Monday, December 30, 2013

TWTW - last in 2013 version

I love days off. Friday was my fourth day off in a row. There was much rejoicing throughout the land. 
1. MFD and I met my brother and Aub for a 9:30 viewing of The Wolf of Wall Street. I love Leo, Jonah Hill was awesome, and the movie was good but 45 minutes too long.
2. After the movie, much lounging and reading ensued.
3. Chinese delivery for dinner. 
4. DVR catch up, SNL Jimmy/JT On Demand, and Promised Land. It was good, but I know personally of the good impact natural gas can have on a community, so I think it was a little one sided. 
Hausfrauing like a boss and a nice run in the fields for the dogs followed by a framily dinner. 
We had salad and I made two types of mac & cheese: my regular recipe with ham, and then a brie and bacon mac and cheese that was fabulous. I will be posting both recipes soon. The roux picked up bacon bits and it was very good. Dessert was please eat whatever sugary goods I have left in my house. Am I the only person who craves salad after Christmas is over? It's like my body is riding a cookie train and wants to jump off. 
I headed to my Mom's at 10:30 for brunch with my second family, the Mondellis. I ate and drank all the things. 
MFD met me there and we went on to visit his Gram and nieces since we didn't see them on Christmas. It was a full day and we got home after 6 and got right into pajamas. 

Today? I'm off and hoping not to leave the house. Utility closet, I've got my eye on you. Mama's got the urge to purge and organize. 

How was your weekend?

Please go check out Vodka and Soda and wish one of my favorite and most hilarious blog friends a very happy birthday. 
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  1. I want to see the Wolf if Wall Street!

  2. Overall do you think the Wolf of Wallstreet was a good movie? I am dying to see it, but I am surprised it's freaking 3 hours. But I love Joana Hill and of course Leo! I hope you enjoyed your days off, looks like you did. Another short week for you this week?!

  3. Lovely time yesterday! The amount of bad foods in my house is overwhelming. I do feel like a slug when I eat them.
    There are way worst things than not being able to eat whatever I want. I am developing mantras to help me do my mind, body, and soul a favor.
    Doing wash like it's my job. Oh, it is!
    Carpe diem!
    Love your MOMMA

  4. Oh man, I so badly want to see the Wolf of Wallstreet. We went to a movie on Christmas night, and the only thing that still had tix available was for Anchorman was funny. More of a Redbox rental, but the dogs running outside!

  5. Mac and cheese with brie? That sounds amazing. I agree about Wolf of Wall Street- so good but definitely longer than needed!

  6. i had chinese and watched a leo movie this weekend! ~weird~ but it was great gatsby. i'm jealous that you're not leaving the house. i want nothing but to do just that.

  7. The Chinese food looks so good. Brie and Bacon mac and cheese sounds AMAZING! I thought the same thing about Promised Land. I have oil heat now which blows, stinks it was one sided but still good John K was really good in it.

  8. I love the cookie train analogy. Just this morning (as I was stuffing my face with leftover Margarita cookies) I thought I need to eat them all or toss them so I can fit green veggies in my belly again.

  9. can't wait for the brie mac & cheese... although let's face it, when will I make it?

  10. I purged and organized all weekend, it was glorious. We even did John's place, and found a card I gave him 8.5 years ago. I almost had a heart attack BECAUSE WHO KEEPS CARDS FOR 9 YEARS. Ugh.
    I love the photo of the pups running in the field. They're always lounging, so I was like wait... whose dogs are these?!
    And what are those cake looking things with chocolate on top on Sunday? They look magical.

  11. I can't stand it when they make a good movie just a little bit (or a lot bit) too long.

    Your Christmas looks like it was a ton of fun!! And no, you're not the only one who craves salads after the holidays. I'm about ready to go on my annual sugar fast.

  12. Mac and Cheese with bacon??? Mama DeFusco can't wait for that recipe to be posted. I wish I had the urge for salad, but it still find myself reaching for Rocher and cookies. Must try salad. Steve and I are going to the movies, we were thinking about the Leo movie, but not sure I can sit still for that long. Now torn between Anchorman and American Hustle. We watched Promise Land the other day, too! It was kind of nice to see John Krasinski in a douche canoe role.

  13. i LOVE movies during the holidays! unfortunately, we haven't had the chance yet; it's been non-stop dinners and lunches and brunches. tonight is my ANNUAL DESSERT and i'm so freaking excited i can hardly sit still. mouth explosion will ensue tonight at 7pm so no salad until tomorrow!

    thanks for the bday wishes, bosom buddy! xoxoxo

    Vodka and Soda

  14. His gram is cute! Glad you had a good weekend. I, like you, crave healthy stuff after the holidays too. I need some green stuff and an ice water stat.

  15. I love Chinese takeout! and the Jimmy/JT SNL was phenom. the skit of Family Feud when JT acted like Jimmy was the best thing I've ever seen, I couldn't handle it.

  16. I wanted to go see Wolf on Wall St. this weekend too, but I saw how long it was and decided to wait until it's out on DVD. I get uncomfortable in movie theater seats for too long, plus I always have to pee and don't want to get up and miss anything :-P

    I'd rather watch in the comfort of my own home with the pause option :0)

  17. I still need to catch Jimmy and JT on SNL. I wish I had seen a movie or two but not yet. I am binge watching Orange is the New Black right now.

  18. Can't wait to see your mac & cheese recipes!! And I ate and drank all things too. And seeing pics of your pups makes me sad. We dropped Gus off at bird dog training school today and I am a WRECK! :( In other news, Happy New Year, sweet friend!! xoxo

  19. ah looks like another fun weekend. love the sight of those running puggies!! and jealous of your time to clean. my house so needs it!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  20. "Hausfrauing" might be the best word I've ever read. It's my goal to use it in a sentence this week.

  21. Leo was so hot in that movie. I mean, besides the whole drug addict man-whore thing. Talk about a fine wine.

  22. Ugh the cookie train! I'm really sick of sweet Christmas treats now too. Thankfully after our trip we came home to completely empty cupboards so we can completely start over with the food buying. :-p

  23. Totally love all the family photos. And I am with you 100% on the salad after Christmas. I always want to do like a complete detox...

  24. I wish Philly and Houston were closer because I would very much like to join your framily and eat this brie and bacon mac and cheese. You're right, I am craving a salad, but I wouldn't turn down that deliciousness, ever. I heard the same thing about Wolf of Wall Street but I still want to see it. One day when I feel very awake.


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