not wait until May 1. I may go spending crazy!

  14. Bahahaha Entertainment Weekly... oh, I love Bruce, but please, no scarves! I definitely need to check out that Picture Practice link up!

  15. I'm imagining you and the dogs with the Benny Hill music and it's super entertaining. Andrew and I have the same issue with the bull's eye, though lately I haven't been a huge fan of the magazine.... I think it's the one feature I would miss if we got rid of it!

    Also how do you not have the percentage of battery life left on your phone displayed? I don't know how you people live like that. Heathens, or something! I must know at all times!

  16. sometimes you have to have a hole in your sweater, slip and fall and mess up on your wallet watch, ya know?

  17. I swear...every single cardigan I own has a hole in it- 95% of them in the elbows. I don't know if I have boney elbows or what! Drives me crazy.

  18. oh gosh, same here with the inability to keep pretty flowers alive! Good job on keeping those 6 going! lol

  19. So much to love in this post!
    - So weird about the lunch bag showing up.
    - I refuse to watch any non-Christopher Reeves Superman movie.
    - When I saw that Bullseye item in my EW I would have spit water had I had any in my mouth.
    - OMG, that picture!!!

  20. The tulips around here were disappointing this year too. I feel like they were blooming for about a week and then they just keeled over from heat exhaustion. :(

  21. I hate when I find out my clothes have a hole in them. My jeans had a hole in the butt. I wonder how many people noticed?

  22. SO much going on in this post.
    I've always been afraid of having more than one dog for fear of killing myself with the leashes.
    I have amazing flower beds in the front that have ONE tulip bulb that blooms every year. I should plant more.
    I hear ya on the yard cleanup. I would KILL to have that shit done for me.
    As a hardcore Superman fan, I have mixed feelings about "Man of Steel." I found Amy Adams very unlikeable, and the destruction was terrible, along with the fact that he actually killed Zod. But, it was interesting to see the story told from another perspective.
    I found 3 more pictures that must be posted on the internet. I'm editing my "Back In My Day" post.
    You already know I failed the Wallet Watch terrible.

  23. I've always said my family needs it's own tv show.. the shit we get into is ridiculous. I haven't seen Man of Steel yet but it's on my Netflix list.. I think.

  24. thats hilarious about your hijinks, but i hope you're week is getting a lot better. At least, the weekend is getting closer. Ahh those tulips are so pretty! i have to plant some in our front yard :)

    Delightful Ideas
    Teeth Whitening Kit Giveaway

  25. I haven't online shopped for 24 days…I can do 6 more. I think.
    I really hate yard work. The fact that we rent makes it even less desirable.

  26. I am also waiting for a hollywood producer to discover me and my friends and offer us a sitcom. I've been waiting for a few years, hasn't happened yet. Not going to give up hope! :)

  27. I love the Bullseye. It's the first thing I read when I get the magazine. It's a fabulous way to begin the weekend.

    Thanks for the shoutout!

  28. That ecard is why i regularly delete my text messages. i just wish I could make sure the person on the other end was deleting too!

  29. I think I seriously need to join the wallet watch. Like, yesterday.

  30. Falling the gift that never stops giving to those that witness your fall. I will plant bulbs for you again as the rewards are vast. Also if you promise to check on me as it seems the heat of summer plans a come back every time I plant bulbs and I want to die.

  31. So, here's my feeling on the use of a cleaning service: Utilizing a service like that is home management at its finest. The alternative is getting overwhelmed, never asking for help, and walking in to your kitchen after picking up a pizza to find your friend doing your dishes because her OCD couldn't take it anymore. Also, this story is pure fiction {ahem}. Anyway, even though you come closer to topping this standard than anyone I know, it's impossible for anyone person to do ALL OF THE THINGS! So fuck that guilt shit.

  32. I am definitely planting bulbs this fall too (although digging in our rocky soil is a pita.) Post something about it to remind me, pleaseandthankyou?

  33. Love the last true! My cousin & I are always saying how we need our own show.

  34. stopped by for the link up!

    You are hilarious! seriously, I laughed so much while reading this!


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