Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Five: Songs from the 2000s

Friday! Today my friend Suze of Straight on the Ground is Friday Fiving it. Suze hails from St. Louis and just celebrated her 30th birthday on Easter. She's a daily read of mine because she's real and also she speaks French (and teaches it). Tres cool, no? I hope she'll be a daily read of yours too if she isn't already. All the places you can find Suze and follow her are at the bottom of this post. Check her out!
Hi, everyone!  It's Suze from Straight on the Ground.  It's my pleasure to be featured on Steph's blog today.  I "met" Steph a long time ago, and I think she's great.  I also think Fridays are great.  And you know, this is my first Friday as a thirty year old.  I thought I would feel really old at thirty- I think mostly due to the fact that I hang around 14-018 year olds all day.  Not in a creepy way, but in an it's-my-job way.  I'm a high school teacher, and some days I feel super hip.  Other days, I get serious reality checks that I am not real hip.  But now with my thirtieth birthday nearly a week behind me, I'm feeling good and excited about this new decade. They say it's the best!

But I have been reflecting on my youth a little, between my birthday and the Back in the Day link up.  So I thought for this week's Friday Five, I would share five formative songs of my youth.

First of all, when I was a teenager, I was way into pop punk.  I lived a straight edge life style, but I could rock with the best of them.  Only if I was home by midnight, of course.  Ole Nancy and Mike had something to say if I wasn't home by then!  But I wore chucks and jeans and band tshirts and went to shows.  In fact, as an adult, I got my favorite pop punk lyric tattooed on my foot.  It comes from this song- as does my blog title!- by New Found Glory.  Enjoy.
Even though I was a super hardcore straight edge punk kid, I was secretly way into pop.  I loved NSync- I even had their poster in my closet!  I knew every word to every song- still do.  But this was my fave.  
Yes, I chose the TRL video of it for extra nostalgia factor.

When my oh so serious boyfriend and I broke up in high school, I drove around listening to this song (from my taped off the radio cassette!) in my mini van.
I also had some serious rhythm- I was a dancing queen.  You couldn't control me out on the dance floor. My favorite song to dance to was this one.  Still kind of is.  If it comes on when we're out somewhere, watch out.  
And of course, I was a huge Nelly fan.  Not just because I'm from the Lou and I'm proud, but because he was great.  

And that's me!  What were your favorite songs circa 2000?  

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  1. oh my gosh, i was totally obsessed with new found glory. oh the memories!

    jenn @ hello, rigby!

  2. tearing up my heart is pretty much on replay when i workout :)

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I still loooooove NSync and know I always will no matter how much time goes by... and Usher's Yeah was my jam in college!

  4. My favorite genre of ALL time is the 2000's. I constantly get made fun of by Pete for this because it's the only station I want to listen to in the car (Pop2K on XM) and 90% of my music is pre-2010. RIGODDAMNDICCULUS! (That last part is for Steph.)

  5. wow, way to bring the memories back ;) i'm aussie so i never got to watch TRL and I don't know the first song :-| love the others though - thanks for sharing!

  6. I loved all these haha Great throwback there girl!

  7. Ha that Cher song reminds me of Fridays at the skating rink - I was singing it around the house the other day. No idea how it popped in my head but it's definitely a least favorite. Tearin Up My Heart is still great though. It stands the test of time!

  8. oh yes i love this!!! i threw it back today too. off to check out her blog!

  9. Nelly, Cher, Usher, NSYNC?! Yes please!!!!!!!!! I have a 90's pop2K concert in my car EVERY morning! And bring back the old TRL with the good music!

  10. Could your song choices have been anymore on point today??? I love Cher her new song Woman's World is I swear my favorite right now :-)

  11. Besides the Cher song I think I have these all on my iPod in various playlists! Great song choices! ;)

  12. SUCH a flashback. this all feels like just yesterday!

  13. Oh, Country Grammar was definitely the "get ready/get clubbing" song! And I STILL love Believe by Cher- just heard it on my ipod the other day!

  14. I remember these songs!

    I remember listening to Hoobastank. I think that's what they were called.

  15. New Found Glory is the reason that I liked every band that I've ever liked! I used to listen to that cd on repeat while I was band trips. But all of those songs take me wayyyyy back. Love them!

  16. This is perfect! Brought me right back to college. And when my roommate's boyfriend broke up with her she listened to that Cher song on repeat for MONTHS. I hate it now.


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