Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dogs are better than most humans

Special Sunday treats! Kerry from Til Then, Smile Often is here to talk about one of our shared favorite things, our dogs! You can catch Kerry at her blog, where I love her Tuesday recipes and her weekly Be the Change series on Random Acts of Kindness she's doing. 
If you have been following Steph's blog you know that she has three adorable pugs. For those who don't know me, I have a Pom/Sheltie Mix. furbabies So to say that we love dogs is an understatement. I can't speak for Steph but I think we would both agree that Dogs Are Better Than Most Humans. Here are my reasons why: 

 * They do the dishes without being asked. No reason to pre-wash with a pup around. ;)

* The littlest thing brings them a lot of joy. Like throwing a ball, a new toy. Never ungrateful.

 * They act as an alarm clock. What 4:17am is NOT the normal time you wake up?
* They are always willing to snuggle! seamus
 * They don't ask a million questions.

 * They feel guilty when they do something wrong.
* Their lives revolve around eating, walking, naps and waiting for you to get home. Such a life!

 * You never have to judge their loyalty.
*I am always happy to see them.
  So do you think dogs are awesome too? If not keep it to yourself, we don't need that kind of negativity. ;)  Thank you Steph for letting me share your space for the day!  signature

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  1. hank you for letting share your space today! Puppy snuggles to everyone!!

  2. If someone in my house cries Izzy links their face and then won't leave their aide for the rest of the day. Unconditional love.

  3. The cuteness!! I love all of the puppy pics. One day I will convince my husband that we should have a dog. :)

    1. Keep at it, he will cave eventually they are worth it! ;)

  4. My fiancee and I are buying a condo (cross fingers to get through escrow!) and might be getting a dog when we do. Even though it's a condo it's big (1300+ sq ft), so a small to mid-size dog would be nice!

    If I win the contest I would want the $50 to go to Donate Life. My sister has had 3 kidney transplants and this organization is very crucial to the tens of thousands of people who are waiting for a transplant of any kind.

    1. A pug or a Pomeranian would be a great choice! ;) Sorry to hear about your sister, hope she is doing well post transplant. What a very good cause.

  5. Can't say enough wonderful things about our furry kids and my granddogs, and dog nieces and nephews. Love them all!
    They complete us!!!!
    Carpe diem!! Love, Steph's momma

  6. They really do complete the family, and our lives.

  7. OMG I love my dog and their life does only revolve around a few things, it's amazing! That loyalty pic brought tear to my eye, but oh so true! Love this topic!

  8. I'd say that's dead on! I still miss my golden retriever like a limb, and I can't wait until I can have pups again. I just have to convince my b/f that dogs are just as awesome as cats...

  9. Animals...when they are your furry children you have received a priceless gift. A neighbor told me a story once about his co worker that acted like her dog was her child and her life revolved around their life together. He said I feel bad for her isn't that sad? I said to him is she sad? He said no. I said is she lonely? He said no. I said does she do her job and do people enjoy working with her and he said yes. I said then no it isn't sad and I why would you feel bad for her when what you described to me is a person that is loving her life. Great post!

  10. What a great post!! Animals are seriously the best! I especially love the dishes one and their willingness to snuggle :)

  11. Bahaahahah! OMG dogs are DEFINITELY better than people!!!! No question about that. The last e-card: BRILLIANT!

  12. SO TRUE!!! I always say my dogshave a better life than me!

  13. I have a picture of one of my dogs in the dishwasher. Because of course that's where he would go.

    Dogs > people. Without a doubt. That last ecard is one of my favorites.

  14. Yes - dogs are perfect! I keep saying I need to find a job where I can have my dog in the office with me all day and not see any people - hahaha!


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