Monday, November 18, 2013


1 - Half day means errands, hausfrauing and food prep, including a turkey breast.
2 - People who carve turkey get the dogs' full attention.
3 - I love mail! Davis General Store long sleeve tee courtesy of Shug in Boots. Did you order yours? Represent!
1 - Maisel the tiny diva did not want to get up on Saturday.
2 - And she's spoiled too.
3 - The grumble trying to get a nap in amid all the hubbub.
We had a lovely night hosting friends for Friendsgiving on Saturday. Thanks Debbie, Angie, Sannellis and Leslies for joining us and bringing delicious food. Check back tomorrow for the full menu, how I timed it, and some recipes. 
1 - So warm out Sunday, I enjoyed coffee outside in flops.
2 - Mags and nails. 
3 - Lazy Town USA all day for us. 
4 - Caught up on Reign. I love love love it. 
5 - More Sons of Anarchy. 

Some important items of note:
  • I wore flip flops all weekend. In November. Outstanding.
  • I didn't leave the house at all this weekend from Friday at 3 p.m. on. It was glorious, wonderful, fabulous, etc. I can't recommend it enough. 
  • I  stayed in my pajamas all day on Sunday. Word to your mother. 

Thanks so much to my friend Angi for updating my social media icons, About Me and sidebar headers to your right. Angi is great to work with - creative, quick, and well priced. If you blog and you need a full or partial facelift, contact Angi via her design website, on Facebook, or visit her design shop on Etsy

Want more reads? Check out my post from yesterday on Green Fashionista regarding Cruise Essentials and today on Not Entirely Perfect regarding my weaknesses. 

Now, your turn. How was your weekend?
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  1. Angi is the best!

    Also, I might have to go buy the magazine with Ina Garten on the cover. I hate that I love her. She's such a snob...

  2. I am so jealous of your "not leaving the house from Friday 3pm on..." We all never get a chance to partake in that often, and when we do, it is just what the doctor ordered! Looks like Friendsgiving was a wonderful success!

    That picture of Maisel tucked in bed... I die! LOVE!!! <3

  3. Oh yeah, the blog looks faboosh!!!! Just the right amount of pizazz. I dig it.

  4. Perfect weekend for you. I love being in my home- a bit too much sometimes! Can't get enough of the grumble and Maisel pictures! So cute. I absolutely adore this warm weather. I keep saying to the universe, can this PLEASE be our winter weather!!Amen on the flip flops. Another bonus warm day today! Tonight 30's with WCF 20's.
    Your Friendsgiving was so nice.
    Love your MOMMA

  5. Love the puppy sleeps and snuggles! Glad you friendsgiving was a success! Staying in and in pj's is a total win in my book too!

  6. looks like an awesome weekend! i LOVE SOA but you already knew that.
    this weekend i went to my sister's surprise bday party her hubby threw and i hadn't seen one of their friends in like, 8 years so when he walked in, i didn't recognize him but i looked over and almost yelled out to hubby: OMG IT'S OTTO FROM SONS OF ANARCHY!! i swear, he looked EXACTLY like Otto - glasses, scruffy beard, long hair pulled back. we pulled up a pic of otto on google and showed it to his wife and she said: hey, where did you get that pic of Kevin? then she looked closer and said: wait, that's not kevin. is it?! LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  7. Maisel is ridiculously cute. I love her. And I have always wanted to do a Friendsgiving! I need to get on that.

  8. I need a PJ day! Can't wait to hear the details on Friendsgiving! PS - I love that Maisel looks like a black speck in the sheets!!

  9. the blog looks great! I love days spent lounging in pajamas, they're the best.

  10. Staying at home for 48 hours, in pajamas, is like my dream! One day I will accomplish it. ;) I love the blog update. That green is so pretty!

  11. I told my husband that I want to try Reign out when some of our other shows take a break. The radio premiers sound good every week!

    I am loving all the pug shots! So cute! Sometimes a weekend in is just what you need! I spent almost all yesterday in my pj's except for when I went grocery shopping.

  12. I love the watercolor effects on your new icons! Also your coffee mug is fantastic. I wore sandals and shorts yesterday and I'm kind of over it...

  13. Pretty quiet weekend here... walk with Grace & Spike, sibling brunch,chores, friend over last night...

  14. I love the dogs at full attention for the turkey. I hope they got some! Maisel in that giant bed is fantastic, I love it. I'm excessively excited for your Friendsgiving post tomorrow, especially for how you timed it. Not that I could ever do it, but I love watching you do it.
    How did you stay in flip flops?! What was the weather by you?!

  15. it was so warm this weekend. i wore a t shirt and im over it. yes i like flip flops but im ready for some cold weather!

  16. I am so jealous of your coffee in flip flops. It was really warm here, but rainy all day with hurricane-like winds. Not awesome, including the 15 hours we have been without power.

    I think the timing is the hardest thing with cooking a large holiday meal. I can never get it right.

    Also, I think Maisel and Leo would be the best of friends. He is a also a diva and prefers to have an entire queen bed all to himself.

  17. Yay for Friendsgiving! Our neighborhood is doing one on the Saturday after Thanksgiving - not at our house, thankfully. Hahaha

    I need to catch up on Reign.

    We had warm temps over the weekend but today it's windy and cold, though sunny.

  18. Adorable doggies and an adorable Charlie Hunnam in one post. Winning combination. Winning weekend.

  19. Seeing as I've only been to the east coast twice in my life, one of those times being when I was a baby...fill me in...what's special about that t-shirt? ;)

    Thank you for the shout out! I'm so happy you love your new blog decor, and you're pretty much the easiest person ever to work with... ;)

  20. I was looking at your pictures and thinking how awesome your Sunday looked and then I read stayed in my PJ's all day and I knew it really was an awesome day.

    I love the idea of Friendsgiving, I may need to plan something next year.

  21. HAH! That mug- hilarious. And seems to be the perfect mug to use while playing Cards Against Humanity.

  22. I really would love to host a Friendsgiving - I wish I had a nice space to do it in. I don't think 1 little 1 bedroom apartment would work. Someday! So nice of you to do that for your friends. I can't even believe that Thanksgiving is next week! This year has flown by!

  23. Love the new look & the Grumble.

  24. hehe love your grumble of pugs! :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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