Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter goals

For my fall goals click here, for my fall goal roll call click here

Hausfrauing & Organization Things
1. Seasonal purge and reorganize, focusing on utility closet and photo albums
2. Clean all baseboards (hated quarterly chore)
3. Complete transition from plastic to glass food storage
4. Wash windows
5. Vacuum window treatments
6. Switch out some photos in frames

Kitchen Things
1. Try five new recipes
2. Attempt french bread
3. Eat at three new to me restaurants
4. Cheesesteak Tour

Entertainment Things
1. See two movies in the theater
2. Watch two new movies at home
3. Catch up to Sons of Anarchy's current season
4. Read five books

Health & Beauty Things
1. Exercise three times a week
2. Take vitamins daily
3. Less sweets, more veggies...after Christmas cookies are gone, of course
4. Go to bed earlier

Money Things
1. Spending freeze in January with a link up in February. Are you in?

Are you ready to link up tomorrow? Anything and everything goes - your favorite life events/books/movies/recipes/products. Join Jen from That's What She Read and me for a Year in Review Link Up - Your Favorite Things in 2013. Grab the code below and spread the word! Let's get a highlight reel going around the internets. Those of you who don't have a blog, get your list ready! I want to read your 2013 highlights here in the comments tomorrow!
That's What She Read


Hibernation time?
I'll get shit done anyway.
Kiss my grits winter. 
Do you have any winter goals, plans, to dos? Tell me alllll about them.

And before I forget, did you catch my Christmas Q&A with Steph from Insert Classy Here? Check it out!

And most importantly, did you get 9.5 hours of sleep last night? I did. HOLLER.

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  1. my winter goal is to survive the winter without killing anyone on the freaking roads. i hate winter driving!

    great list of goals! i know you'll kick butt in all of them

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I wish I could join you on the cheesesteak tour! Also a January spending freeze sounds like a great idea. I might join you.

  3. Did you see on the news that now they are claiming multi-vitamins don't have the positive effects we once thought? If that's the case, save your money and go to MAC!

    A fabulous list of goals, my friend! I like the one about trying new restaurants. I always end up at the places I know are good, but never get adventurous and try new places. So many amazing eats it there! Looking forward to reading about it in the new year.

    Spending freeze boooooooyah!!,

    Thanks for linking up! Giggle

  4. You're so organized!
    I think I'm in for a spending freeze.

  5. Great goals! I HATE cleaning baseboards, I just did that last weekend.

  6. I had nightmares all night, and kept waking myself up to try to switch them off. My goal for this winter is to get myself out of my funk.

  7. screw you for posting this and reminding me i need to clean my basebaords :) I think I need to do my whole walls to be honest yuck!!!

  8. Great goals! I totally need to do some of them like the baseboards and spending freeze or at least bulking up my savings.

  9. I do not want to set goals. I want to la-la along, but I am committing to get to a healthy weight once and for all.
    15-20 lbs gone and exercising. And purging. And less sweets. Mostly getting under control. I have been on a spending freeze for 20 yrs and am better for it. How much stuff, etc. do we REALLY need. I also believe I can do all this traveling,etc. when I am on the other side and beam myself places, avoiding horrendous travel.
    Wrapping today!!! Staying off the roads, because I can.
    Happy and grateful and blessed.
    Your loving MOMMA

  10. Yikes - goals. I would love to do the plastic-to-glass transition, but I don't have much space. Glass takes up so much more space. But I have been working on it.
    Purging would be nice too. If I could get rid of all the tupperware, maybe I could fit a bit of glass.
    And crap, I better get some exercise....

    It's snowing today
    (takes away my energy)
    I'll sit like a lump.

  11. this is such a great list! I should make one too, to keep myself on track. I hate cleaning the baseboards too, but agree that it's a necessary evil!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  12. ooooooh these are really really good! No, seriously, I might steal them all! I'm with you for no spending in January, let's do it!! Also, Hausfrauing, hahahahahahaha!

  13. exercise, that is exactly what I need to be doing. but i hate it.

  14. Nooooo not cleaning the baseboards!!! Baseboards and my wooden window blinds are the death of me. Gosh I hate it!!! This is an EXCELLENT list and you have officially inspired me to start making seasonal goals. You should do a seasonal goals link up!

  15. Our goals mirror one another....except I can't play in the spending freeze game...sorry! Good luck!! You can do it!

  16. Ohhh totally going to join in your spending freeze! Already planned events don't count right?

  17. I *seriously* need to set some kind of cleaning goals. Making a cleaning schedule would be a great start. Right now I just clean haphazardly and it feels like I'm always behind!

  18. Washing windows in the winter? Man, I'm definitely putting that off till it gets warmer! And I like spending freezes well enough but I'm going on vacation in January so I foresee a little money-spending...

  19. Yay for no more plastic! It is going to be hard... but I am in for the no spending January!

  20. I need to make a goals list, but I fear that there will be 2403804830483 items on it.

    Would you believe that for all the times I have been to Philly, I have never had an authentic cheesesteak? This must be remedied when I return in February. Hopefully we can catch up again!

  21. I saw on pinterest an easier way to clean baseboards. I never do it, so I don't remember it, but in case you don't have any tricks, research before you start! You probably have tricks though, you are the queen. Good luck on everything! You always rock at your goals.

  22. I meant to write my whole recap this weekend… fail. I'll be working on it all evening. :) I'm so excited to read everyone's recaps tomorrow. I live for this kind of stuff.

  23. We need to catch up on SOA, too. We only started watching in the middle of last season... bVt from the beginning - so we're only on the LAST season but we DVR'd the current one so it'll be ready to go. Have you read any spoilers? I liiiive for spoilers. Some crazy shit happens.

  24. I LOL'd - "after the Christmas cookies are gone" Hahaha!

    Gdod Luck!

  25. Ha ha ha! "After Christmas cookies are gone, of course." Of COURSE!

  26. I really really really need to do a no spend Jan. I also need to make a budget and get my shit together. I've been spending like crazy on xmas presents for others and myself. Ugh!

  27. You know I'm in for the spending freeze and I absolutely can not wait!

  28. Ohhh I need to get caugh up on SOA as well...I'm mostly just afraid of the sads that are coming.

    I should definitely try a spending freeze with you! Please force me to. Thanks, boss.

  29. Its super freezing in NC and i`m wearing Jerzees Hoodies, GOD!!!! i wish some sun rays!!!



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