Monday, December 9, 2013

TWTW - dollah dollah bills version

This weekend can be summed up in three words: food, cash, freezing. The expanded version:

1. After many years of wanting one so we can all get some goddamn sleep, we purchased a king bed and I only nearly murdered MFD once in the process over an adjustable base. Sorry, they remind me of those old people in the commercials with their adjustable beds and remotes. I also won the laying test for the non-pillow top. We have one now that cost a zillion dollars and I just don't think they wear well. We got the mattress set at Sears for 50% off + 10% off (MFD reminded her of the 10%, points for him). It was a great deal, Merry Christmas to us!
Also on Friday: MFD purchased an acceptable to him fake tree. I've been lobbying for a fake for years. The one we ordered online was a slim turd so I didn't have high hopes for getting one this year but he found one he liked. WINNING.
2 - 4. Friday night dinner out: apps + desserts = the way to go.
5. Lounging with the dogs, The Blacklist (Jesus Christmas!) and Entertainment Weekly - a good way to end a week.
1. Running errands like a boss. Marshalls for Christmas gifts and king sheets (I always buy sheets at Marshalls - better sheets for a good price!), Aldi and Giant for groceries, all done by noon.
2. Lake Afton in Yardley. I love ducks.
3. Buddy the Elf came out for the Yardley Christmas Parade.
4. It was cold. That dog in the cab knows what's up.
5. I think it's really cool to live so close to where George Washington crossed the Delaware, but reenactors shooting off muskets makes my heart thud in an OMG type of way.
6. Hey fans of The Voice - Matthew Schuler got mad props at his hometown Christmas parade.
7. Very happy to be going to a warm car.
8. We finished Christmas shopping at Target with Starsucks.
9. One dish broiled chicken was goo-ood Clark.
1. Coffee and lounging
2. Sausage egg muffins for this week's breakfasts
3. Sunday Soup - Italian Wedding
4. Dinner - another one pan dish. Oven roasted sausage, potatoes, and peppers, recipe from Lila's Apron. Delicious and easy.

I had grand plans for Sunday - we were moving the desk down to the library via the front door and MFD was going to do the outside decorations and trim the tree. Snow derailed it all (tree items are out in the shed), coming in fast and making the roads and outdoor conditions in general hideous. We took the dogs to the fields and let them run. They love dashing through the snow, even Mae with her short little legs.
All of those things 
 photo wknd_zps3dca425e.jpg
Wishing myself and everyone else in the Philly area a seamless Monday morning commute.

What was the best thing about your weekend?

 photo redsig_zps5103b6e2.jpg


  1. I hope you are have a smooth commute... But, let's be real. This is SEPTA. They can't be on time when the weather is perfect. Just keep thinking of the free DD you can get! Go Eagles!!
    A new mattress is joyful enough, but you and the MFD had a fantastic weekend!! Glad there were no casualties in Sears.

  2. King sized bed wins the weekend. How five beings fit into a queen is beyond me. Darn entitled pets - my cat does the same thing!

    I totally thought of you with the Eagles game and all that snow. Made me realize I need to go buy a real coat before we go to the east coast for Christmas!

    And the best part of my weekend was seeing my nieces open their Christmas gifts. Love them so much!

  3. once you find a good king size bed, YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK. we've had one for years now and it's the best thing since sliced bread. whenever we go on vacay and can't get a king, i complain THE WHOLE TIME that hubs is hogging the bed because i can't stretch out like usual. and stretching out means me practically having the whole entire king bed while he has a 6" sliver of the corner. #LIKEABOSS

    sounds like your weekened was awesome!! we got snow here too which surprised us because i don't think anyone was expecting it

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I got the tree done, almost all the decorations, and nursed my asshole knees. The place smells of essential oils... not so Christmasy, but nice.

  5. There were a lot of good things about my weekend, but the best was pork belly, at dinner Saturday night. You will love the king bed.

  6. I'm totally jealous of your snow! However, I think watching my coworkers stumble around drunk at the company Christmas party might have been my favorite of the weekend. Those are the types of memories that I'll cherish for a lifetime. :)

  7. The best thing about my weekend was surviving the drive home from the child's birthday party, in the snow, with the balloons attacking me and my husband the entire time. Then I ate a cupcake and took a nap. I deserved it.

  8. Congrats on the King sized bed, sure it will make the nightly snuggles a little more comfortable. The parade looks like so much fun! Stay warm!

  9. A king size bed? How lovely! Maybe one day. I love all the snow pug pictures. So stinking cute!!! Is that Crème Brule that you had for desert? Mmmmmmm. My fave.

  10. Lovely blog! Rich and I are going to miss The Blacklist tonight. Even tho I hide my eyes during the violent parts, I just love it. Love The Voice, too. Matthew has been blessed with a beautiful spiritual singing voice! Apps and desserts are my favorite & will be our holiday fare for 12-26 ! Love 'dashing through the snow" pups, too. Even little, weeny Maisel.
    Very grateful that all of my people were eventually safe & warm (constant lights to Mike Doyle on the 95- JMJ)
    Happily preparing our room for the pre-lit artificial tree. Stringing lights and unstringing lights on a tree is very annoying. Thank you Martha Stewart 6 or 7 year old tree. Hope all the snow melts and we get no more! And the temps go enough above freezing for #NOBLACKICE
    Safe and happy Monday to all!

    Love your MOMMA

  11. king size bed what what!!! thats exciting. also love that you went to a parade. im very jealous of that.

  12. looks like a good weekend! we're about due for a new mattress too, maybe next year. and love the puggies in the snow! our rosie doesn't mind the snow but bowie acts like you're killing him when you make him walk on the snow haha.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  13. Pretty snow! And yay for a new bed!

  14. OMG that little pup is so freaking cute in the snow!


  15. I made empanadas for dinner yesterday... that was the highlight of my weekend! hahahaha

  16. King size bed for the win! Your Sunday weather was our Friday. It was entertaining watching the Eagles game (we didn't get the Steelers). My mom actually called me to tell me to turn it on. LOL

  17. I envy your king size bed! I bet you'll sleep much better with all the room. I also love your snow pictures although I admit I only like them because there is no snow here!

  18. I want a king size bed! I just don't want the hassle of getting it to our upstairs:( and I make the mini fritiattas for my husband, thinking he can have them for breakfast a few days a week...about that, he eats them all in one setting. Men.

  19. That's an awesome deal on the mattress, damn! Go you!
    The sausage and peppers looks fab, I have to try that one. Was it easy? (My level of easy)

  20. My weekend has turned into a 4 1/2 day weekend, so that's pretty awesome.
    I dream about the idea of a King bed. Someday.
    It's cold here too!

  21. man, when we switched up to a king bed it was awesome. so much room! but, yeah, it's a hassle to move. ha.

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  22. After much fluffing and a shit ton of ornaments and light, our fake tree finally looks legit. So much easier than the real tree. What an effing disaster that was last year.

    We bought a king bed this weekend too. I almost fell over at the cost of king mattresses; hello greatly understimating the cost of them. Of course our new headboard and bed frame is out of stock until the end of the month. Womp womp. I almost had a meltdown in the furniture store when they told me this.

  23. Jealous of your new mattress! I have a pillow top which was also super expensive and so not impressed. I'll go your route next time too. And can't wait to catch up on my Blacklist episodes!

  24. I'm jealous of your bed and all the yummy food you got to eat. Will you adopt me?

  25. The Blacklist.... I;m DYING.... whens it coming back... I need to know. AHHHHH

    The reindogs are the cutest things ever. Cold weather = frisky pups!

    Enjoy your new bed. Anything smaller from now on will feel elf sized

  26. King size bed if you are more than one person. No need for a pillow top. I just refreshed my king mattress of 13 years with a $138 pillow top mattress cover. Perfect & can replace many, many, many times without paying what I would for a new regular king size mattress.

  27. SNOW!! I know it sounds obnoxious but it's been cold in SoCal too. Not snow cold, but cold for us. Looks like you had fun at the parade despite the chill :)


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