Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January Recommendations

Welcome to the first installment of my monthly recommendations! In the last week of every month, I will give you my recommendations and some sponsors will give you theirs in their own words so you can get to know them a little without me editorializing like some devil wearing Prada. Anything goes and it can run a little long so headers are bold for you skimmers. Links to blogs, twitter, and Instagram are provided. Follow these ladies if you're so inclined! I read them daily.
1. Purse organizers.  I have a Pouchee and that sucker is genius.  Somehow, I carry many things in winter - chapstick, lotion, hand sanitizer - and purse organizers are the best way to keep everything in their separate areas and easy to find.  Plus with a Pouchee, I can switch purses in 2 seconds.

2. A french martini.  Classic, girly, delicious. Strong.
3. Empire Records.  I'm disturbed there's so many people who haven't see this movie yet.  Please change that, you won't regret it.

4. Pocket hand warmers.  They make foot warmers too.  If you're in the part of the country that's freezing right now, stop by the drugstore and get the pocket warmers.  They work wonderfully!  Anything to help, right?

5. Learnvest App. My favorite new app (that's not candy crush) keeps track of your spending and lets you set up budgets and debt repayment schedules.  For some reason, I'm great at sticking with this app (unlike Mint), it's working well!
1. Organic argan oil - Those who have dry sensitive skin NEED this in their life. Especially during the brutal winters where the heat will wreak havoc, the argan oil is a non-greasy, easily absorbed oil that your skin will love. It is filled with fatty acids and vitamin E and penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin, which in turn will simplify your skin routine since you won't need as many products to keep your skin hydrated because this will do it all!

2. Working out first thing in the morning.  Let's face it - after a long day at work and bullshit commute home, the first thing you want to do as soon as you get home is take off your pants and bra and drink wine. Heading to the gym is NOT something you will ever want to do.  But working out first thing in the morning will set your tone for the day - you will be refreshed from a good night's sleep, you will feel badass all day, energized all day and sleep like the dead at night.
3. TV shows -  Arrow, The Blacklist, Graceland.  
Arrow: I binge-watched this over the holidays and WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE.  Not only is the main character Canadian (from Toronto, HOLLA!) he's hotness and the workout scenes will give you a major boner and the story line is also really good.  

Blacklist: I know you're with  me on this, Steph.  While i was never a huge fan of James Spader - even when he was an 80s popular brat - I am in this show.  He's so amazing as Reddinigton in a creepy, John Lithgow kinda way.
Graceland: Again, binge-watched this over the holidays.  Government agents living in a secret beach house called Graceland, it's espionage, hilarity and intense drama all wrapped up in a 1 hour treat.  Get on this.

4. Manuka Honey:  If you want to kick a cold's butt quick, get this.  It's hella expensive but so worth it.  melt some with lemon juice and kick your cold's ass.

5. A steam cleaner. Since stumbling upon my old purchase of this steam cleaner over the holidays, it's made cleaning so simple and I've ditched 95% of all chemical cleaners.  Steam cleaners clean and sanitize  naturally all in one shot - clean smarter people!!

1. Books - Lone Survivor (haven't seen the movie yet)
2. TV - American Idol and The Goldbergs
3. Movies - Drinking Buddies and 2 Guns
4. Blogs - of course Not Entirely Perfect, and Liz's:
5. Music - Give Me Back my Hometown by Eric Church, Drink a Beer by Luke Bryan, Helluva Life by Frankie Ballard, and I Hold On by Dierks Bentley

1. Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Ann Fowler. I'm intensely interested in tales of Hemingway and Fitzgerald and other writers of this era communing with artists both in America and in France. I was totally into this book, and sometimes it was hard to remember that it was fiction. Which is weird, because I typically don't read or enjoy nonfiction books, even biographies. This felt like a look into the days of the much storied Fitzgeralds, and I liked being nosey. I enjoyed The Paris Wife for the same reason.

2. OdoBan. If you have a dog who marks, you need OdoBan. Lori told me about it, I got it, and it removes all odors. Nothing lingers. May I die after inhaling it? Sure. Is it worth it to eradicate the smell of marking? Yes. Normally I'm all save the earth, but not when it comes to pee. Sorry. 
3. Baby spinach. In everything. I just want to add it to everything, and eat a million salads based in baby spinach. You can also add a bit of sauteed spinach to almost any meal, and it's really great for you. 

4. Glass water bottles from Target. They're pretty durable, and if you're still afraid to break careful.

5. Organic coconut oil for your dogs. If your dogs have coat issues or skin allergies, put a teaspoon of organic coconut oil in their food once a day and you will see a difference in their skin and coats within four days. 
There you have it. I hope you found something in here that speaks to you, and I hope you visit Steph, Kathy, and Cassie and follow along on their blogs. 

A special happy birthday to my cousin Tiffany today! Have a fabulous one. 

Toodleoo, mofos.


  1. Fun post! I have also tried Mint and failed at using it for budgeting (I just get warnings 3 days too late that I've overdrawn the damn account AGAIN) so I'm going to check out Learnvest. Thanks for the tip!

  2. i love this post! i also went to that pouchee site because the state of my purse would seriously give you organizing peeps a heart attack.

    and yes to baby spinach! i tried to hop on the kale wagon and while i agree that it's so healthy for you, eating raw kale is about as delicious as eating cardboard. or ass. either way, it's awful.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Bolding for the skimmers for the win! I'm sad to admit that I am halfway back on the American Idol train this year. My husband loves it but gave it up the past season or two but he is liking this year, which means I halfway pay attention to it while I blog in the evenings. Harry Connick Jr. is pretty funny though, so it isn't all bad.

  4. I loved how this featured everyone. I love me some spinach. I am going to try the coconut oil since Seamus is having some major skin issues lately. He keeps licking. :(

  5. toodaloo, mofos!

    lots of good stuff in here--I need a pouchee and a glass bottle and to finally watch the blacklist and that lone survivor looks good and I'm totally down with baby spinach and I sucked at mint so totally gonna try learn vest. woof. I got lots to do now, thanks to this post!

  6. Love everyones recommendations! I need to look into this purse organizer, especially!

  7. Agree on many of these. Spinach is the best. Popeye the Sailor Man knew it years ago-many years ago. Now his song is in my head. Another snowfall last night. I am so done with this. Only snow I like is the kind that does not lay and accumulate- air snow flakes. Wicked cold, too. #enough
    Stay warm! Love your MOMMA

  8. Baby spinach is one of my favorites. I'm not sure why I held off on spinach for so long. I'm going to go ahead and move that book up my list. I've heard great things from numerous people. I love this post - what a great way to introduce sponsors.

  9. Baby spinach is so good. I love just tossing it with some olive oil and sea salt and sautéing for a few minutes. Also one of my favorite salads: baby spinach, hard boiled egg, bacon, red onion, gorgonzola-- toss with a cider vinegar/olive oil dressing. I like the idea of glass bottles, but I'm such a klutz I'm afraid I'll break and cut myself.

  10. Checking out Pouchees as we speak. Ditto on the blog recs, and I never thought of Argan oil for skin, only hair. I'm on it.

  11. I might need to try this coconut oil trick, my dogs fur looks horrid when she sheds.

  12. gah empire records is the best. also need to check out that learnest app. thanks for all the tips ladies!

  13. Love Steph and Kathy but I'll need to check out Cassie. Thanks!!

  14. Aw thanks for the shoutout Cassie, I love you too! And thanks Steph for all these recommendations, I have some things to check out! I'm actually taking Hawkeye to the vet tonight because she's been chewing her back leg. I'm going to make sure it's nothing major, but does look like dry skin or an allergy. Maybe it's the weather? Going to try the oil for sure!

  15. I just got odoban and can't wait to try it (since some little puggy has been on a marking spree, sigh). also will try the coconut oil trick! bowie has skin issues/allergies so i'll see if this helps. and I NEED to do Kathy's suggestion of working out in the mornings. I've been so cold and lazy lately oops.
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  16. I need the OdoBan. Leo is a total asshole and marks everything. We actually just priced out hardwood floors so we can rip out all of our carpeting. I can't wait.

  17. Coconut oil rocks! And these babies - chemical free - are a great foil for marking... nothing to clean up! I keep some on hand for visiting dogs who are markers.

    There are several similar products out there.

  18. I'm intrigued by the pouchee. I have a gazillion purses but rarely change them out because of having to transfer all the shit.

  19. I love Empire Records! Such a great movie! And I agree with working out in the morning. My motivation is gone by 4PM and if I haven't worked out by then, it's not happening. Which really isn't good.

    So many other good recommendations, too. My dogs are itchy as hell from the dryness so I'll be looking into the coconut oil. Also the purse organizers. I'm too lazy to change purses mainly because of all the transferring.

    Looking forward to reading all of your blogs, too!

  20. Working out int the morning??? Do people really do that? LOL! And even though I have seen Lone Survivor...I am dying to read the book....that movie struck my heart!! This is a fun post and cool seeing everyone's POVs.

  21. I've never heard of OdoBan, but I'm definitely going to try it! My little pooch just loves marking, and steam cleaning daily is getting old. Thanks for the great recommendation!

    PS - Are there really people out there who haven't seen Empire Records? C'mon, it's Rex Manning!

  22. How fun!!! Ok for the pee - have you done the baking soda and vinegar? You have to leave it for hours, but it does work - esp. with the smell. And THANKS about the coconut oil. My old girl has MAJOR skin issues to the point of infections sometimes. This sounds awesome!! She will just think she is getting gravy on her food! HA! Love this post!

  23. I'm DEFINITELY trying OdoBan. Also, I feel a little (a LOT) pathetic that that's what excited me the most from this post.

    1. Amanda check my comment below on Odoban.

  24. This is how I heard about Odoban. A woman I know bought a house in Florida. The previous owners had a litter box in one room but cats apparently used the floor too. Removed all flooring, concrete slab as there are no basements in Florida still smelled. Neighbor told here about Odoban they washed the concrete floor with Odoban, 3 years later smell has never returned. Yep reading the directions can scare you but pee smell lingering...scarier. Checking out pouchees now.

  25. I'm going to have to get some of that Odoban - I have a cat that sprays his way out of the litter box on occasion. Going to order this now!

  26. Oh, I loooooove this post! New things for me to learn about and buy and read? Perfect.


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