Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Birthday Swap

TGIF bitches! Today is my birthday eve, as I'm sure you know since I've mentioned it 498 times this week. Sarah from Beauty School Dropout also celebrates her birthday in March, so we thought it would be fun to trade birthday posts. In the one I wrote for her, I went on my merry way and talked about why I celebrate all month. Sarah? She did something that really humbled me. She collected birthday wishes from some of my fellow bloggers. I am bowled over and really thankful to her for thinking of this and to them for contributing. Each sentiment made me smile. I never blog about blogging since so many non-bloggers read this blog (say that five times fast), but I really have made great friend connections through this hobby. The blogging community is a great thing. Seeing nice things people have written to you all at once is overwhelming in a good way. Please go check Sarah out at Beauty School Dropout - you can't go wrong reading the blog of someone with such a kind and thoughtful heart. Give her some love and wish her a happy birthday!
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Hello all friends of Steph!  My name is Sarah and I blog at Beauty School Dropout about food, fitness and family.  I discovered Steph’s blog fairly recently, but it didn’t take me long to realize that Steph and I both have March birthdays and we both love to celebrate them!  I thought it would be fun to take over her blog for a day with birthday wishes to let her know just how awesome she is.  

Happy Birthday, Steph! I'm so happy to have you as a blog friend and love your blog for many reasons (rants and random observations? yes please!), but we both know that Haikusday is a favorite, so I will express your awesomeness with a poem:
Pug mom and Hausfrau
Always putting us to shame
It just LOOKS easy

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite "keep it real bloggers" out there! I love that you tell it like it is, and make me laugh every time I read your blog! I hope MFD spoils you today {all week, really} and I know you will celebrate accordingly. Cheers!
XOXO, Nichole

Happy birthday to one of the few bloggers out there whose sass level is on par with mine! Your posts never cease to make me laugh and think, "why the hell didn't I write this!"
- Erin from The Downdog Blog

Happy Birthday Stephanie!  Thanks for being such a great inspiration for me to "keep it real" in my blog!  I love your humor and all your great SEPTA stories!

Happy Birthday Steph!!! I'm so glad I found your blog and all of your awesome tips, tricks and advice. When I grow up I want to be a blogger just like you! I know 37 will be your best year yet, and I'm looking forward to what you have in store. Hope you have a fantastic day!
- Stephanie, Steph’s Space

Happy Birthday to my (slightly younger) twin! I could fill up this blog post with all the love I'm sending your way. Thank you for being a blogging soundboard, a partner in crime, a true friend for the last 14 years, and most of all one of the first people I want to talk to when anything -- good or bad -- happens in my life. I love you!

Happy Birthday Stephanie! You are one of the most hilarious and witty bloggers I've ever read! I hope you have a fabulous birthday and that it is full of hot coffee, pugs, some delicious appetizers and maybe an adult beverage or two. Enjoy your day!
Love - April, The Striped Flamingo

Happy Birthday Stephanie!  Your blog makes me laugh on a daily basis and is one of the first ones I read in the morning.   Cheers to many more years!
- Angela, Mean Ang

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite bloggers who always keeps me laughing!
- Kate from Another Clean Slate

Steph, I'm sure you've been celebrating like any good birthday girl should — all month long. But, today is YOUR day, and I know I can't be the only one that is happy you were born! How else would I see the cutest pugs on the planet on instagram, read the funniest blog posts every week or get the best advice for organizing, cooking and saving? Seriously, I'm so thankful we "met" through this wonderful world of blogland, and I'm so glad we get to help you celebrate your BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy celebrating with all your favorite things!!
Joy  — the Sowell life

Happy Birthday Stephanie!!!! You are awesome in so many ways. Let us count the ways! You are the queen of all things organizing, you can show a budget who's boss, you kick a to-do' list’s ass, your recipes leave me drooling, my Thursdays would be incomplete without your ecards as my Tuesday would be incomplete without your haikus, and you have three of the cutest wrinkly butt pugs on the planet! I hope that your birthday is as awesome as you are!
- Nadine @ Life by Nadine Lynn

Happy Birthday Steph! Obviously we have a deep connection based solely on our names alone and we often bond over a dislike of asshats and a low tolerance for their shenanigans. But there's a bigger reason I love you - you make me feel normal. Christmas cards full of dog photos, a love of hosting themed parties and having clean counters, an obsession with planners, and most of all, the extreme desire to stay in on a Friday night and organize a closet.  Not everyone understands these things. Some people think we're weird.  Well, that may be true, but there's no one I'd rather be grouped with on a scale of weirdness.  Happy Birthday to you, Queen of the Hausfrau.  I want to be just like you if I ever grow up.
- Stephanie, Not Entirely Perfect

You truly are one of a kind, ride or die bitch. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your space and my only regret is that I didn't stumble upon it sooner! I hope that YOUR day (Why isn't it a national holiday yet?! I could be earning double time and a half right now - let's start a petition!) is the amazing one that you deserve!

Happy birthday to Steph, my organization hero! Wishing you lots of good coffee and good times for your birthday!
- Samantha, 24 to 30

Thank you so much for everyone who sent in a birthday greeting!  And if I managed to miss you for some reason, please share some more birthday love for Steph in the comments!


  1. steph, you're obviously one of my favorite people and i wish you the BEST birthday ever!! xoxoxxo

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. Happy Birthday! If you celebrate all month long, I expect this weekend to be epic. Have a great one -- you deserve it.

  3. Yay! I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend!! :)

  4. Happy happy birthday! I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it appropriate to celebrate their birthday all month long!

  5. Yay! I wasn't sure when or how your birthday wishes would be shared, so I am glad I saw it, today...and for realz, I hope hubby spoils you alllll weekend!

  6. I hope you have an awesome birthday weekend!! Do whatever it is you love to do most, that's what birthdays are for!

  7. Have a great birthday weekend!!! :)

  8. This is like reading a yearbook in the best way! Sarah, it was a great idea and Steph, hope you have a great birthday weekend!

  9. Hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever!! I have loved getting to know you, and your sense of humor and snark always make me laugh. May your birthday be full of coffee, laughs, love, and puppy kisses! Big hugs!

  10. Sarah, this was such a great idea! Thanks for putting it together. Happy Birthday Stephanie! You rock, obviously!

  11. Happy birthday (a day early)! I'm so glad that through Facebook we reconnected and found a common ground with blogging (who would have thought, all those years ago in the Towers, sneaking kegs up the fire escape, this is what we'd bond over now?). It's great having you back in my life! You're one of the most entertaining, and organized, people I know!

  12. hope you liked your tomorrowland themed birthday card :) happy happy birthday steph!

  13. YAYAYAYA! Can't wait to read about TBWTW: The BIRTHDAY Weekend That Was! :D

  14. Wooo! Happy (almost) Birthday!!!

  15. Aw this is so sweet! Happy Birthday!

  16. Awesome birthday swap blog! I will wish you happy birthday many times, starting here. Love you Steph!

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  18. Happy early birthday Steph. I can always count on you to be there for me and my blog. You always take the time to stop by and I can't tell you how much it means to me. You are hilarious, beautiful, and always brighten up the day. I hope your birthday is just as incredible as you are. Cheers!

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope those pups are extra nice to you this weekend. You are one of my absolute favorites.

  20. You are my blogging inspiration! I hope tomorrow is perfect and the celebration continues for the rest of the month!

    Your blogging is great-
    The Ides of March is the date
    that we celebrate!

  21. Super fun. Now here's my message to you -
    I absolutely love your blog. You say it like it is. You love dogs. And you can clean and organize like a mofo! Love reading your daily thoughts, and everything else! Happy Birthday lady. May you eat cake, have a beer, and apply extra wrinkle cream.

  22. This is so sweet!!! The blogging community is so incredible...I know all these wishes made your day!! Happy early birthday sweet friend!! Enjoy your weekend and live it up...NO COOKING!! :)

  23. Fabulous blog post. Great show of blog community. Today is your Birthday! Your birthday changed my life, made me a first time Aunt but also introduced me to loving unconditionally. Greatest gift ever. I hope your day is fabulous.


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