Friday, November 15, 2013

The Friday Five: Quirks

Quirk: a peculiarity of behavior; an idiosyncrasy.
Quirks are so interesting to me. Things we do, say, obsess over. I have a zillion. Today you get five.

1. I wear some sort of cardigan at least five out of seven days a week. 

2. You won't catch me sleeping without my sleep mask.

3. If I go past week six between hair appointments, I use a brown sharpie to color on my grays. Why buy a product when the sharpie works so well? Hair stylists everywhere are shivering I'm sure.

4. The thought of making small talk drives me insane.

5. I am unable to go anywhere without bringing a bottle of water/drink with me.

Share a quirk or two of your own, won't you?

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  1. I'm in the middle of a breakdown because Scott has invited people over for dinner tonight. People that are his friends and, really now, the thought of making small talk with army people is exponentially worse than making small talk with regular people.

  2. OMG a sharpie???? I would have never even thought of using that. Lol.

  3. I tend to wear a cardigan of some form a lot too. I just feel more "put together" with one on! And they are comfy.

    When I leave the house, I check to make sure that my straightener is unplugged several times, and that all the doors are locked. Then, as I am pulling away from the house, I look back to make sure the garage door stayed closed no less than 3 times. OCD, much?

  4. I'm still cracking up over how you have your office manager order brown sharpies!

  5. Small talk is so awkward! TGIF!

  6. nope; can't do small talk either. i'd rather just ignore which is actually my favorite thing to do.

    Vodka and Soda

  7. I am with you on the cardigan. I am always cold so I have to wear some type of sweater/cardigan. The sharpie idea is genius!!

  8. You'd need an hour or 2 to hear my narrowed down list...

    Some of the top ones?
    I will strain to hear or tolerate the blasting from a radio or TV rather than set the volume at a number that is indivisible by 9.

    I keep a stack of unchecked lottery tickets on my desk. Once I check then, the hope of winning is dashed. I like the hope. Kinda like Shroedinger's cat

    I escort bugs and bees from the house. This is a no-kill zone. As I release them to the wild, I ALWAYS exclaim, "Be free!".

    I count the steps on every staircase I encounter, regardless of how many times I have counted them. It's a mandatory ritual.

    I absolutely cannot stand talking on the phone. I don't know how people do it.

    There. That's 5. It is an accomplishment to not have listed 9. Yay me. (The committee will surely be on my case about this. Oh yeah, I have a Head Co. I guess that's 6, eh? No matter, they'll be a chattering... )

  9. 1 - I have to have a drink in the cup holder while I drive, if there is not one there I still reach for it's ghost every five minutes.

    2 - I can not believe you use a sharpie on your grays, that is so funny!

  10. This morning I almost had a meltdown because I thought I was out of clean cardigans and then what was I going to wear to work? I sleep with a sleep mask, too - I get them in the Target $1 bin!

    I have always had to take my shoes off the second I walk in the door. I have always gotten in trouble, both with parents and husband, over having a huge pile in the entryway. I can't stand them a second longer than I have to!

  11. I have always wanted to try and sleep mask but I always forget to buy one! This re-reminded me :)

  12. I close all the cabinet doors my husband leaves open in the kitchen. Open doors drive me bananas.

    Dirty dishes belong in the sink or on the left counter. Only clean stuff goes on the right counter (as it's being dried/unloaded).

  13. "You sure you don't want black sharpies?" HAHAHAHA

    My weird texture issues are probably my biggest quirk.

    The older I get, the more I hate talking on the phone.

    The place where my butt and thighs meet have to be PERFECTLY dry before I put on underwear after a shower. I sit on my bed on the towel and do a few butt shakes.

  14. I wish i could cover up my roots with a sharpie. that's not a quirck that's just plain brilliant.

  15. Now why the crap didn't I think about a brown sharpie!!!??? Genius I tell you!! Of course, I'd probably use an entire sharpie in one day with all the grays in my hair. It hasn't been colored since the first weekend of June. And yes, I'm already looking forward to Feb when it will be colored again! Before I was pregnant and when I was working, I would wear a cardigan all the time. Even when it was 100 degrees outside. Terry always said, ummm why are you wearing a SWEATER in this heat! It's called fashion honey. HA! Happy Friday, and thanks for linking up and shouting out! Y'all have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy your Friendsgiving!

  16. Quirks...? Okay.

    1) There can be no unread emails in my inbox when I leave work. Even if that means marking them read, even though I haven't had time to do it.
    2) My fashion magazines that I have a stack of need to be in chronological order.
    3) I never ever ever ever go anywhere without some lip balm - preferably several tubes.
    4) There must always be orange juice in the fridge.

    I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture :)

  17. I love that you Sharpie your hair. I use Sharpies for everything--shoe scuffs, desk scratches, etc. but never thought of using it on my hair.

    I cannot have any sort of abbreviations or poor grammar in text messages. All words must be spelled perfectly and punctuation must be used.

    I hate the sound of other people peeing, especially men. So gross. I just picture urine splashing everywhere. Disgusting.

  18. An eye mask and sharpie???? OMG! You freaking kill me....please do a post on how you apply said sharpie to your roots! Is it weird that I can't think of any quirks that I have? Now you have me thinking.....

  19. Sharpie would never work on my blonde but I would do it if it did!

  20. I cannot even tell you how much the sharpie one made me laugh. You're a genius. And maybe crazy. But mostly genius!

  21. I do not like to run out of anything. Ever.
    I despise weapons, even toys weapons.
    Do not like to leave the dining room light on.
    Do need night lights on in bathrooms and the kitchen.
    I am sure I have many more, but can't think of them right now.

    Love your MOMMA

  22. When you said you used a sharpie.. it made me think of this pen that I used a few years ago. They have different colors. It kind of works the same way.

    It's a Root Touch Up and Highlighting Pen from Oscar Blandi

  23. OMG I totally feel you on the small talk. I can talk to anyone about anything if it has some actual substance...but meaningless small talk drives me crazy...and I suck at it...

  24. Right there with you on the cardigans. I'm also an obsessive door-lock checker. Every night before bed, I make at least two trips around the house making sure all doors and windows are locked. It's a habit I inherited from my mother. We all used to make fun of her for doing it, and now my family makes fun of me. Full circle, yo.

  25. Ugh small talk. So annoying when it is w/ someone you don't really like. This is why I am SO SO tire of first dates.

  26. I love this! A brown sharpie...who knew. I count things in my stoplights and stuff. Weird, my friend says this is OCD. And I have a super serious issue with any kind of disgusting mouth noises...loud chewers, drink slurpers, and beatboxing *shudder*.

  27. I have so many quirks, it's ridiculous. Some of the saner ones:

    1. All my hangers (plastic, of course. NO WIRE HANGERS) must all face the same direction. Same with button downs. They all must face the same way on the hangers.
    2. I leave cups everywhere and very rarely finish drinks.
    3. I cannot sleep without brushing my teeth first, having a glass of water next to my bed, and putting on lip balm.
    4. Socks that don't match make me insane.

    I think that's enough crazy talk for now.

  28. I have to take out my right contact first. Always. Even if the left is bothering me...right first.

    I could never sleep in a mask! I actually sleep with a TV on ALL night. I hate quiet pitch black rooms. Poor hubs now has a bad bad habit!

  29. I cannot sit down & relax until everything is put away in it's place. I need to read something before going to sleep. I wander around my house endlessly. I have to make sure I lock the car doors by hitting the lock button until the car beeps. I like bringing an air mattress with me when I go away. It is like I have my own bed wherever I go.

  30. Mirrka - I need my magazines in chronological order as well!

  31. I'm so a cardigan hoarder so I TOTALLY understand that one.
    As an "older" and "humbled" (by my lack of time for up-keep of my own hair) hairstylist. You go girl, with the sharpie.
    I'm also a magazine, jewelry and nail polish hoarder. I've convinced myself that hoarding small things is okay. I did have to recycle some magazines recently. It was hard but I felt good afterward.


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