Monday, November 25, 2013

TWTW - pre-Thanksgiving version

After some hausfrauing, MFD and I went for a late dinner. It was gooo-ood, Clark.
Wedding dress shopping with my sister-in-law to be. It was a lovely family affair morning! Aubrey, her mom and sister, me, my mom, and step-mom.
1 - Cozy with Mae at home.
2 - We still have leaves. I am not amused.
3 - MFD has hidden his talent for precisely folding towels for over 11 years. WTF!
4 - Enchiladas using leftover turkey based off of this recipe on High Heels & Grills.
5 - What I thought was a fail (letting the cheese on top cook too long) turned out to be a huge plus - it was like a cheesy crunchy taco shell outer layer, and MFD and I actually both loved it. HA.  Sometimes kitchen fuck ups can work out in your favor.
Kit Kat D and I were opposites in pink and black. I took Melissa, Alex, Jenn, Kit Kat, and Debbie to Brother's for their first time. And then made them stand facing the sun in negative degrees and whipping wind as I snapped a totally awful photo. Sorry fraands.

Peters and I went shopping. I've had the urge to change my decor up a bit. I've been rotating stuff throughout the house but I needed fresh blood. The pieces that are now next to the door used to be on top of the entertainment center. I replaced them with large lanterns and may place two smaller pieces to each side of the center vase if I see something that strikes my fancy. I also updated the tray on the ottoman.
Also on the Sunday agenda:
-Visiting my uncle in the hospital - they're not sure what's going on with him, so if you could send some general good thoughts his way, I'd appreciate it.
-LOST reruns.
-A trip to Target with MFD to check out fake Christmas trees (I want to move to one), pick up some necessities and a new winter door mat.
-Packing for the week.
-Sons of Anarchy.

All of those things 
 photo wknd_zps3dca425e.jpg
Get out there and kick some ass today.
 photo smdpicmonkey_zpsdb8c311e.jpg


  1. I will be thinking of your uncle. Hope you have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. we had our first snow fall where the snow actually stuck to the ground and of course, the night it happened, we were on the road and all of a sudden, everyone turned into an asshole and acted/drove like they had never seen snow before.

    i hope your uncle is ok! lots of hugs xoxoxo

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Thinking of your uncle!
    I hope you had a good week.

  4. Looks like a good weekend! Hoping your uncle is okay! I have A TON of leftover turkey and those enchiladas look GOOOOD.

  5. Sending good thoughts about your uncle. :) And the fact that MFD has concealed his towel-folding talents for so long has got to make you wonder what else he is amazing at that you don't know. Fitted sheet folding? Sock matching? I think this should be explored further... :)

  6. I still have leaves too but I am NOT raking. Heck the snow can just cover it! Love when a kitchen fail turns out better than expected! Love the lanterns!

  7. I will be thinking of your uncle and your family. :) Mae is too cute... my boyfriend is OBSESSED with black pugs. He often tells Johnny Cakes that he wishes HE were a black pug instead of a chihuahua... that child is going to grow up with some major issues.

  8. I see shrimp and crab legs - YUM!!

    and sorry to hear about your uncle, prayers coming from Ohio.

  9. Lovely time on Saturday! Do not love these frigid temps. Thank God for the sunshine. #MAKESITMOREBEARABLE
    Kudos for making your mealtimes special and un-boring. Your recipes are helping many!
    Yes, please positive energy and love to our David. I am confident he will be up and running better than before, once
    they get to the bottom of this! Happy Turkey Week! Your Kelly's Seafood dinner looked divine.
    Carpe diem. Be grateful for every diem. AND one month from today is Christmas.
    Love your MOMMA

  10. Love the pink and black opposites attract pic with Kit Kat. Also love that pic of you and Maisel. I'm determined to make enchiladas sometime.

  11. sending good thoughts for your uncle. looks like you had a great weekend. i meesed up what i was cooking this weekend and it turned out great. i was very pleased.

  12. Sending good thoughts for your uncle.

    You may feel down about the fake tree (well, I know MFD will!), but once you get past it and realize how easy and neat the fake one is, you'll be glad.

  13. LOVE the lanterns! Can you put stuff in them?

    I love my fake tree - and just burn the smell of a real tree near by. Got a new one last year and I can change from white to colored lights! Everyone's happy.

    Prayers for your uncle!

    Happy Monday

  14. some of my favorite meals have been a result of kitchen fuck ups!!

  15. If you can hold out til Black Friday for the tree, I highly recommend it! That is how I have gotten my past two and the deals are fantastic. Last year I did Home Depot at 5 a.m. and it was super manageable. Also, you are super photogenic. In every pic your eyes are the right amount of open and your smile looks great and I am just jealous! Thinking of your family - I hope all ends up okay.

  16. Is that a black pug or a new scarf? Gosh she is such a cutie! Give me all the wrinkly faces and buggy eyes!! I totally recommend fake trees!!!

    Also, sending your family good thoughts for some answers and a speedy recovery!

  17. This sounds like such a fun weekend!! How fun that you got to go wedding dress shopping! It's such a fun experience to be a part of. Hope everything turns out okay for the fam :)

  18. Your future SIL is brave to take that many people shopping with her. The only people I allowed were my mom and sister. I cannot even imagine shopping with my MIL.

    I am with you on the fake trees. We got a real one last year and it was an effing disaster. They are so damn expensive though. I want either a 7.5 or 9 foot pre-lit and basically I have to spend several hundred dollars to get that. Ugh.

    The burned cheese enchiladas and pizza look amazing. All I wanted when I got home from Atlanta on Saturday was pizza, and we ordered it and it was shit. I am still pissed off about it.

  19. I'm with Carly, I went with Brie and our mom dress shopping, and that was too much! Aubrey = Brave!

    Steve was researching 12ft x-mas trees, and I am ready to give him the boot. Unless he gets me a 12ft menorah, HELL NO!

    In the pic of you and Kit Kat D, you look like Olivia from Jerseylicious. This is a compliment, because when you wash the fake tan and eyeliner off her face, she's beautiful. You are so photogenic. Not that you are butt in person, but you take nice photos! LOL

    Thoughts to your Uncle <3

  20. Thinking of your uncle, hopefully everything will be ok.
    I love that your future sister in law brought you with, that's so sweet. She's going to be a very pretty bride! Did she find a dress?

  21. I LOVE our fake tree! It's even pre-lit so it goes up super fast and is nice and clean. We even got it at Walmart for like $40 since it was the last one and was the display model, and it seriously looks like a real tree. Then, we just burn balsam-scented candles and we got these Yankee candle tree hangy-things (I don't know what to call them) that are supposedly scented like pine to hang on your artificial tree. Except I can't speak to whether or not they smell good because Isaiah ordered them from a catalog from someone's kid and it's been like two months and we still don't have them yet. Keep ya posted on that one.

  22. I moved to a fake tree many years ago and never looked back. It's starting to look old now and I'm starting to miss the real tree deal. I loved it because I can drag it out, put it up anytime in November and cut the lights on right after Thanksgiving. Wait till the day after Christmas though. You'll save a fortune.

  23. I cannot stop laughing at the picture they look freezing and unable to see and Katie refused to even look. Hysterical! Aubrey is a wonderful woman, including Stephen's family as this is about both of them and both families. Fabulous.

  24. Mae is so cute, and it doesn't surprise me that the cheese on the enchiladas turned out good. I recently discovered that broiling pizzas for the last few minutes makes the cheese EXTRA amazing.


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