Monday, January 20, 2014


This old lady was out on a Friday night for the second week in a row. Hank & MFD played at a local bar and I was able to hang out with some friends from high school I don't get to see a lot. It was fun! Not fun? Fireball. How do people drink that? Hated it.
Lori was down for the weekend. Saturday went a little like this:
1. Bridesmaid dress shopping for my brother & Aubrey's wedding (none of these hideous dresses were in the running)
2. Lunch at Red Robin
3. Target
1-5. Here are all the things I wanted to buy at Target. I need zero of those things, especially #5 - I just got new S&P shakers for Christmas! I only wanted these because they were small and cute.
6. I actually ended up with seasoned salt, soap for MFD, toothbrushes, straws, and a glass water bottle. My fairy Godmother Lori bought them for me, so even though they were all necessities aside from the water bottle, I spent $0. Spending Freeze in full effect.
1. Fritz's Bakery for goods
2. Lee's Hoagies delivery for dinner
3. My new spring table topper made by Lori
4. My new summer table topper made by Lori. If you're ever interested in one, I can put you in touch with her.
5. Not pictured: Flowers in the Attic on Lifetime. Much better than the first movie.
I know, I know. I'm crazy with the pug flag. It makes me laugh, I can't help it.
1. Savory oatmeal - I make it with chicken broth and add a dab of EVOO and a bit of cheese to the top.
2. Big ass pot of turkey stock
3. Stock leftover to freeze after I made soup
4. Tips & Tricks: I toss all of my veggie scraps into a ziploc and throw it in the freezer. I add to it every week. Then I make veggie stock when it gets full. Waste not, want not, mofos.
Sunday dinner: turkey and rice soup from scratch. Recipe coming this weekend. And homemade bread.

DVR and magazine catch up. And laundry. Always laundry.

 photo wknd_zps3dca425e.jpg
No, I do not have off today or any bank holiday. If you do, I hate you,  enjoy! Whether you're at work or at home, do something in the spirit of the man this day honors. 
Tommorow: razors. Yes, the thing you shave with.

Things you may have missed this weekend: Bryski Pierogi and easy berry cobbler
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  1. WTF. yes it did. goddamn you blogger.

    i screwed up my neck/back so i spent the entire weekend in pain (still am) and not being able to move. then i found my electric heating pad and it was better and started eating muscle relaxants which made things tolerable. hopefully my acupuncture appointment today will help.

    i don't even know what prompted me to tell you all of that.

    but i love that you didn't spent anything - esp at target. you are stronger than i am!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Wow nice willpower at Target! I've done pretty well on my spending freeze except this weekend I had some unbudgeted food purchases.

  3. I am anxiously awaiting the soup recipe, it looks amazing! I took your advice last night and added celery to my egg salad - where has this been all my life?? So good!

  4. fireball is gross. red robin is delicious. those bakery items make me want to break my eating healthy streak. the pug flag is HILARIOUS, I love that you have one.

  5. Wow, we both went out on a Friday night, and lived to tell about it! Of course I was out of commission for all of Saturday, and I didn't even drink that much. Fail. I actually don't min Fireball, I guess that makes me so very hip and trendy. I've been to Red Robin once, our service was horrible and my burger not so great. I expected YUUUUMMMMM. But perhaps I need to try again. After the spending freeze, of course. That pug flag... amaze balls!
    Can you come over on a Sunday and do some food prep? Seriously...

  6. That Buddha! Is it a bird feeder? I want it!

  7. your friday looked so fun! I am not a fireball fan either. it just tastes bad. did you get those target boots bc hello so cute! i don't have off either, but totally agree about remembering MLK today!

  8. That purse and boots from Target are so cute, so impressed you managed to resist! You always impress me with your hausfraus skills girl! Did you see the pug shirt I tweeted you yesterday? Hilarious!

  9. Lovely weekend, as usual. Great outlet trip for me on Saturday! Have an appt. with Teresa the treadmill at 10. 3 x a week this week is a must. My heart will thank me. Looking forward to our visit tonight. I have a surprise for you.
    After tonight, I will attempt to stay inside until the Polar Vortex passes. Curse, you, Polar Vortex.
    #justwantperfectweather #itcanrainatnight
    Love your MOMMA

    1. I love surprises as long as they're not parties Mother!

    2. I love that your mom uses hashtags! #awesome

  10. My brother, who just turned 21, loves Fireball, and always tries to get me to drink with him. Gag me, please. It is so gross! I want all the things when I go to Target, I have eyed that same colander as well.

  11. I am not a big Fireball person either. Ew. I dont know what all the hype is about? Now add that shit to some Apple Cider beer and we can talk.

    I might have said screw it to the spending freeze that I was doing so well at! I ran out of two make up products and then went to Sephora and all the pretty things distracted me. And then Hallmark at 75% off. And then I found two video games that were on my list of things to get. And well....yeah. Ooops.

    You win the internet with that pug flag!!!!!! Where did you even find such a thing? That is awesome!

  12. The pug flag!! I love it! I'm impressed with your spending freeze, that's some major willpower (and pretty awesome of Lori!!)

  13. that blue colander at target--I've been eyeing in for weeks and I know I don't need it but it's so pretty!!!

    I can't even with those bridesmaid dresses. Are you serious? You'll need to post the actual one, I need to see it and make my "are you fucking kidding me?!" face at my computer.

    Pug flag. Legit.

  14. Did you drink Fireball straight up? I had it for the first time on NYE but they mixed it with Rumchata and it was REALLY good. I will gag if I taste something too strong... honestly, goes down so easily. Of course, you could probably mix urine with Rumchata and it would go down easily, too
    I haven't seen either Flowers in the Attic but I saw a preview when Heather Graham was on Chelsea Lately the other night... her acting looked straight up AWFUL. I'm surprised it was good like you said!

  15. Those dresses scared me for a hot second...PHEW...glad they didn't make it in the bridesmaid running!! And I am so MAD I missed Flowers in the Attic...hoping they will run it again...and look at you going out two Fridays in a row!! ROCK STAR status!!

  16. I can't do Fireball either! It's just not my cup of tea at all. I thought I was the only one in blogland who didn't care for it, glad I'm not alone. I am so happy to hear that those dresses did NOT make it in the running. I had to do a double take at first but was glad to see your note on them :)

  17. Happy Monday! Those dresses are... Interesting :)

  18. Taking photos of the items is a good strategy for not buying. Although those shakers are adorable.

    That red bridesmaid dress looks like it belongs on Dancing With the Stars!

  19. I make chicken stock out of leftover rotisserie chicken.
    We went to Target (!) and I only used gift cards. Scott, on the other hand, spent $50 on stuff and now he understands how Target can suck you in and not let you go. He said, "It's so quiet in here" (compared to WalMart) and I said, "NOW YOU SEE!"

  20. I cannot tell you how funny it was on Saturday morning when my friend was impatiently waiting on my at Fit Club just to ask, "how late did you stay out last night?" It made me laugh because she saw my car at the Pizza & Tap at 11 p.m. when she got off work. I NEVER go out, much less stay out that late. It was in the air, I guess. Loved that I was able to do something for someone else today. You've got me on the sock challenge, too. Sorry you hate me for being off today (and every bank holiday). LOL xo

  21. Is it weird that I always look to read your mom's comment when I comment? They have been pure gold lately.

    Target is the best when someone else pays for your random crap that is no fun to buy, but you need. I would do very bad things for a legit eastern PA hoagie right now. Too bad I can't eat l lunchmeat. Womp womp.

    I bought some fresh blackberries and blueberries at Sam's today, so I'm going to throw those in with some frozen berries and try out your cobbler. It sounds delicious.

  22. Now thanks to Carly's comment, I will be forever seeking out your mom's comments :) You have serious will power. I could never be on a no spend month and step foot into Target. MUST FILL CART. I've gotten better lately, but it's still a sink hole for my wallet. Keep up the good work.

  23. I like Fireball, but I love cinnamon (hate other kinds of mint).

    Agreed on Flowers in the Attic. Better than the first movie. I'm glad they're planning to do Petals on the Wind, too.

    I went to a jewelry party yesterday and the spending freeze hit a giant thaw. LOL

  24. First off - Fireball doesn't even sound fun. Anything with fire in the actual name... but this girl loves those Irish Car Bombs... MMmmmm....

    So your Fairy Godmother does custom table runners then? Hook me up please?!?!?! Love love love them!!

  25. I really want to try fireball just so I can legitimately say I hate it. I'm sure I will as I hate any booze that doesn't taste like candy. You're doing great on the freeze!

  26. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Looking over all those 'wants' from Target started giving me that shopping itch. I purposely stay away from Target and any other home decor stores because I lose the ability to say 'no' or think about my bank balance. Oh man, just looking at these cute accessories makes me want to run out and hit the shops!

  27. Love weekend trips to Target! Wow... that is quite the dinner. Can you cook for me? lol

    Thanks for linking up :)


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