Monday, February 17, 2014

TWTW - Things that happened this weekend

Things that happened Friday
1. I woke up to more snow and robins out my window, staring at me.
2 & 3. My Valentines were not so quick to get up.
4. Attempted to leave my driveway, but due to the solid pool of ice at the bottom and fear of gunning it into the cars behind me, I stayed home. Roads were balls.
5. The bitch of it is that I put makeup on and all, which I never do.
6. Gus was a good helper.

After two days stuck in the house, we finally made it out of the driveway after a Friday afternoon thaw out and car moving across the street. It was still like taking our life in our hands, our neighborhood is a winter war zone that hasn't seen a salt truck. We spent Vday night being weirdos at the diner with other strange people and laughed our asses off through it. That's a very "us" Valentine situation. We don't really celebrate but always end up somewhere, laughing. Except when we were navigating the black ice everywhere.
Things that happened Saturday
1. Lunch at Las Margaritas with Michelle - Debbie was supposed to be there too but I neglected to impart the change of location to her. I suck.
2. Brined a turkey breast for Sunday.
3. Sausage dip: 1 shallot, diced and sauteed for 4 minutes. Add one pound of sausage and cook through. Drain. Add 1 brick of cream cheese, 1 can rotel, and cook over low heat until cream cheese is melted. Add 1/2 cup sour cream and stir. Add crushed red pepper to taste. Throw some sharp cheddar in there if you're feeling crazy. Serve with tostitos.
4 & 5 - Family dinner at Stephen & Aubrey's including Aubrey's awesome mac & cheese, one of my favorite homemade meals.

Things that happened Sunday
1. A successful trip to TJ Maxx and Pet Smart. Not a drop of rock salt to be found, though.
2. Geege never ever ever eats bones. This is him with a himalayan yak bone.
3. Roasted turkey breast for the week
4. MFD picked up Panera for dinner because I lost my mojo on Sunday afternoon and decided to lay around and watch movies like Super Troopers and Hope Floats. It's been a long time since I was basically unproductive on a Sunday. It felt nice to just throw my hands in the air and wave 'em like I just don't care.
Not pictured: 
  • lots of Olympics watching
  • magazine and essential oils reading
  • zumba
  • laundry and hausfrauing
  • my new favorite Sunday ritual - getting in bed by 8:30 Sunday night to relax and watch Downton Abbey

 photo weekend_zps2e919702.jpg
In case you missed it this weekend: snow day stromboli.

Tomorrow I'll be pulling a rabbit out of my hat and connecting Dirty Dancing to chili.

 photo purple_zpse5f7f916.png


  1. MFD looks like a 4 year old when he's asleep! Adorbs. Also, you look fab in your work-from-home selfie! Makeup hoooooray!!

    A most wonderful week per usual! Geege so fancy with his Himalayan yak bone!

  2. You looked fabulous, shame you couldn't go out and show it off but comfy days in are so nice. TJ Maxx is like a black hole of goodness. Great haul. Sounds like you had the perfect Sunday, sometimes takeout is required.

  3. That sounds a perfect Valentines weekend. I'm happy to say that I did make it home on Friday and enjoyed a weekend of little activity. Looks like we are getting some warm weather this week to melt some of this ice & snow - so excited!

  4. Yak bone- JMJ! Do we even have Yaks here? Yak reminds me of Dr. Seuss!!! Lovely picture of all of my chickens.
    Nice to be together, even tho the weather was fugly.
    I want a roasted turkey breast right now. Looking forward to the Polar Vortex meltdown this week.
    Carpe Diem! Love your MOMMA

  5. Those churpi chews (Himalayan yak) are the best!!! Grace can eat a LARGE one in a very short period of time. And (and this is seriously noteworthy) they are human grade, that is to say, have at it if you think it looks tasty! Nothing but yak milk, lime juice, and salt. Yum!

  6. your TJ maxx is our Winners. i love and hate going there.

    we're under an extreme cold weather alert; it was -28 last night WTF! sounds like you had a great weekend despite sort of being trapped inside.

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Your weekend > my weekend. If I didn't spend it doing something cheerleading related for the child, I was in bed with a cold and sinus pain that are kicking. My. Ass. I am so over this winter.

  8. We watched Super Troopers, too! Haha! All the cool kids did I guess...
    I want to BE one of your pugs.

  9. No home cooked Sunday dinner....good for you! I am glad you got to kinda be lazy and stay cozy....I feel for you guys with all the snow, ice and crazy has to be over soon, right?

  10. I wish you had brined me a turkey breast, as well. I'm sick of cooking, sick of winter, sick of tracking what I eat, etc. I'm sick.

  11. I throw up my hands in the air like i just don't care ALOT! There's nothing better than a lazy Sunday with a side of Panera!

  12. Look at all the sleepy lazy pugs! I love it!

    I totally had a lazy Sunday yesterday. Besides grocery shopping and two loads of laundry, I did NOTHING. We watched Big Bang Theory and Law and Order SVU ALL day long. No cleaning, no cooking (just reheating left overs) no make up, no shower, just no. It was wonderful.

    I haven't had Panera in awhile...I want some.

  13. I had a lazy weekend too. John and I spent a good chunk of valentine's day watching curling - have you seen russia's pants?! It was amazing.

  14. Spencer's working from home today because of the ice. Ugh! Glad you had a fun(ny) VDay.

  15. sounds like the perfect valentine's to me. glad y'all were able to get out of the house!
    i can't stop watching the olympics.

  16. I am excited for your essential oils post. I am intrigued by them, but haven't seen any good or thorough reviews on them.

    The pasta dish in picture 8 looks amazing.

  17. Seriously, a Himalayan yak bone? That's hilarious. Also, are you guys thawing out finally? We are thawed and I'm delirious with joy.

  18. Hope Floats! I love that movie. I'm in bed being lazy and unproductive right now and it feels amazing.

    P.S. The turkey looks bomb

  19. I watched Hope Floats on Sunday too, it's one of my all time favorite movies!

  20. I love TJ Maxx... Sometimes you can find some great deals! I used to watch Hope Floats all the time!!

  21. Homemade macaroni and cheese always makes me happy!

  22. Downton Abbey is such a good show.

    Your food pictures made my stomach rumble.

  23. Meanwhile we are already melting here in AZ. It was 90 today, 90! Our weekend was filled with softball try-outs, birthday parties, super duper scrub the house up and down cleaning, getting rear ended and of course HOPE FLOATS!

  24. No zumba picture? COME ONE!! Looks like a great weekend. Laughing is always good. Hopefully the winter weather is done for y'all. I couldn't imagine not being able to get to Target!

  25. First set of pictures number 5 is beautiful.

  26. i'm so over this snow too. we didn't have ice over the weekend at least ugh. oh and I thought I was being smart by buying salt on amazon like 2 weeks ago until I realized the estimated ship date was mid march. jerks.
    -- jackie - jade and oak


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