Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Five: Add it up

I know. Math. It's a lot to ask of you any day, but especially on a Friday. I apologize. Let's gird our loins and add up the week, shall we?
Add It Up by Violent Femmes on Grooveshark

+6   Lunch with my friends Carly and Marla at El Vez (three points each for the company and food)
+1   Relay For Life Meeting
+1   No more gray hairs, thanks to the best stylist around, Kristi (who is a good friend and hilarious to boot)
+5   Some warmer days with snow melt
+5   Drank 100+ oz of water daily, snacked on raw veggies, met exercise goals for the week by Thursday
+5   New table runner shipped from Lori that perfectly matches the dining room

-3   Roof leak into MFD's closet room. Could've been worse.
-2   More snow Tuesday morning just in time for rush hour
-1   Ice breakers wasting 10 minutes at Relay For Life meeting. Adults giving free time = no icebreakers needed. Sorry for any time I have ever thought ice breakers were good ideas to subject others to.
-5   Caught without a book since Monday
-3   Re-freeze from the warm up almost caused me to get into an accident three different times on Thursday morning, all on the Woodhaven Access Road
-3   Potholes. Pennsylvania = Potholevania
-2   Ate eleventy billion bad things on Thursday

+4 for the week
Not bad. Has someone good at these things checked my math? 

How did your week turn out?

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  1. i have the flu or some weirdness going on inside me and my head is killing so no math checking. besides, i'm terrible at math.

    i love that you know about violent femmes..... most people are clueless about awesome bands.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. You know I love a good math problem. And you, my dear, get a gold star for the day! Nice work!
    Loved seeing you yesterday!

  3. I was all for the snow melting since the ice pulled my gutter down. Ice breakers always feel so awkward to me. The Pothole situation makes me want to rage!

  4. Glad you like the table runner!

  5. Love the serene Buddha. Icebreaker-ing is right up there with playing games at showers and demonstrations. #makesmewanttoscream!! We always really end up on the plus side when we truly look at the real deal. And you can always read blogs or your phone if no books. #butbooksarebest
    Happily awaiting a glorious warm weekend! Better to have 2 warm weekend days in February than none.
    #alwayslookonthebrightsideoflife Will be checking out those Friday blogs!
    Love your MOMMA

  6. Hmmm...
    +5 Wednesday's tight schedule fit perfectly into place
    +1 Berry oreos
    -18 Berry oreos finished in 1 day
    +9 new pillow covers for the house, like having all new pillows only CHEAP!
    +3 finished rearranging/purging bedroom
    -3 unable to fit sunroom chair in said bedroom
    +5 blogged more than once
    +4 expecting company tomorrow
    -3 backpain keeping me up all night
    +6 it's Friday

    Total = +9

  7. The potholes are OOC this year. My poor Jeep needs an alignment so bad, but not until they fix the darn roads.

    Hmm... let's see:

    +5 being able to work from home when it snowed
    - 10 TWO friggin snowstorms this week
    +1 worked out like a maniac and feel great
    -1 Starbucks latte is decidedly NOT on plan
    -1 my house is a disaster still
    +2 bathroom is shiny clean
    +1 new Fitbit is fun
    +5 worked out with BFF twice this week!

    Total = +2? Not so bad. Snow this late in the season kills any week for me, sadly.

  8. I'm gonna focus on your positives. YAY for drinking so much water and meeting your exercise goals. I drink a ton or water daily, but I really need to get on the exercise train at some point because lord knows I'm never going to stop eating all the bad food. And I'm jealous of your lunch date!! I hope you have a good and fun weekend!!!

  9. The potholes are serious this winter, they're everywhere. And they're deep, but you don't always know it because they're full of water. +eleventy billion for that lunch date though, look at that food!!

  10. I'm seriously nervous for my car....these dang potholes are driving me crazy!! So over it.

    But +100 for warmer days! Now if only they would stick around.

  11. Ugghh the potholes! I swear the road leading to my neighborhood is about to just crumble away! And I'm very thankful I'm south enough that everything was just straight up rain. Made ALL the snow go away quickly - just hoping my subpump keeps working like a champ!

  12. hey at least you ended up with a plus! loving the new table runner!

  13. It is too early for me to check your work missy!

    PA and the potholes! Good gosh! I ALWAYS knew when we crossed into PA on I-70 because of how bad the roads got. And how many dead dear were on the sides of them. And can someone please teach the people of PA how to merge onto an interstate and get rid of those damn yield signs?! Rant over.

    Go you with meeting your work out goals for the week and snacking on raw veggies!

    I hope you have an awesome weekend!

  14. I placed that apple on Buddha's lap!!! An offering

  15. yes to Pennsylvania = Potholevania. Ugh - so over it!
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  16. That food looks so good & it only makes my Chipotle craving worse!

  17. Snow and ice can suck it, it was lovely and warm here this week but I noticed the extended forecast is calling for a "wintry mix" yet again.

  18. I think I ended up on the plus side for the week for sure. Although I was worried it wouldn't be so. :)

    I'm sorry about the roof leak.

    I need to drink more water. You go.

  19. I think one of the first, if not THE first post I read of yours was you saying you use a Sharpie on your roots...?? Good to see you're stepping up your game! ;)

  20. Hey, better to be in the positive than the negative! Love the table runner.


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