Friday, April 4, 2014

She's a man, baby, yeah!

TGIF MOFOS! Today my friend of 14+ years and fellow blogger Gwen is filling in for me as I drive myself crazy in a car alone for 5-6 hours en route to Boston for Kim's bridal shower. If you're not reading Gwen's blog, we can't be friends. Just kidding...not really. Go check her out at Confessions of a Gila Monster!
Greetings, readers of Life According to Steph! If you don't know me, I'm Gwen from Confessions of a Gila Monster. Steph and I have been real life friends since long before our blogs were twinkles in our eyes. I know MFD and she knows my husband Aaron.

This is Aaron:
I'm quite a girly-girl except that I hate pink and I love football and violent movies. But upon further reflection, there are also ways in which I'm the "man" in our relationship (in the stereotypical ways, of course).

1. Fashion - Don't get me wrong, I love to shop and I love clothes, but whenever Aaron a) packs for a trip or b) gets dressed up, he can be such a girl! "Should I pack these shoes or those shoes?" "Everything hinges on the tie." Last year, when we were packing for Europe and he needed one dress-up outfit, he hauled out three entire outfits and we had to analyze each one. To be fair, he does clean up rather well, as you can tell above.

2. Decorating - In both houses we've owned, we ended up finishing an unfinished entertainment room. Both times Aaron pretty much decorated the rooms himself, choosing the paint and furniture and carpet. It may have been a long, grueling process, but he did a pretty good job!
Our FROG (Finished Room Over Garage)
3. Dancing - We've never taken any kind of dance lessons, but whenever we're at an event that calls for dancing, Aaron inevitably asks, "Will you let me lead?" My response is always, "WILL you lead?"
What's a post on Life According to Steph without a Dirty Dancing reference?
4. Organization - I come by it honestly, but I'm a mess when it comes to clutter and organization. We both work from home. Aaron's desk is very neat and tidy and everything is in its place. My desk is covered with so much shit that I can't really use it.

This is our closet. Guess which side is mine. And to be honest, it's often even worse than that.

And here are our shoe shelves (please note how many shoes Aaron does own - nothing compared to me, as I have even more shoes than you see here but still... a lot).
5. Cooking - I'm not saying I can't cook, but it's not my strong suit. Aaron loves to cook, and he's good at it. In high school and college he worked as a cook at a chili restaurant and at Bob Evans. I'm extremely lucky that he's comfortable in the kitchen, although my waistline might not agree!

Have a great weekend and I hope to see you again sometime! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or at Confessions of a Gila Monster (where you can find out how I got that nickname...from Aaron).

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  1. A guy who can cook is a wonderful thing. The dancing thing totally made me chuckle!!

  2. Gween, I've gotta tell you, I LOL at my desk after reading the "Dirty Dancing" reference! GREAT job!

  3. Love it, Gwen. Rich is neater than I, too. I call myself messy organized- I do not need a clean space to work. Rich takes way longer to get ready than I do, and he doesn't do hair and makeup like me. Love that Aaron is a decorator and a chef. Love that you can both work from home. I need another work from home gig now!!! Goddess speed to you and Godspeed to Aaron! Happy weekend and thanks for filling in for my girl.
    Love Steph's Momma

  4. Ahhh I love that Tyson is a cook, I'm horrible at it so I need someone to feed me!

  5. My stress reliever is shopping and walking around the mall! Yoga is nice, too, though!

  6. Ahhh the cooking. Glorious! True keeper there! Hahaha! Sounds like y'all are a nice mix, makes for easier living! :)

  7. My stress reliever is reading a book in the bath!

  8. "Everything hinges on the tie" Bahahaha! Classic.

  9. That closet! I love the size and all the drawers and shoe shelf!!!!

    Dirty Dancing cat? Best thing ever!!!!

  10. First, I need your closet! Second, I need a man who cooks!!!

  11. Sometimes, a good cry does it for me. That's weird, right? I mean, I also like reading, watching TV, or getting a facial if I really want to splurge. But if I'm really worked up, I like to have a good cry and then get on with it.

  12. So jealous of your closet! I would love to have a bench (and a window!).
    And my favorite way to relax is a hot bubbly bath followed by a massage. Oh yeah.

  13. Gwen your closet....awesome!!! I am an Aaron. As I type this I look outside and think the flower beds run amok and I must wrangle them into submission NOW!!!! There are only two spots in my home that Jack has fought tooth and nail to keep a mess. His desk area and the laundry room where he has hunting items. I cannot even type that sentence without feeling rage lol. Great post.


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