Saturday, February 22, 2014

Do you fancy a date?

Saturday treat, my friends! I want to introduce you to a blogger you may not be reading, and if you're not, you should change that toot sweet. Amanda from Voyage of the MeeMee is here to woo you on a blogger date [blate]. Go in the bathroom, put your makeup on, we're gonna take that little brat of yours and drop her off at your mom's...ok, those are lyrics from a Bruce Springsteen song, but you get the idea. Read on and see if you're a match. And go visit Amanda at Voyage of the MeeMee and follow her on Bloglovin and Twitter too. She's real and she's funny, just how I like 'em. Enjoy.
I’ve made no secret of the fact that I desperately want to blate. Like, shave my legs and wear my cute lacey underwear desperate. Ain’t no shame in my game.
Unfortunately, there aren’t many bloggers in my area. Everyone from MI that I’ve come to know so far is on the other side of the state. That really puts a damper on my blimp status (blog + pimp = blimp).
Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a blating service that could match you up with people in your area who had similar blogs/interests? Sign. Me. UP! Seriously. I want to be one of the success stories that’s featured on a TV commercial.
What would my blating profile look like? I whipped one up to show you, complete with an extremely outdated photograph of myself (note the long acrylic French manicure).

So, what’s the verdict… would we be a good match?
Please Note: I am an equal opportunity blater accepting any and all advances.
What would your blating profile look like?
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  1. Love her! Blating would be awesome. lol.

  2. I see a road trip in our future Steph! :-P

  3. Lovely, Amanda! I have my Stephanie to point me in the right direction for my blog reading enjoyment. Being similar, but somewhat different is what makes the world go 'round. Love reading how all of you young girls are faring in this world today. Mostly better than I in most cases, but sometimes worse. #liveandlearnalways
    Have a spectacular weekend!
    Love, Steph's MOMMA

    1. I just love your daughter... finding HER blog was definitely an internet highlight! :D You raised a cool one, that's for sure! :D

  4. She had me at "Britney Spears." I'm on my way over to follow her blog. :)

  5. Been following Amanda from the smart! She cracks me up every time.

  6. yea i like her too. she's very blunt just like myself.

  7. Nice to meet you Amanda. I am Stephanie's Aunt and she has a great track record setting me up on blog dates. This went well. Great post.

  8. Oh Amanda I like ya girl! I wish we lived closer I'd be your blate baby!

  9. Love Amanda and I love your new blog header Steph! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  10. Love that you got all Irish on the blog! ;) Amanda is a cool cat and on my list of blate candidates! Haha!

  11. Girl you know I'd blimp your site!

  12. Haha Blimp! So funny. I like the idea of a blating service...Plus it makes a great way to see if we are interested in reading their blogs too.

  13. Love Amanda! Too bad we all can apparate like on Harry Potter and have a blate together! It would be much more feasible seeing as how we are all over the country!


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