Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas: It's a Wrap. Do you see what I did there?

Hidey ho neighbors. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Here's a bit of what I got into...
Christmas Eve kicks off with one of my favorite traditions - sharing cheer at Sandy's. My Dad and his friends started it, and now my friends go, Stephen's friends, friends' parents and inlaws. It's a very festive affair.'s what it's all really all about.
After that we jet over to my aunt and uncle's house for apps, my mom in her Santa gear, inappropriate conversations, lots of laughs, and A Christmas Story.
MFD and I leave both the living room and bedroom TVs on all night so we go to sleep and wake up and walk downstairs to A Christmas Story.
1. Mae wants ALL the toys. 
2. Geege always noses all the gifts around looking for the dog gifts. 
3. Gus is a Grinch who wants no parts of the magic of Christmas. 
1. We left our house at 9:30, stopping first to see MFD's parents
2. Then on to my Dad & Carol's
3. Then to my Mom & Rich's
We had dinner at Frank & Amanda's. I ate so much turkey I couldn't even have dessert. Unheard of! The Sannellis put out an excellent meal. I was in bed by 10. It was a long but fabulous day.
Thursday MFD worked but I was a lady who lunches with Michelle. I thought for sure I couldn't fit any more food in but I had a great guacamole salad and cheese enchilada at my beloved Las Margaritas. OLE.
Mom & Rich had an open house with apps and desserts. See my brother Stephen in the bottom right always like why is she taking pictures and my brother Sean next to him grinning like a fool.

I'm never one who's sad that Christmas is over. I've celebrated throughout December, I'm good with it. I'm thankful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of our loved ones, the unconditional love of my dogs who think every day in this house is Christmas, and being with our framily. The time spent together is priceless.

I'm always excited by the prospect of the calendar turning and what the next year might hold. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family!

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  1. Wow you guys are busy on Christmas day w/ stopping by so many houses! Looks like tons of fun seeing so many friends and family. I love all the food too! So glad you had a wonderful time. I was off today too which was very much needed. Love having time to relax after all the crazy/busy time!

  2. The dogs responded to Christmas in exactly the way I imagine their little personalities to be.

  3. Looks like you had a busy few days. :) I know you're anxious to pull the tree down, but try to enjoy it a little this weekend - you can call it the Ho Ho Ho mojo. Glad you had a very Merry Christmas!!!

  4. It was good to see you - merry Christmas!

  5. sounds busy but like a lot of fun. love your pug helpers :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. I see what you did there and I LOVE it.
    I don't think I'm sad Christmas is over either. I guess because I feel like it snuck up on us in the first place!

  7. What a busy Christmas you had but seems like you had a wonderful and blessed one.

  8. nope, not sad that christmas is over... sad that work is coming up again, though!

    looks like a lovely christmas, steph. the pups are too adorable!!

    Vodka and Soda

  9. Looks like you had a ton of fun and were surrounded by a lot of loved ones! The pups are too cute! Glad you had such a great time!

  10. usually i get sad that christmas is over, but I'm with you. we have to move on to be able to look forward to the new year. looks like you had a wonderful christmas!

  11. I love Frank's Santa shirt. Lovely time, captured in many pictures. Looking forward to a beautiful 2014!
    Would love to hibernate til it's warm. #butIamnotabear
    Love your MOMMA

  12. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I love how all the dogs act differently! There always has to be a Grinch in the bunch.

  13. So glad you had a wonderful holiday!! <3

  14. This looks like such a fun-filled Christmas!

  15. Sounds like a very full and very fun Christmas.

  16. Wow- you certainly make the rounds on Christmas!

  17. I'm quite impressed with your ability to make the rounds... perhaps I should try and do better since we only have two places to be... but... I don't wanna! ;) I'm certainly impressed by you though!

  18. Fun pictures, good times! I love that last one of you and MFD.

  19. I think visiting a bar on Christmas Eve is the best tradition I have read about so far.

    We always sleep with the TV on and on Christmas Eve, it's a Christmas Story. Husband is a Christmas Story-hater (yes, sometimes I do wonder how I married him) and proclaimed this Christmas morning that it was his least favorite day to wake up. No Red Rider BB Gun for him.


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