Monday, December 16, 2013


Most of my weekend was spent walking up and down the steps of my house between all three floors in pajamas purging and reorganizing and moving shit around until I had to sit down because my feet and legs hurt. I didn't think you'd want photos of that, although it is a lovely vision. So I decided to open up with three angry pug elves.

Last week I repainted MFD's office and turned it into big walk in closet for him where he can be messy with his clothes, leave his beloved ironing board up 24/7/365, and hoard scraps of paper as he is wont to do. He used to do those things in one of the spare rooms AND the office, and it was not working out well for my mental state being the borderline OCD person I am. I deleted the farging before photos off of my camera. WTF! So you can just see the wall color before. There was a desk in there that's been moved, and I brought the chair up from the living room. It's as done as it's going to get this close to Christmas.
The desk landed in the library in the basement:
I wish photos existed without dog toys and bones in them, but that would require a lot of foresight on my party. Moving on. We got a new king bed in our bedroom, necessitating a rearrangement:
Our queen bed went into the blue room and the larger bed meant more rearranging:
And that double bed from in there went into the green room so, you guessed it, more rearranging:
When I wasn't doing things related to that, I was in the kitchen.
1. Saturday night's dinner: Disney Cruise Line Tomato Bisque and grilled cheese. MFD did the outside of the bread in mayo instead of butter a la DeejayMcCay.
2. Chocolate Chip Cookies, I straight up follow the Toll House recipe on the chips except I add a little more vanilla and less chips.
3. Peanut butter swirl cookies. These are flat as frick.
4. Salsa chicken in the crock for this week's dinners: five frozen chicken boobs, a jar of salsa, a can of diced green chiles, a few shakes of taco seasoning on low for five hours, shred and bomb. Fillings for tacos or fit to serve over rice or on a salad.
5. Pork tenderloin, oven roasted potatoes, and steamed broccoli for Sunday dinner. I seem to crave pork in the winter. They should call it the other winter white meat.

Also, it snowed for the third time in a week. This is not Fargo, Mother Nature. It's Philadelphia. Get it together. I have to say I'm pleased as punch the way my yellow door looks in every season. And I adore the snow man Carol & my dad handed down to us.
Sunday was more laundry (12 freaking loads this weekend as the couches got washed, and one set of cushions got washed twice thanks to Mae puking on them) and some shopping. It's not so bad to be out among the masses when you're buying a second set of sheets instead of Christmas shopping.

All of those things 
 photo wknd_zps3dca425e.jpg
Christmas crunch time. Are you ready?

Check out my Christmas Q&A with Steph from Insert Classy Here today!

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  1. Wooohooo fist comment! I love the angry pug elves. We dressed Leo and Sam as Santa and his elf for our Christmas cards last year, but I didn't get it together to do anything fun this year.

    I think we finally finished shopping yesterday, except for a few gift cards we can only get locally in our respective home towns. I am fairy certain it is not going to stop snowing until May.

    I pinned the tomato bisque post. I am a traditionalist when it comes to tomato soup--Campbell's out of the can, no fancy stuff. I won't eat it if there are chunks of anything, rice, etc. but this I might be able to do.

  2. "This is not Fargo, Mother Nature. It's Philadelphia." That made me snort. I'm still pissed Sheena Parveen has a job. I mean, I get meteorology is about predictions and patterns and shit, but c'mon. Get it right, woman!
    Speaking of weather, it's going up to a balmy 28 degrees today, so I'm making your soup for dinner!!!
    All the rooms look fantastic, the hard work paid off. I'm diggin the desk in the Library, it just kinda finishes the room off. Now rest, woman!

  3. I am totally trying the soup this week. My husband lives for grilled cheese and tomato soup. And I LOVE that door. The one on our house was black and I always wanted a color, but couldn't make up my mind… so it's still black and now I live in an apartment for 2 years.

  4. I love making that crock pot salsa chicken. Mmmm.

    Also your house is looking amazing! Way to go. That's a lot of work, I am sure.

    have a good week!

  5. After seeing that pic of Maisel and the boys, I instagrammed a pic of Gussie and Chauncey dressed up for our family
    Christmas pic. Gussie immediately went into a state of depression. So funny.
    God love you doing all of that in one darn weekend. I am not a furniture huffler/ mover at all. G always was!!!

    Lights and love to all who are having issues during the Christmas season. And a big, whopping thanks for all of the good that exists in this universe. Between TV and people in our lives, sadness at Christmas seems sadder.
    Carpe diem and button up your overcoats. #FRIGID

    Love your MOMMMA

  6. Shuffler not huffler jmj
    your momms

  7. I'm ready! Got the last of the decorating done yesterday, plus almost all the Christmas cards!a nd Shawn helped me wrap all of the gifts that have arrived so fat. I'm in good shape!

  8. dang someone had a productive weekend!

  9. so i live in toronto which isn't too far from philly. please come over and organize my house because you are obviously an organizing wizard mmmkaythanks.

    it's cold as fuck here and we had a snow dump over the weekend too. it wasn't bad; maybe 5-10cm or so but out west got it worse.

    Vodka and Soda

  10. I love that snowman! I still have some decorating to do and a few gifts to buy. And those Christmas cards that I ordered so early? Yeah, still haven't addressed and mailed them. LOL

  11. I can't believe all you did!! it looks so good!!

  12. Holy cow! You had such a productive weekend. So jealous of all your redecorating and I want some of those cookies :) Love the READ sign.

  13. What a fun weekend - those dogs are adorable, and I'm looking forward to reading your tomato Bisque recipe now!

  14. I make the salsa crock pot chicken all the time, it's a go to for sure!

  15. That is a lot of re-arranging!! Girl I would be exhausted! You rock! Mayon on grilled cheese?! I have never heard of that before. Love the snowman!

  16. I require your organizing services for my dog room/office/storage room/gift wrapping station/extra closet/craft room. K, thanks.

    The pug elves are adorable!!! I love how you managed to get all 3 in one shot and not all blurry. Mac would NEVER sit with ears on his head. Ever.

  17. You were busy as usual and I couldn't even muster up enough energy to do laundry. Cute snowman!! I have an ornament exactly like it. I love that your rooms have names. I gotta get to baking and I'm not excited about it. Other than that, and wrapping presents, I'm ready for Christmas!

  18. love your angry pug elves! you got so much done this weekend! I did a mini-purge of some of my clothes and tried to organize our tiny office a bit - I wish I would've taken before photos because it looked like something had exploded in there before I cleaned it. i'll need to remember to at least get some in progress photos.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  19. You were busy this weekend! Come paint my house now!

  20. Oh, Mae. No more puking.

    The rooms look amazeballs! Yay you.

  21. Wow.. you always amaze me with how much you get accomplished on the weekends!

  22. Well, this morning WAS designated 'finish wrapping day', but Florence (my 92 year old neighbor) was rudely awakened at the crack of dawn by her smoke alarm. After she and I determined there was no fire, she called maintenance for their humble opinion... their recommendation? Get out of the house now and call 911. So this morning and a little bit of this afternoon saw her and her little dog here, visiting, worrying, drinking coffee, and otherwise not getting things done. All in the hairy space I call home. How embarrassing. The fire department and the police and the heating repair company have all been by, Florence just went home (still in pjs and bathrobe, and the day continues. Other than that, I'm just about ready. Although I guess I'd best vacuum. Drat.

  23. I always make chocolate chip cookies from the toll house recipe and they are always approved and demolished within minutes. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

  24. Thanks for making me feel like a lazy fuck. I'm with you on dog toys in pictures. It almost seems weird if there AREN'T any.

  25. Angry pug elves?! HAHHAHAAHAAH. I'm impressed you got them to all pose WITH their hats on at the same time. :)

  26. Loved seeing the room transformations! I'm working on that in my house too. All your meals look so yummy! Found you through the Monday Morning Gossip link up. Stop by and say hi sometime!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    FYI - giveaway at my blog!

  27. I just love their angry little elf faces. Fabulous. And I love all the dog/dog toy photo bombs, it really wouldn't look like your home without it. You made awesome progress! And you didn't murder MFD! Are you feeling better?
    And I love that snowman, and your yellow door. Just adorable!

  28. Your rooms look great! Do you love your king bed?! We debated a lot about getting ours but now I could *never* go back!!

  29. Your domestication and rearranging and kitchen antics are really killing my ego...just saying. Dear Lord, you would have a heart attack if you saw my house at this very moment...

  30. Dang you got a lot done! Each week I read your post and think "Wow, she does so much I should too!" bahaha jk! I know my lazy ass couldn't accomplish 1/4 of what you do every weekend!

    Thanks for linking up :)


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