Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

1. James Spader is killing it as Raymond Reddington. Killing it.

2. On Friday I finished Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald (more on that next week). My library isn't open on the weekend and was closed on Monday for MLK day. Tuesday and Wednesday were snow emergencies and Philadelphia city things were all closed - the library is a city branch. I just want to pick up my two books on hold but the weather is conspiring against me. Today the library is only open until 5, so I left my card with MFD with a "please let my husband pick up my books" note. Fingers crossed or I'm shit out of luck until Monday when they're open until 8 p.m.
3. As most of you know (or lived through), Philly got walloped with snow on Tuesday afternoon. It took me 3 hours to get home, but I didn't fall or wet my pants so I consider that a victory. This is the train platform at 1 pm on Tuesday - I couldn't get on the first train and the second one never came. Third time's a charm. I got home safely. Whenever there's a big snow in Philly, people sled down the Art Museum steps. This image is from local newscaster Cecily Tynan's Facebook page, she regrammed it from PhillyChitChat on Instagram. I always love seeing this.
This, not so much. This is what the vestibules of trains look like when it's snowing like a mother. Hence why not falling is a victory.
4. I love unblemished snow. I don't like when snow makes my commute a nightmare. And I don't like the interior aftermath of snow removal operations.
And we have to shovel a poop path for the dogs or they won't go. And by we I mean MFD.

5. I've been vigilant about laying my clothes out the night before. I love it. Even when I have to lay out two pairs of pants because it's so flipping cold.
6. I used lunch on my work from home day yesterday to do some linen closet purging. These days when I organize, I'm trying not only to fit what I have into spaces, but to actually leave space for additional things that will invariably come along. I emptied a bin and also made room in the teal basket where extras are kept.
7. Teen Mom 2 should be renamed Trainwreck. Adam and Jenelle could catch on fire and I wouldn't use my urine to put tit out.
8. I'm watching the Kardashians. I can't help it. I died laughing when Kim said, "I like how they're calling me the Queen." I'm sure you do, honey. I'm sure you do. But as always I love Lord Disick and I like Khloe. I feel bad for her with the entire Lamar Odom drugs and hos mess.

9. Ecard of the week. This, or move:
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Tomorrow, drug store beauty finds.
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  1. we have no snow here but it's bitchass cold. like, -25C cold. i'm not sure which is worse, these temps or the snow. either way, people are morons in the winter and drive like shit no matter what.

    LOVE LOVE blacklist. i can't get enough of raymond reddington.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. James Spader/ Raymond Reddington... Be still my heart <3 I've been watching season 8 of the Office just to see him.
    I waved/watched from the window as Steve snow blowed the driveways/sidewalks. It was tiring.
    I hope that MFD comes through!!!!!
    I can't stomach the Kardashians anymore, even for Lord Disick. I was really sad to see his father passed away just months after losing his mother. Boo.
    Tenn Mom- Vomit.. MTV needs to go away with this shows

  3. Gah... the boots, the gloves, the coats, they're EVERYWHERE! I am slightly jealous that you get to eat lunch at home! I love working out on my lunch breaks, but it would be great to be able to relax and catch up on my house-stuff over the lunch hour. It's just a little too far away from my office for it to work, though. I really should work from home once in a while like all my co-workers do.

  4. Spader does the bad guy so well. Always has.

    Love that striped chair.

    I also am sad for Khloe. Mostly meh about the rest, but Kim's comment about waiting to cry til she had not-fresh makeup made me want to cuttabitch. Real my arse.

  5. I hope that you get your books! It would be a tragic weekend with nothing to read!

    I cant handle Teen Mom. Those girls need a good talking to.

    My guilty pleasure is the Kards. They make me feel normal and like I have my shit together. I do feel for Khloe, she is my favorite of all of them. Lord Disick does crack me up as well. When will Kourtney ever cut him some slack?!

    Send me some snow. Please? Just a little though....nothing crazy. These southerners cant handle it!

  6. Love that people sled down the steps! I have to shovel out for Seamus too or he will not go either! Little dog problems! I am now highly ashamed of the shape that my linen closet is in! Good for you for getting rid of even more stuff. I feel really bad for Khloe, Courtney and her are really the only ones I can stand.

  7. I love the pic of sledding down the steps! Houston is currently in a state of "OMG there might be ice on the roads, commence freakout" mode. Meaning they are spraying the streets with anti-icing stuff even though it's 52 degrees this morning because it might freeze tomorrow. I'm ready for my office to tell me to come in at 10 tomorrow. I won't complain. I don't know how people in cold climates function - I find it fascinating!

  8. love that ecard!! also, I am glad you consider not wetting your pants a victory!

  9. I use to lay my clothes out the night before when I worked in an office, it was an attempt to maximize my sleep time and it worked!

    I like Khloe too, I watch Khloe and Lamar for a while. It's sad for both of them.

  10. In summer, it rains every single friggin' day, which I know isn't snow but things close down and my spoiled pups won't go outside to do their biz. Where can we all live where it is 70 all year round and no rain, snow, sleet, or hail?! Yea, I don't regularly watch The Kardashians, but when I find it on tv, I get sucked in for a few hours. I love Khloe, too. Kim is gross. the end.

  11. I have watched a few episodes of Blacklist, but I didn't watch it from the beginning, so I have no idea what the eff is going on. I need to go back to the first episode because I really like what I have watched.

    Having empty shelves and drawers is amazing. I just threw away a bunch of stuff that I have no idea why I was keeping. Hair product I have had for two years, but never use because I hate. Sometimes I am really good at throwing stuff away, and then I find crap that is like why the hell have I been keeping this?

    Our dogs also need a poop path and Leo's paws get too cold when he goes too far in the yard, so we have to go rescue him. It is not awesome.

  12. Hope your commute today is better! We still have NO snow, but REALLY REALLY REALLY cold temperatures. It blows. Cooper comes in from the bathroom and runs around like a mad man digging up any blanket he can find to try and snuggle in it.

  13. LOVE Red! Do not love the violence, but really LOVE Red! Teen mom- I need my secret laser sterilization gun for all of them. Never watched it, never will, same with the K's and J's. They complain about the media, but that insane coverage is exactly what they want and they keep amassing $$$$$$$$$$. Organized medicine cabinet and vanity in the master bath. Very nice, should have continued with the hall bath, but did not want to.
    Anyway, stay warm and safe and sound. Extra lights and angels where ever you go. #needwarmweathernoworatleast40's
    Love your MOMMA

  14. Ugh I feel bad everyone getting all that snow, and am glad you haven't fallen/peed your pants lol. When we lived up north, my dog was a "miss priss" and wouldn't go in the snow either. She's still the same way when it's raining out. Princess...

    And the KarTRASHians... I'm with you though the only ones I can stomach or Khloe and Scott. Kim and the mom disgust me.. they'll do anything to stay relevant and to make more $$. And her "the queen"? Puh-leeeze

  15. This weather is another reason why I'm glad we have indoor cats. I need to catch up on Blacklist. That's when I hate that Aaron and I watch the same shows because I wait for him to watch it together.

  16. that sledding down the museum steps looks kick ass! It's cold as fuck here too, but all that snow, yikesaroonies!

    ps I have family in Chester Springs, is that near you?

  17. Snow really is so pretty when its fresh and untouched...but then when I have to go clear my car off and battle with the shitty roads, I forget about that pretty quick.

  18. Had no idea Teen Mom 2 is back on! It's a guilty shameful pleasure. Although I want to watch Janelle's mouth out with south and teach her to be a lady. Going to have to catch this weekend. What is it about snow boots and accessories that make such a mess?!

  19. Oh James Vader. I am in love with that show and him. He's so good at being creepy! Jenelle actually lives really close to me and she was picked up by the local police a few months ago. I just wanted to go up there and be like dude, get your life together! I don't think they would have let me in though....

  20. ugh that sucks about all your snow. on the other side of the state here (Pittsburgh) it hasn't snowed a ton but it has been SO cold. I've been wearing 2 pairs of pants too just for my 3 block walk from my car to my building. ugh. I want spring right now.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  21. I'm laying clothes out too, to make sure I don't inadvertently under-dress and freeze all day. Love love love the striped chair, and the idea of leaving space when you organize.

    James Spader is on my To Do list.

  22. I've been dvr'ing Blacklist all season so that I can watch it at some point. I hear it is good so glad I took a chance and set my DVR when it started at the start of the show.

    By the way I'm always so impressed w/ how many comments you get on your posts. Not sure how many you comment on a day but you are clearly well liked! I think it is great. I really need to find a balance so that I can go back to reading and commenting like I use to. I always read on my phone and for some reason can't comment b/c it won't let me sign in! So frustrating!!

  23. I'm still bitter about the dismal amount of snow we've gotten this year. This morning on our drive to work it was 55 degrees. FIFTY-FIVE DEGREES. In January. In ALASKA. Normally it's in the teens, so I have zero idea what the frack is going on around here. Last year at this time we had 3 feet of snow.

    Teen Mom 2 is like watching a glorious trainwreck, but I just can't with the Kardashians. There's only so much stupidity and famous-for-doing-nothing that I can take.

  24. I don't watch the Kardashians anymore but I still feel bad for Khloe. It was weird that they got married so fast but she really did seem like she loved him and wanted to make it work. He's a tool. He used her and it didn't turn out the way he wanted it to so he's punishing HER for that??? Fucked up.
    Can I just tell you how happy I am that Johnny Cakes is literally SCARED of the outside and so he uses a potty pad in the apartment for his bidness?! That = no dumb poop path.

  25. you are not watchign the kardashians?!?!?! NO. that show. i guess it's entertaining? I wouldn't know since i don't have cable. I also don't think I could handle the type of snow you're dealing with right now. Looks scary to me. i need to start laying out my clothes, asap.

  26. Holy Blacklist. I'm a week behind, so I just watched the first one the other day. HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN ONE MAN KILL!!?!?! I had to stay up an extra episode of Friends. I was creeped out. His is super awesome though. I cannot get enough. Moving on... I am with you. I live in TX, and we are currently acting like idiots because of the impeding icy roadways. Get over it. Can't drive it in - DON'T. I get that it doesn't happen here often, but it does happen. Quit acting like the end of the world. Way to go MFD - Poop trail is awesome!

  27. I have to stop watching Jenelle and following her on twitter, it makes me sad for humanity but I just can't help myself. I can't look away!
    on the radio yesterday, they were interviewing people. I don't think Philly, I think it was near Boston or NYC? Either way, it was a woman who was like "well my 45 minute commute took me 4 hours... I really gotta pee now BYE" Best interview ever.

  28. Beautiful pictures of the snow! I haven't watched Teen Mom in forever! Definitely something I need to add to my weekend veg fest!

  29. I need to watch Teen Mom 2 this year... Speaking of Teen Mom, do you watch Farrah on Couples Therapy? All I can say is OMG..

  30. That is such a cool picture of people sledding down steps.

    I like watching the Kardashians but I have to choose my guilty pleasure shows wisely so I choose the Housewives, I can only handle my husband bitching about one show I watch.

    Great job not falling on the ice and snow. I always manage to fall but I bring it on myself by wanting to walk on ice.

  31. THE KARDASHIANS. I cannot. CAN. NOT. I still love you though.

    I also know nothing about snow so basically I am useless in this comment form today ;-)

  32. I'm so with you about the messy aftermath in your house after a snow day. It's so dirty, wet, and muddy and crap is just everywhere! I don't watch The Kardashians anymore because I hate Kim so much, but I've always loved Khloe and also feel really bad for her.

  33. I'm such a nerd, that I'm super excited to get a new library to explore when we move. Hope you got your books!
    PS. I totally watch the Kardashians every now and then. There is just something about them!


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