Monday, February 10, 2014

TWTW - This weekend I...

1. Made chocolate covered banana bites(read the pin description for my adjustments). 
2. Drank a ton of water, a lot of coffee, painted my nails (Essie Cashmere Bathrobe) and read trashy mags.
3. Dressed my down comforter in its new duvet.
4. Donned an apron erryday.
5. Made broccoli salad for lunches (read the pin description for my adjustments).
6. Had a great dinner with our great framily members Jill & Frank at Bellini Grill in Center City. Cheesecake not shown.
7. Fixed up the basement photo corner where storage fell apart and shit got messy.
8. Started purging the kitchen and battled the dining room table drop zone like I do erryday.
9. Made potato soup for the week.
10. Made Pioneer Woman's braised short ribs and served them over mashed potatoes with a side of steamed broccoli.

11. Not pictured: Target (did not stray from list, saved $17 using Cartwheel and mobile coupons), grocery shopping, freaking out like a demon hell witch over dog pee spots, scanning Etsy for Dirty Dancing art work, Olympic viewing, blog writing, book reading, Zumba'ing, TV watching. I also received my doTerra essential oils. Let the games begin!

Things I did not do: finish laundry. YOLO.

 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg Do you like my blog's Facebook page? On Wednesday, visit my page prepared with your best quick and healthy go-to meal and share it in the comments. A random winner will be drawn on Friday for a $20 you call it gift (Target, coffee, charity, you choose!). All recipes will be shared in a Quick & Healthy meals post here on the blog in the future. Winner must like the page to qualify.

Cheers, Monday, you wrinkly bitch.

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Tomorrow I'm linking up with Amanda from Voyage of the Mee-Mee for Shit Men Say. Always interesting as MFD is such a card. Toodleoo mofos.
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  1. Ooooh, Bellini Grill is one of my fave BYOB eateries in the city. Never a bad meal!.i. I might have to try those braised ribs, that seems like a delish V-Day stay at home meal! I'm just nervous it won't come out right! Also, do you make your own mashed potatoes?

    1. The short ribs are impossible to screw up. I've tried.

  2. i made a deal with my organizing warlock friend (keltie) that come april, she will be coming to my house to organize my closet and in return, i'll feed her wine and food. painting the interior of my closet is on the list. this means i get to shop for baskets and fun stuff and i've narrowed down my purchase from the container store and I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED. if you lived in toronto, i'd extend the same invite and then we'd have an organizing hen party and make a weekend of it.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. That little reorganized corner of the basement looks great! I love the little yellow shelf. I always get overwhelmed by big organizing projects...maybe if I break it down into smaller pieces I could handle it better.

  4. I did laundry on my snow days last week, therefore did not do it over the weekend.
    Our table is the drop zone too. It's awful.
    How did the weekend go so fast!?

  5. LOVE the duvet and the braised short ribs!!

  6. WOW.. Busy weekend! You got a lot of crap done. All the food looks fab!

  7. Braised short ribs and potato soup are two of my favorites so now I want them both, naturally. I also love the duvet cover. I suggested updating ours this weekend and then my husband pointed out in another month or two, we will shove it to the foot of the bed until October, so why bother. He is right but I want to decorate, dammit!

  8. Please describe, in detail, the taste of every luscious bite of those short ribs, as I am not eating stuff like that right now.

  9. Love the new Duvet! Your food skills are amazing! I got sucked into the food network channel on Sunday and it made me want to eat everything.

  10. As part of our impromptu bathroom remodel, I was scouring Pinterest for organizing ideas. I'll have to backtrack to your post from last week to round out my plans. And despite all the work I did over the weekend, you still make me feel like a slacker.

  11. Banana biiiiiiiitttttteeeessssss! GET IN MY BELLAY!
    P.S. We're fighting because you didn't take a picture of the cheesecake. WTF were you thinking?!

  12. I love the color of your new duvet, so relaxing! This week while I work I'm going to start cleaning up and organizing my bomb went off bedroom instead of surfing the next in my down time (except for blog reading/writing). You ladies and all your organizing get me motivated to do better!

  13. LOVE the new duvet! So pretty! It is amazing how new a room looks with bedding. Chocolate banana bites, potato soup, broccoli salad, braised short ribs?! I am ready for lunch now!

    I Targeted this weekend as well. I did not purchase a single thing that wasn't on my list. Now that is what I call winning!!!!

  14. Lovely, productive weekend for you, as usual. Boo on the pee spots! Hair, dog and human, is almost impossible to keep up with. I try, though. I love my kitchen table with only decorative items, nothing else. Also, contemplating clumps of false eyelashes. I would love to see before and after pictures of any who have tried them.
    Shoveling again and dealing with icy conditions. I will never be so glad to see Spring!
    Stay safe and sound.
    Love, your MOMMA

  15. Oooh, love the new duvet! I want those ribs! I saw you post that on IG and now am craving..

  16. The Pioneer Woman's braised short ribs are a magical and delicious thing. Seriously SO GOOD!!! I would eat them every day if I could. I made them with goat cheese polenta....holy crap so good.

  17. that pic of you in the apron is gorgeous! also i made potato, sweet potato that is, soup and i can't wait to eat it.

  18. You always get so much done (and have fun) on the weekends... love these recaps! Oh, and I completely bow down to you and say I am not worthy because I noticed you are wearing white while out for a pasta dinner. I've never achieved the goal of not wearing pasta sauce on any color shirt while out to dinner.. never mind white!

    Do you do most of your weekly food prep over the weekends? I've been struggling lately with having meals every day that are healthy because I usually say "Oh, I'll make it tomorrow night and have leftovers", then am too tired to do much after work. I'm looking for a new food prep/management schedule.

  19. I have an island in my kitchen. When you come in the door, you pass two closets and walk down a hallway, the first surface you hit is the island to your right. Major drop zone disaster area, obvs. John was over all weekend, 3 nights in a row (which is unusual) and the damn island was even worse. I did major battle with it last night. I feel like putting a guardrail around it now. NO MORE THINGS ON THIS SURFACE.
    Anyway, your new duvet is adorable, I love it and I love how the pillow shams are the same colors but opposite on the pattern. I love the pugs on it more though.

  20. you're killing me. chocolate covered banana bites, braised short ribs, potato soup, and broccoli salad?! I want all of those in or around my mouth (Superbad reference there). I'm definitely looking into that broccoli salad recipe.

  21. Ohhh, Cashmere Bathrobe, how I miss you. I hate that I didn't buy it in the fall; now it's not in stores that I can find. I may have to search it out on the internets and order it.

    Love the duvet!

  22. Ooohhh I love that duvet. I get comforter envy and end up randomly buying new ones all the time.

    I have never had PWs short ribs. Are they a pain in the ass to make? I usually avoid her recipes because I hate all of the damn pictures she puts on her website and there are always 472 steps that I don't want to do as part of her recipes. I made Crock-Pot Italian beef sandwiches last night and they were fucking amazing.

  23. Everytime I read and you are purging I feel like I'm watching myself lol I can't stand "Stuff" and feel like it constantly multiplies!

    Thanks for always making me hungry!!

  24. Wow looks like you owned that weekend! Totally accomplished a lot! Love that Pioneer Woman. Made those short ribs for Mark a few weeks ago and they were so good!

    Meet @ the Barre

  25. chocolate and banana is the most winning of all combos!! I love that duvet by the way! my mom makes a similar broc salad and I love it!

  26. All that food has made my mouth water. Yum.

    And YAY Target. Sorry. I get excited when that store is mentioned. I love saving money there. The Cartwheel app rocks.

  27. You totally rocked your weekend. Talk about productive! It puts mine to absolute shame. Nice work!

  28. As always, looks like you had another wonderful weekend. Can't wait to try the rib's recipe, and I love the new duvet!

  29. Looks like a very productive weekend! I really like your new duvet cover.

  30. The tomatoes with motz cheese (or it looked like it to me) made me sooo hungry! LOVE the green bookshelf! Little pop of color! I also like that the dogs had to break in the new duvet - do you have pet steps? Or are they like dog versions of Inspector Gadget to get up there?

  31. Your weekends make me always take time for cooking up amazing meals, keeping your home so organized and most importantly spending time with your friends and family!! You are one blessed lady!!

  32. Our dining room table is a mess magnet, too. And you did a lot of cooking this weekend! I was semi-inspired to cook...I did make sugar cookies on Sunday.

  33. so sweet that your puggies broke in your new duvet cover :) and you did so much over the weekend and with all the cooking - so jealous!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

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