Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fall Goal Roll Call - How did I do?

1. Seasonal purge and reorganize, focusing on jewelry storage as well as making sure I'm not hoarding things in rooms we don't use a lot (spare rooms, library). Linen closet done the last week of September. Jewelry, makeup, spare room, scarves done the first week of October. I blogged about it here.  I also reorganized the upstairs in general over the first week of December.
2. Make homemade pumpkin spice latte. 10/5 and 10/6 with a single cup recipe.
3. Clean shower head by adding 1/3 cup of baking soda and 1 Cup of white vinegar to a gallon size bag and leaving it on the shower head overnight. Dunzo 10/2

4. Make an alternative to cream of...soups. Dunzo 10/6

5. Try three new casserole recipes and two new apple or pumpkin desserts.
   Chicken parm casserole made on 10/6
   Stuffed cabbage casserole on 10/19
   I made up a broiled chicken dish on 12/7.

   Pumpkin Cupcakes with healthier cheesecake frosting made on 9/23
    Baked apple cider donut holes made on 10/5
   Mini pumpkin cheesecakes - you should totally make these. Made on 10/11
6. See one movie in the theater and watch two new to me movies on TV.
    Trouble with the Curve 10/6 at home
    Hello I Must Be Going 10/6 at home
Movie in the theater - fail

7. Get back into an exercise regimen. No excuses.
     Started 30 miles in 30 days on 10/11. Squats too. I did pretty well with both, but slacked on the miles towards the middle of the month. I crapped out on this.

8. Do not let the leaves win in the back yard. I showed them who was boss. Three times. 

9. Remove flowers and re-mulch beds, winterize outdoor stuff. Done 10/20
10. Book room for Kim & Esteban's wedding in Mexico and put deposit down for December 2014 cruise. Cruise booked on 10/15, Mexico room booked on 11/7. Dunzo.

11. Vacuum window treatments.

12. Try baking french bread.

13. Dry clean winter coats. MFD picked them up on 10/19. He was thrilled. 
14. Wash windows.

15. Roast pumpkin seeds. MFD carved our pumpkin and we roasted the seeds on 10/31. 

16. Host Friendsgiving. Hosted on 11/16.  

Winter goals here on Tuesday. 
Are you setting any goals for winter?
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  1. haha i love that pic of MFD.

    do you have a labeller? because i want one so bad- i would label the shit out of everything.

    you did awesome on your goals! keep it up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Nice work on the purging! That shower head cleaning is GENIUS! I'm trying that tonight!!

  3. "Do not let the leaves win in the back yard." This is one of those times when I'm glad we live in an apartment and don't have to rake our own leaves!!!!

  4. Aren't those makeup drawers the best? I still love mine as much as I did the day I got them :)

  5. So proud of you! An inspiration, as always!

    Let's see... I bought way more makeup than any one person needs.... FAIL.
    I purged 10 bags of clothes to Goodwill- WIN
    I cooked some of your recipes (tuscan soup, pumpkin spice latte, and a few others)- WIN
    Exercise- FAIL
    September spending free- WIN

  6. wow - you're good. I have foresaken all goals. And 2 weeks in a row with a weekend post; snowposts?

  7. I think you did a bad ass job! The makeup and jewelry organizing is truly a thing of beauty.

  8. Great job!! I never thought to have winter coats cleaned. Whoops!

  9. MFD looks so pleased. You got a lot done from your goal list. So impressed. I really need to make time to make a new list. Can I put that on my list?!

  10. Looks like you made your fall to do list your little bitch! You also succeeded in making me feel like a total slacker. Why don't I have seasonal goals? This is genius. I will add make goals to my new years goals.


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