Monday, March 10, 2014

The pre-birthday weekend that was

My spring candles are out, bitches. Bring it. 
I got an awesome surprise gift from my friend Kathy at Vodka & Soda. She gave me a little jewelry box and colored pens for my planner, both of which gave me an organizing boner; and face wipes because they rock. Thank you Kathy! Kathy makes her own fancy cards too, putting us non-crafty bitches to shame.
We spent QT with our dogs. Gus pretended he was deaf for the past few days to make us feel bad for being in Mexico. He was just being obstinate. Once Debbie and Lori arrived Saturday he could hear just fine. Can you believe this dog?
We celebrated Pop's birthday with my family. Gamma & Pop still live in the same tiny house they've lived in for 50 some years and we all cram in there loudly and talk over each other and make fun of each other as we do. We don't do it as often as we used to as life is busy for everyone. I miss it.
I made onion dip, ranch dip, taco dip, jalapeno popper dip, and strawberry poke cake for the party. I brought home leftovers so I didn't even have to do food prep this weekend. I have breakfast in the freezer and veggies cut up, plus we're going out to dinner twice this week. Good thing because I'm not in the mood to cook. That happens very rarely so I just go with it when it does.
I got my big birthday gift from Lori & Jack: joyful Buddha. I first saw him Thanksgiving 2012 and deemed him too expensive. I thought of him often but figured he was gone. Lori saw him this year and swooped him up. He's glorious. And great for photo ops. I want to take him everywhere.
He lives on top of the entertainment center and benevolence emanates from him. He's angled slightly towards the front door as he should be.

1. Because my fairy godmother Lori is awesome, she cleaned my house on Sunday morning. Then she treated me to a girls' day out as an awesome birthday week kick off. California chicken at Red Robin.
2 & 3. We love to sit and take photos in chairs in stores like fools.
4. New succulent and aloe.
5. New mug! I had to, it's green. Butterfly butter dish on clearance and mosaic glass for the entertainment center update.
6. New soft spring PJs and Essie polish from Target for me. And an Easter dress for Mae from Petco. Could you die?

True Detective catch up and finale at night. Best show on TV, bar none.
Not pictured:
1. More than 10 loads of laundry. W T F
2. MFD is now on dinner duty since he's back to being a practicing Catholic and is observing Lent. Dinner is usually my purview. I feel like I got a get out of jail free card for the next month.
 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg
Things you may have missed this weekend: Lest you think life always runs smoothly here... and why dogs are better than humans from my good friend Kerry at Til Then, Smile Often.

Winner of my big birthday month giveaway is actually one of my long-time friends. We went to school together and she moved away but we got in touch again via Facebook. Congrats Marnie!

Tomorrow, the next installment of shit MFD said this week.

Hallelujah for free iced coffee Mondays from DD, my favorite time of year! Thanks Mom for the coupon! Giddy up. Birthday week birthday week birthday week

 photo green_zpsc25796d6.png


  1. i'm so glad you liked your gift and i'm even more surprised that canada post got their shit together and delivered it early! i mailed it extra early just in case.

    looks like a fab pre-bday weekend! i love that your G&P still live in the same house; it's like time-warping back circa 1980s whenever you go there, right? my uncle's house is like that; i feel like 5yrs old again whenever i go there!

    and rub the buddha belly! brings good luck. now all you need is that golden cat with the moving arm to complete your look LOL

    ps - i'm trying SO HARD to get into TD; only on episode 3 and struggling to stick with it. DOES IT GET GOOD?

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. YAYYYYY for joyful buddha!!! He looks right at home on top of your entertainment center! I totally busted out the spring candles this weekend, too! Whoop whoop! Around this time our weather gets a little bipolar--but I'll forgive it a couple days of cold for several days of spring like weather! Also? All those dips? Yes please!

  3. The buddha is huge, hope it brings good juju! I want to go to your next party with all those amazing dips. Love new PJ's, I get so excited for new ones.

  4. I love the Buddha!!! He's so awesome and big! I saw several Buddha's like that in Pier 1 this weekend.

    I also like your succulent, so far mine is still alive and doing well.

  5. Awesome Buddha! I want him, but have no room for him. My Buddha is considerably smaller and is also facing the front door. He sits among some of my favorite stones.

  6. ohh true detective was sooo good. That was so sweet of kathy and i love that Buddha! I love succulents... if I could just keep them alive. I'm the worst ever with plants.

  7. I need to know how to get these Dunkin coupons! We used to have two DDs here and then they both closed, but lo and behold, I discovered a brand new one last week when I was out running errands. I had an iced coffee and breakfast sandwich and they were amazing.

    I just busted out my mint lime candle this weekend too; I am over the winter scents and need some clean spring-y scents in my life. Happy birthday week...I sad I did not win the giveaway!

  8. Happy Birthday Week, Snotty! I love the Buddha, and I also love sitting in chairs in stores!

  9. I adore the placement of Joyful Buddha Boy JBB! Bringing peaceful joy to the whole house. We had a lovely time Saturday. Mother Nature gave us a beautiful day! So much good stuff on this blog. I want that dress on Maisel now.
    OMG so adorable. Girls clothes are always better than boys. I loved doing your change of seasons wardrobes!
    That food looks wonderful. I should have had a pc of strawberry cake, but my party mode is always talking, imbibing, holding babies, etc. Such a nice week you have planned. Dinner out twice. Yay. Carpe diem!
    your ever-loving MOMMA

  10. more than TEN LOADS OF LAUNDRY?!?! Gosh.

    That strawberry cake looks awesome and makes me way excited for SPRING to be here! Glad you had a good time in Mexico, and glad you're back!

  11. I love Joyful Buddha!
    Oh my, that Easter dress...
    I'm just now starting to watch True Detective.
    Glad you're back in fighting form!

  12. a pug being obstinate? shocking haha. bowie's favorite thing is to ignore us. and I have to watch the last two episodes of true detective. I can't wait and hope it doesn't get spoiled for me!

  13. That dip and cake are out of this world Steph, I always love it when you post food pictures. I love the gifts Kathy got you! You guys are so awesome. I am going to try and catch up on True Detective this week!

  14. Fantastic weekend. Happy that Joyful Buddha is in his new home in a spot of prestige and that he is loved. I am so thankful for your Birthday and our time together. I was thinking on my ride home that sitting with you at lunch yesterday could have been any one of the many lunches we have had together and I am so thankful for that has never changed. I love lunch lol. Hoping you enjoy all of the birthday goodies for a very long time. Matching PJ's and mugs woot woot!

  15. All those dips are making my stomach growl here at work! Why am I hungry? Technically I shouldn't be ready for lunch for another few hours!

    I am loving that Buddha! Also, his photo ops are a must, obviously! And bring on the spring scents! Maybe it will bring spring a little faster?! That Easter dress is ADORBALE! Maybe Gracie needs one?! She will probably just protest it along with this DST crap this week.

    I hope you are having a fabulous birthday month!

  16. The dogs with the buddha photo is so hilarious! They're just staring at it like "...but we can't eat this?" And oh man those dips! I want all of them, they look so good.

  17. Stellar pre birthday weekend, and HBD Pops!

  18. Yeah I need some of that strawberry cake, YUM! We got all our Spring candles out this weekend (and bought a couple new ones) and I'm OBSESSED! Can't wait to open the windows and let fresh air in!

  19. i am obsessed with the buddah!! awesome gift. happy almost bday :)

  20. I tried watching True Detective last night on HBO Go but it was so jammed up. Joe ended up staying up and watching it at 1am once the craziness died down. It's on my list for tonight. And so much dip- feed me!!!

  21. As always, the food pictures made me hungry. Especially that cake.

  22. I need a cleaning fairy like you. Can you buy one?! Love the Buddha with the pugs. They look so impressed! Hahaha. Cheers to a great birthday both of us!

  23. Can we talk about the TD finale now and forever and ever?!?! Holy shit.

    Happy Birthday week to us!!! I hope that you get through your laundry quickly. That is just simply the worst of all of the chores! Also, I love mister buddha. As do the pugs.

  24. So exciting not to have to do food prep and leftovers for the win! We definitely have those around here this week from a big cookout. Happy Birthday week!!!

  25. I'm loving your weekend! Gifts, Buddha, copious amounts of dip, and a friend who cleans?!

  26. I love the Buddha and I love the photo shoot even more. Spring is COMING just in time for your birthday. Hopefully it sticks around :)

  27. Love all the photos of you, pups, etc and the Buddha. I got a new Buddha today (nowhere near as big and prominent as yours :)). Sounds like an amazing weekend!

  28. At first glance I thought that candle said "MountainHOE."
    Kathy... pfffft... what a fucking kiss ass. ;P
    GIVE ME ALL THE DIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Aww Kathy is so sweet - and that card is AMAZING. Love the Buddha, and I love your fairy godmother Lori - I think the perfect birthday gift would be for someone to clean my house!!

  30. Wow busy weekend. What is the fascination w/ Buddah??!!

    Yum to all the things you made! And yay for March bdays. I hope you have lots of fun planned for yours.

  31. Your joyful Buddha is so happy! I love him. You are doing a bang-up job with the birthday celebrating! I am planning to sneak out of work tomorrow afternoon for a little birthday relaxation. Ahhhh....


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