Monday, November 4, 2013


Winner winner chicken dinner - I was actually in the bathroom when I won a bag at Coach Bingo so Michelle brought it on home for me. Note to self: always go to the bathroom and pray for a win. It's not my style, so I'm giving it to my fairy godmother Lori who does so much for me. It was a good night at the table with HAP and her crew, Amanda and her mom, Michelle and MFD. 
I met Shauni, Alicia, and Prince Phillip for lunch at Continental Midtown. It was lovely to catch up with these ladies from my Knot wedding monthly board and a gorgeous day to do it. 
1 - Slices at the counter of our favorite pizza place, Brother's Pizza
2 - New work clothes for MFD at Joseph A Bank
3 - A trip to Homegoods makes my heart sing
4 - We watched True Colors: James Spader and John Cusack circa 1991. Awesome even though I was distracted by Geege's ear being suctioned to my fleecy socks. 
Weekly food prep:
1 - I salted 7 chicken thighs, threw them in the crock along with a jar of pineapple salsa, and cooked them on high for two and a half hours. When done, I shredded them with forks. They'll be served over rice from the freezer with a side of steamed broccoli.
2 - Sausage & gouda egg muffins for breakfast.  More to come on these tomorrow.
3 - Sunday soup for lunches: Tuscan sausage soup. More to come on this next week. 
4 - Sunday dinner: Pot roast over mashed potatoes. Click here for how I make my pot roast. I am not the hugest crock pot user, I think most things build better flavors in the oven. Pot roast is one of those things. 

Other Sunday things: reading, blog writing, catching up on Nashville, drinking coffee like a boss until 6 p.m., laundry, taking advantage of a B2G2 sale and free shipping at Yankee Candle, making my first GroopDealz purchase, pinning shit on pinterest, and lounging with the dogs. 

Another weekend with an appropriate mix of productivity, social things, and relaxation. And an extra hour of sleep. Boom goes the dynamite. 

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  1. Another fabulous weekend for the SMD! What is it with your meeting your friends from the internets at Continental Midtown?! LOL, now I'm craving a calamari salad!!!

    Love the pic of MFD with the gajillion BINGO cards. Congrats on your winnings, that was very nice of you to give your purse away since you won't use it!

    Happy Blacklist Monday!

  2. I need to start using you as weekend inspiration. You always have good balance of busy-ness and non-busy-ness and friends and home.

    I also love your meal prep ideas. I should really start doing that as well, haha.

  3. That's so nice of you to give your Bingo winnings away!

    Also, why do they have to spell it Jos. A. Bank? SO stupid. My husband and I had a real argument over that when we first met. I lost and I'm still bitter. The clothes are nice, though.

  4. Sausage & gouda egg muffinS?! I am so over muffins, and made frittata this week, but I like your combo and will have to add to my rotation. Coach bingo sounds awesome!

  5. I love that MFD played coach bingo with you. I might need to make a road trip down to Philly for Coach Bingo! I've never heard of any place in northern NJ doing it!

  6. you've inspired me to have pizza for lunch. thank you. and congrats on the win!

  7. Love the purse win, how fun is that?! Lucky you!

  8. Look at you winning and stuff!! Home Goods is like crack, just can't stay away!! All that food looks delish, especially the pineapple salsa chicken!

  9. We ate at the Continental in AC, and I had French onion soup dumplings, which made my heart sing. What did you have?

  10. How fun catching up with ladies from the wedding days! Cute little baby boy there!

    As always the food looks delicious! Glad you got an extra hour of sleep!

  11. Yay for a bingo win!!! That is always exciting. All your food looks delish, as usual! I think we are having soup every day this week. Makes for easier meal planning! And now I want to go to Home Goods!

  12. Lovely weekend and now (always) I want pizza. And your food prep for the week all looks great!

  13. that pineapple salsa chicken sounds like it would be a winner at our house! Love that you won a purse!!

  14. Amen, Marla, on Happy Blacklist Monday! If this were a book, I would've read the end, and then leisurely read thru all the details.
    Same with The Mentalist in the hunt for Red John.
    Anyway, lovely to gift Lori with your win. Fairy Godmothers love gifts, too!
    Will check out the pot roast recipe.
    Lovely sun, but chilly-willy air!
    Love the extra hour !!
    Have a happy week!!

    Love your MOMMA

  15. Sounds like you should go to the bathroom more often when winners are announced ;-)

    Nashville has completely sucked me in again this season... love it!

  16. I've seriously become addicted to GroopDealz. So much awesomeness. Except I wasn't happy when I had a bunch of stuff for Christmas presents in my shopping cart and they sold out!

  17. Looks like you had a great weekend! I too found that I had to catch up on some episodes of Nashville, and this last one left me hanging!

  18. Congrats on the win!! And those egg muffins look delish!

  19. Groopdealz is so addicting! I was buying stuff once a week, so I had to stop looking at emails because I wanted everything. That's where I got all of my J. Crew replica necklaces.

  20. i love the egg muffins for breakfast! i wrap the all up and grab and go in the mornings.

    yay for the win! i rarely win stuff :s

    Vodka and Soda

  21. What a fantastic yankee candle sale! I wonder if it's still going on - I am addicted to those candles!! Glad you had a fun weekend! :)

  22. Love that you prayed in the bathroom! THATS SO CUTE!!! And that bag is adorable :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  23. Congrats on the win! Winning is fun and I am craving pot roast now! I need to try this chicken and pineapple over rice with veggies. Stat!

  24. You squeeze more "stuff" into your weekends than I do in one week....I really don't think you sleep as much as you say you do....and score at Coach bingo!!! That's awesome!!

  25. Thank you again for the purse it is awesome! Love the food pictures.

  26. Awesome Bingo win! I wish we had something like that around here!!


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