Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. Guess who got tickets? This girl. We're going to see Bruno Mars in Hershey, PA, in July - the venue and size of the crowd are not too rough on my crowd paranoia. We last saw The Boss in Hershey with Melissa and Blane on the day we found out the offer was accepted on our house. I will never forget my dear ready to pop with Alex Melissa climbing the stands to the very top. I was a nervous wreck walking behind her. 

2. I  think we are very fucking harsh when someone dies of an overdose. I myself used to be very unrelenting on this. Then I thought, how can I possibly understand the hole in their soul someone is trying to patch that would cause them to ingest a deadly substance in a lonely room? We all have our demons, and we will never truly understand the demons of others because we don't live in their heads. Addiction is a slippery, dark, desperate, selfish, lonely slope. I hope you found peace in death that you did not find in life, PSH. For those of you asking why other people should care when things like this happen, it's simple: we're human. We all have our struggles. If you don't care, that's fine. If someone does, that's fine too.

3. I am not down with fur coats on anyone, but taking the unnecessary animal cruelty out of the equation, I think they are especially weird on men. Broadway Joe does not share my opinion. Big pimpin' we spendin' cheese. 
4. TV Talk:
  • I'm a week behind on The Blacklist but god damn Tom Keen, you are annoying and I know you are hiding things. I know it. 
  • Nashville: Finally Scarlet has something else going on rather than just whining.
  • The Originals: Witches are bringing it!
  • Downton Abbey: The dialogue. I love it. 
  • Wahlburgers: My new must. I love the Wahlburgs. They will now replace the Robertsons and the Kardashians, I'm over both of them. 
5. I'm fucking sick of this. Yes, it's winter and it snows in winter. Obviously. I don't live in an area with frequent snow for a reason. A snow or ice event every week is too much for me. Philadelphia, you're forsaking me this year! Huge props to MFD for always cleaning my car off at home and for driving to the train station to clean it off on days like Tuesday.
6. Have I mentioned we leave for Mexico in 22 days for the first of three weddings I'm in this year? Ole! Wedding ceremony bells are getting louder, Kim and Esteban!  
Photo lifted from Esteban
7. Since we're doing countdowns, have I mentioned that my birthday is in 37 days? I already totally have my birthday month planned out. Be prepared to hear me mention it 2984 times. 
8. I just reordered our checks. With a picture of the dogs on them. Cue the crazy dog lady music. 

9.  I know it's the beginning of February, but I have to share these super cute personalized made to order Easter Baskets from Four Barefoot Children on Etsy. I freaking love them. Our joint Easter basket took a shit last year so I ordered one with our last name on it. 
Source: Four Barefoot Children
10. I knew I was going to like this 7 Tips for a More Relaxed Office Space article by Kelli at She-Crab Soup Blog as soon as I clicked on it and saw a Buddha in the photo. I am crazy for Buddha statues (my most recent purchase is below, it arrived last night) and have them all over my house. I need a small one for work. Anyway, click on the link for tips to make your office (home or work) more relaxing. We could all use that. You know what I'm saying?
11. This makes me laugh. 
12. Ecard of the week:
Did you enter? Winner will be picked tomorrow. 

Tomorrow's Friday Five will be Types of Assholes. Who doesn't like to commiserate over assholes?
 photo green_zpsc25796d6.png


  1. AHHHH! That Bruno Mars concert is going to be awesome. I get really uncomfortable in crowds too, so that's awesome that you found a venue that gets good shows but isn't too crazy crowded. I guess I've done a good job weeding out whack-jobs on my facebook feed, I mostly only saw people talking about how sad PSH's death was. Good thing, too, or I would have had some more unfriending to do.

  2. That is SUPER sweet that your hubby drives to the train station to clean your car off. I am done with winter also. Calgon take me away. I thought the fur coat thing was SUPER weird for a guy. Addiction is a terrible disease...I think it's extra hard for people to understand how someone who seemingly has everything can so easily throw it all away. I am super sad about his death and wish that he had been able to get the help he needed. It's always sad when someone dies, regardless of HOW they died...and they had a family that loved them. I wish The Internet could remember that.

  3. MFD for the win!

    The fur coat was just gross on so many levels. And it wasn't even that damn cold. Wear a North Face or something, dude.

    Hopefully dreams of snow and birthdays can shake your snow funk! We had an "icy mix" this morning and people are losing their minds. Luckily I'm already at work before most people so I don't have to deal with driving in it!

  4. omg type of assholes!! that's a post that i wrote in my planner to draft up for next week!! can't wait to read yours.

    and it's so awesome that MFD drove to the train station to clean off your car...that's so sweet.

    i hate hate hate this winter. so much. we just got shat on again - another 20cm+ of snow. driving was awful and of course, all the asshats were out on the roads. i am so over this... spring get here already!!

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Love Buddha. Hate addiction. Tired of snow. I think the cold killed my car.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly with number 2. It makes me so sad and mad to see the posts about how we shouldn't celebrating a celebrity who died of a drug overdose. What the actual eff. Ugh. But I posted about that a couple days ago, so you know how I feel.

    Can't wait to read about the assholes. Sometimes I'm an asshole, but hopefully I don't fall into one of the five types. :)

  7. there is too much awesome in this post!! #1. Yay for bruno mars! also, last time we were in hershy we ate at a restaurant that is inside the howard johnson (i know it sounds like the worst idea) but the food was amazing, if you decide to go out to eat check it out (it's called what if). #2. I so agree with you about the overdose thing. people make mistakes and sometimes they end really badly and it is tragic, we have no idea what he was going through! #3. only pimps should wear fur coats plain and simple. #4. downton.... that's all! #5. Im friggen jealous!! and lastly, way to one up me on the crazy dog lady front, I ordered a pic of fred on my new credit card so maybe we are even...I don't know checks is pretty awesome!!

  8. I'm still a couple eps behind on The Originals, and struggling to warm up to the ancillary characters. Who do you like?

  9. I keep reading the strangest articles on the death of PSH. Some blame the federal government, some asking why should we care, some on his demons... Everyone has something to say. I can't imagine being in the throes of something so dark, relying on a substance to take away (or mask?) the pain.

    Kind of jealous about Bruno Mars. I'm starting to hop on his bandwagon.

    Tom Keen- grrrrrrrr

    I'm crushing on MFD. I love thAt he cleans off your car at the train station. Awesome sauce.
    So glad to be part of your birthday month festivities!

  10. Umm I think MFD may be the best husband around! Driving to the train station to clean off your car?! I need a guy like that in my life!! And the dogs on the checks - amazing!

  11. Downton Abbey = OBSESSED! I get so sad when I finish a disc and have to wait for the next one to come from Netflix. I'm currently in the middle of season 3 and can't get enough! What am I going to do when I catch up?

  12. As far as drugs go, obviously people should never start them... everyone knows that - the people who START them know that. BUT BUT BUT... once you get started, for whatever reason that may be (and I'm sure there are a million different reasons), I feel like it's beyond your control to quit. Your mind isn't thinking straight and it sucks because unless YOU WANT help, it's gonna be nearly impossible to get over. Not that it's an excuse, but, still... everyone (myself included) needs to realize what a huge issue this is rather than automatically judging all of the time. Like you said, we all have our struggles.

  13. SO envious that you're going to see Bruno Mars! I need to see him asap!!

  14. Tom Keen is 100% hiding something scandalous! I just know it!! And I wish Red would just admit he is her father!!! I just caught up on The Originals yesterday- so good. My boyfriend's roommate used to work at Wahlburgers (it's a couple towns away) and he always acts like he is amazing because of it so I am not watching the show on principle. Petty.

  15. I am SO over this snow too. we usually get cold weather and snow in the winter but this is out of control. that's so nice your husband helps to clear your car off for you - that's love! and i'm jealous of your pug checks - I might need to do this too!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  16. So much to comment on! First of how, how awesome of MFD to clean your car off for you! I am pretty sure it would be a reverse situation in our household. Haha. I also find it funny that you say you live in an area that doesn't get major snow. :P I am pretty sure I moved away from that same state for the reason there is a lot of cold and snow!

    I love that your cute curly tailed pug butts have graced your checks! I am wondering why Gracie and Mac aren't on ours?!

    I don't like when people bash those who have died of an overdose either. While it is not surprising that so many celebs have drug problems, it is still very sad that they have become so dependent on them and that they throw their lives away because of them. I cant imagine the pressure of fame and the dependency on drugs. Never want to.

    The Originals! Yes!

    There is nothing wrong with mapping out your birthday plans early, I say!

  17. I am so jealous of your Bruno Mars tickets :( He is coming here but it is like 4 days before my due date. Something tells me it would not be a good idea to chance buying tickets. So many concerts I have to miss this summer. Thanks kid.

    I am also incredibly jealous of your trip to Mexico. I have been trying to figure out a time to go to FL to see my mom, but nothing works until like April. One of the sucky things about working at a university is that I can't just take a random week off in the middle of the semester.

    I REALLY want to win that gift card. Please make that happen.

  18. Damnit! I need to remember to record The Wahlburgers! I saw the pug photo on IG and loved it...they're royalty, duh...and I died at Thug Life...

  19. Bruno tickets sold out here in a matter of minutes. They went on sale the day after the superbowl. I am pretty sure that helped him. Also I am home with a snow day today. They say we will get 6 inches. I doubt it. I think its been like 5 years since we had that much/

  20. Mexico in 22 days and a Buddha candle holder for the win! At least there won't be even a little bit of snow in Mexico, warm weather for the big win!!

  21. #1 im jealous. #2 seriously. i am with you 100% on that.
    im so ready for warm weather and i cannot even fathom what you're dealing with.

  22. Bruno is so so so good live! We saw him last year and had such a great time. On a more serious note, addiction sucks. I've witnessed it, I got too close to getting lost in one when I was younger, I lost a friend to an overdose when I was a teenager; it's just a horrible, horrible slippery slope. It's always sad to hear when someone overdoses and it's just hard to wrap your brain around what makes someone get so lost in a substance. I don't like to talk about it for personal reasons but I agree with what you said: if you care, awesome; if you don't, that's fine too. Everyone is different but we don't need to be assholes about it.

  23. I love that you have dog checks! That photo omg look at her leading the pack. She's settled in so nicely.
    Fur coats suck. I also don't like down coats for that reason (sorry!) even if I wasn't allergic I probably wouldn't buy one. I love furry/feathery creatures just too much.
    I feel bad about PSH. I don't necessarily feel as bad when celebs OD as I do when they die from disease and such but it's still a loss. I really liked him in the Hunger Games.

  24. Bruno is coming to Omaha in June and I want to see him so bad!! But I have the same type of Crowd anxiety and I just can't decide if it's worth it! I have to pick between him or seeing Chelsea Handler live, what's a girl to do!?! I agree with absolutely everything in this post!!

  25. I have that Buddha! It is awesome. And I totally agree with you about the PSH and OD thing. Whenever I hear about stuff like that my heart just aches thinking about what that person must have been going through to get to that place. So sad.

  26. I love that we wrote very similar things about the snow.

    I'm already gearing up for the backlash when PSH is honored at the Oscars. Shut it, people.

    Jealous about your Bruno Mars tickets! I'd love to see him.

  27. The PSH thing is just all around tragic. Just like Heath Ledger. When you have an addiction like that, one that has already landed you in rehab, of course it has the power to kill you. I don't think people realize how serious it is when a person has to go to rehab to begin with.
    We haven't done The Blacklist yet, but just starting The Following. Holy cow.

  28. OMG, I love the picture of your dogs you choose for your checks, I would so do that as well.
    I haven't watched the Originals yet, I keep wanting to. I just actually watched Vampire Diaries on Netflix for the first time and got to the season with Klaus...and yes so Love him. Damn those bad boys.
    Just binge watched the first season of The Following with a hooked on that show now.

    Organization? Not sure what that means, because I have none of it in my house with a 3yr old running the show :)

  29. Ok. I am determined that's why Reddington keeps bringing up Tom. There is something there. I KNOW it. Why else would he care so much about the hubs, and the baby, and everything else. You can't hide it for ever. Nashville - yes. The pills. Wanting to see how they will take this. I need Scarlett to sing with Gunner again though - I liked that music. Some of the newer stuff is ehhh.

    Way to go crazy dog lady! I love it! I think that is so fun to put on plain boring checks.

    Any death is tragic. PSH is no different. He was so talented. And it's heartbreaking to think about his kids and try to imagine what was going on in his mind. I never met him (obviously) but he seemed like a good man. Thanking his mom who raised him by herself, being such a good dad. It's just sad.

  30. A Mexican wedding? How fun! Hope you have a blast :)

    PS - Well said about overdose deaths.

  31. I've been watching Wahlburgers and now I want to try one. They look so tasty.

    Yes, I thought that dude looked odd in the fur coat as well. I was like ?? is he being serious?

  32. fur coats are weird. Bruno did awesome at the halftime show, my mom always refers to him as a 'beautiful woman'. and I'm way over the snow/cold too. it's getting annoying.

  33. yeah for your Bruno Mars! Finally someone else who watches the Originals!!! I love all the shots of New Orleans and their accents. That last pic is hilarious!

    Meet @ the Barre

  34. So much awesome! So sad about PSH I know first hand the downward spiral and destruction addiction can cause and it isn't pretty. People don't know others struggle and should never make fun or judge. Oh pretty Joe and his coats, how does he not age? I am just so over Winter I can't take any more but we are supposed to get snow on Sunday! The Thug Life meme is just too funny! I am so jealous of the Mexico trip, enjoy the warm sun.

  35. I think my file system is the hardest. It seems like I always have some new category I end up adding because it doesn't really fit with a different category. Or maybe I also need to keep up with the filing! The thug life...haah!

  36. Bruno Mars!? SO jealous.

    Addiction is a bitch. My dad died from end stage liver disease caused by his alcoholism. My mother has Hep C from dirty needles. My brother is a lost soul, wondering in and out of jail, trapped in a life of living on the streets waiting for his next fix. The rest of us (our family) are left teetering on an emotional roller coaster trying to make sense of something we will never understand. So when the news of PSH broke (and those before him) instead of judging I think of their poor families.

    On a brighter note: Love the birthday countdown! It's never too early to start celebrating.

  37. That was awful about the actor...he was clean and sober for so long. Like you said we are all human and all have demons. Hang in there with the snow and ice...I feel for you guys. Look on the bright side, Mexico is around the corner!! Don't forget to pick me for the giveaway! :)

  38. I am not an addictive personality so while the struggle escapes me the fact that addiction is a disease does not. A loss of life due to addiction is sad period. I still remember that Buddha in Tunkhannock we saw. I am going there Saturday maybe I will look him up. I can so make that basket!


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