Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday the 13th and other crap I don't believe in

Do you get spooked by Friday the 13th, walking under ladders, crossing paths with black cats? I don't believe in those things even though 2013  was total crap for many of my loved ones. are some other things aside from Friday the 13th doom and gloom that I don't believe in:

1. Horoscopes. Do we have certain characteristics attributable to our sun, moon, and rising signs? Yes. Can we figure out our days based on a four line horoscope in the paper that applies to every Pisces in the world? I don't think so.

2. Bigfoot. I saw Harry and The Hendersons in the theater in the Bucks County Mall in 1987 and I still don't believe in Big Foot. The Loch Ness Monster? I'm still up in the air.
3. Buying things just because they're super cheap.

4. Paying full price for anything except higher end makeup and perfume that doesn't go on sale ever. Whyyyy.

5. Using e-readers. If I'm going to read a book I need to hold the book and smell it.

6. Organized religion. I can't get behind the business side of religion or the Westboro Baptist type organizations who are out there doing bad in the name of religion.

7. Dancing. Just kidding, I'm not the Rev. Shaw Moore from Bomont.
8. Pleated pants. They've never looked good on anyone, anywhere. Please don't wear them.

9. Perfection or hiding my flaws. I let my freak flag fly.

10. Eye/dental not being covered under insurance along with the rest of your body. Get it together insurance or whoever is in charge of this. We shouldn't be paying extra for eyes and teeth. That shit is important.

What don't you believe in?

King bed delivery today! Weekend starting at 5! Holler! What's good in your hood today?

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Linking up with Joy even though this is the Friday Five times two.


  1. E-readers are great for traveling but I'm with you on needing a real book to hold at other times! Also yes on religion and paying full price on anything. I fear I am slowly turning into an extreme couponing lady. My girlfriends and I love to read horoscopes for fun - they crack us up :)

  2. I don't believe in living lean. Saving scads of money, constantly dieting, abstaining from alcohol or laughing in the workplace or being wacky. We are only on this Earth for a short time and I believe in living large, living wide, living loud, and living colorfully!

  3. YAY for the bed! you're never going to want to get out of it or sleep in anything less than an king for the rest of your life.

    and who pays full price for anything? AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO' DAT!

    happy friday!!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I love your freak flag. Let it fly, sista!!!

    Well, you know me and my coupons, but you also know there aren't 39482394827 ketchups in my basement. Who can eat all that ketchup? And more importantly, doesnt that shit have an expiration date???

    Expensive makeup all the way. No shame in our game.

    I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th til I went on FB this morning. Hooooray for your bed coming!!!! WOOOT WOOT!!!!

  5. Combining not paying full price with the king bed thing ... did you find a deal somewhere? Our mattress & box spring are in dire need of replacement.

  6. Agree on the Friday the 13th, horoscopes, the dreaded pleated pants, looking for the best deals, actual books. Eye and dental very important to overall health. I love to by perfume when there is a giveaway, so that is like a sale! Organized religion, for the most part, is a control tactic to extract $$ from many. Just be a good person, be positive, etc.
    However, I love the Villanova Chapel and some other places of worship. When you go for the right reasons, it is awesome.
    Stay warm, mind, body, soul!
    Love your MOMMA

  7. Hahaha, "get it together, insurance", exactly! And I loved Harry and The Hendersons!

  8. Pleated pants should never be worn EVER!!! I will always use my library card, I go every week. I real book is just better but I have read some books on my ipad. Yeah on the King Bed delivery so much more room for the pups to spread out! Haha! ;)

  9. I agree with almost all of these! Add purses to your list of things I will pay for because I am obsessed. I cant help it. Also, I am reading the Harry Potter books on my iPad because I am embarrassed to read them in my break room at work. But otherwise I prefer real books not ebooks. I love going to the bookstore and picking them out! Amen on the insurance! That shit is RIDICUOUS!

  10. Someone at my work has a huge big foot sticker ont he back window and it says he is alive. I want to kick their car everytime im on a walk!


  12. I'm jealous that you will be the proud new owner of a king size bed today. I can agree with all of the above, except the e-reader. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE books, but I don't have the room in my house to own all the ones I want to read over and over again. I know, the library saves me from this, but I use my kindle about 50% of the time. It makes traveling quite easier.

  13. I'm not particularly superstitious, just a little with sports. The insurance thing is ridiculous. As far as e-books, I used to feel the same way but I love my kindle more than most of my other possessions. I read A LOT (a book every 2-3 weeks, faster for short novels) and as much as I love holding books, I just don't have room to buy a ton more of books and the English language sections of my library leave a lot to be desired. Without my kindle I'd have a whole room just filled with books and that includes sharing, borrowing, etc. If you try it you might change your mind. Did you ever try the showering at night you were talking about a while ago?

    1. I tried the e-reader! I did. I hate it. If I was in your position without access to a lot of English books, I'd definitely reconsider. I've managed to whittle my book collection to three slightly overflowing bookshelves. Otherwise I'm at the library weekly, which I love. I love that ritual.

      I shower maybe three or four nights a week. I like it a lot. I'd love to make it all nights. Baby steps!

  14. Have you ever gave an e-reader a try?? I loved holding books and smelling them. But I also LOVE holding a e-reader... they are so light and easier to bring along in a purse or a small tote than a heavy book. Just saying!!

  15. I am incredibly jealous of your new bed coming today. Now that I know we have one coming, I feel that I can't sleep on our old one for even one more day.

    I don't believe in any of that superstitious crap either--opening umbrellas indoors, full moon, etc. Pleated pants/shorts are the worst. John picked out shorts without me one day and got pleated ones. Those got worn once and went into the Goodwill pile.

    On a totally unrelated note, I just got an email from a student who is pissed that I took off points from her paper because it was late. She is concerned about her "cum GPA" and whether she will be able to graduate. I want to respond and tell her that perhaps next time she should write out the word cumulative....

  16. Amen to eye and dental being added to regular insurance. I'm going to reach my deductible in January once this baby comes out and I got so pumped thinking that I wouldn't have to pay extra for my teeth and eyes but hubby burst my bubble when he reminded me that they're separate. Boooo!

  17. loooove this list. e-readers. liek come one people. horoscopes?! someone told me the other day they could tell i was a capricorn. yeah. that's bc i just told you when my birthday was.
    i do disagree with #3 tho. its dumb but sometimes i do just buy it because it's so cheap.

  18. I don't think I'm superstitious, and definitely not with regard to Friday the 13th. I keep going back and forth on the e-reader. I definitely like them for traveling but I do prefer a real live book. I want to get back to the library but I also have a huge pile of books here I need to read!

  19. Rev. Shaw Moore!!! This is only the greatest movie in history!! :) I am not superstitious at all...and don't read horoscopes, but the characteristics describing my sign are dead on it's almost scary! I don't believe in wedge sneakers. There ya go! :)

  20. Agreed on E-Readers, I love books. The way they feel, the way they smell, the way their screens don't break if I drop them. Just give me a good old fashioned book already.

  21. I agree, I definitely believe I'm a "scorpio" by every description of the sign ever given, and I know that I'll always butt heads with Geminis at some point but always get along with Cancers, but I don't believe in those vague descriptions of what your day/week/month is going to look like.
    Ugh pleated pants. They hurt my eyes.

  22. I love Friday the 13th, love. I'm not scared of it, I don't think anything bad will happen, I just love when it does happen. and as for horoscopes I don't believe in the daily kind although I've had a few that were exactly spot on. exactly.

  23. I don't actually believe in Friday the 13th, but it always gives me pause since my brother was killed that day. And I am a Scorpio through and through, but the day I believe in and follow my daily horoscope is the day I must have all access too such nonsense REMOVED from my sight. And I am a very spiritual person, but I don't like organized religion... I pick little bits out of lots of them and blend them into a belief system I can subscribe to.

  24. I really don't think I'll ever own an e-reader. I have no desire for something like that. Books are too personal to me.
    Also, horoscopes are for crunchy hippies. I can't get behind that.

  25. Pleated pants are the worst. I'm glad Spencer stopped wearing them. :) I'm kind of superstitious but not to a life-changing point.

    Have a good weekend!

  26. I cross paths with a black cat daily and am still mostly barely alive.

    NESSIE! I just want to see a real picture of it once in my lifetime. That's all I ask of the world. FIND NESSIE.

    I just started using my ipad mini to read...I don't HATE it...but if it might save me money on books...then I guess I can deal with it. I like to give my books to people and force them to read them though...

  27. I am soooooooooooooooooooooo with you on #6! I could talk your ear off about that.
    I have an e-reader and I've read a couple books on it but mostly I use it for the internet (kindle fire HD). There's just something about the satisfaction of turning actual pages.

  28. Haha! The horoscopes. I think they have people who make things up. "Today Mars will smash into the Moon, so Pisces this is your lucky day." Crap. I could do that job.

    Pleated pants are in the category with shoulder pads. Who and why? What woman wants big bold shoulders, and a bunchy crotch? Just sayin'

  29. I don't believe in superstitions. Please they were made up in a time that people believed the world was flat & women should be servants. I love my E Reader for reading in the dark & ease of carrying however holding a book will always be number 1.

  30. I agree with all of this!! Seriously, it costs the insurance company money when you get in an accident if you can't see and dental health helps your heart!


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