Friday, November 1, 2013

The Friday Five - Places I Avoid

I'll jump at the chance to go visit Lori and Jack upstate for the weekend, spend the day at the beach, stop at Dunkin Donuts before I start my day, pop into Target on a random week night. I don't even mind strolling the aisles of the grocery store, singing along to the easy listening music. There are some doorsteps I refrain from darkening though, like:

1. The zoo. I love the cute animals but I hate that they don't live in their natural habitat.

2. Concerts. While I like live music, I don't want to see a concert with 25,000 other people. I have a thing about crowds, claustrophobia, being surrounded by pushy jackasses, and fighting to get out of parking lots.

3. Starbucks. I don't enjoy paying eleventy billion dollars for coffee, even if it's fancy. Also I feel like I'm cheating on Dunkin Donuts if I go there so no can do-sies unless it is my only option.

4. Clubs. I don't frequent bars much period anymore, but when I do, it's pubs not clubs. That's the way it's always been and the way it will always be. Give me a corner bar with a jukebox over some sleek neon nightmare palace reverberating with un-sah un-sah un-sah beats any day.

5. Subway, especially in Philadelphia. We are the goddamn home of the hoagie. This city birthed that sandwich. Do not patronize Subway, a national chain that has a weird odor. It is a freaking disgrace. Call your local hoagie shop, go to a local chain, make your own hoagie. I don't care if it's only $5 for a foot long.

What places do you avoid?

Join Me
Join me in wishing my Dad a happy birthday weekend! His birthday is tomorrow (I originally said Sunday because my days are all fucked. WTH). Check out blog posts about my Dad here and here. Love you Dad, so much love that I wore an Eagles t-shirt to celebrate your 50th during our trip to the Keys and I hate the Eagles.
I challenge you to a challenge. Follow me? I'm joining Jen in setting a goal for November and making it happen. I am going to walk a mile a day every day in November. What are you going to do? Write it down and share it or it won't happen. Check Jen's kickoff post out here, follow her on twitter and use the hashtag #MakeItHappen.

In case you missed it...our Halloween. Bob Ross and a Happy Little Tree, Gus in drag, Princess Maisel, and Punk Rock Geege. The pugs are not amused.
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  1. happy happy birthday to your pops!! hope he has a great one.

    i avoid any other tea shops. like you, i have my favorite and even looking at other teas feels like cheating.

    i tried to get adam levine to fall in love with me when he toured in my city but it was sorta hard with a grillion other bitches screaming at him. so no more concerts for me. besides, THEY'RE HELLA EXPENSIVE. when did the tickets jump to like, $125 PER PERSON for shitty seats?? to get mid-row to even see them on stage, it costs your first born. ridiculous.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I avoid Subway simply because if you go in there, you smell like Subway for the rest of the day. I learned that in college when I used to frequent the place.

    I also avoid Philly in general :) lol (It must be a Pittsburgh thing)

  3. Subway is pretty bad!!! I miss being around people that use the word Hoagie! I remember when we lived in Pittsburgh, the band at the high school sold hoagies to make money. It was the best damn hoagie you could ever have. I want right now!!!

    I dont like clubs much either, I am much more a pub person. There are usually a ton of d-bags at clubs and people you want to smack. Plus I like comfy shoes and clothes, none of the club attire for me.

    I patronize both DD and Starbucks, please don't hate. It if makes you feel better, I like DD coffee a million times better...but it is something about Starbucks Peppermint Mocho and PSL that get me too.

    I just hate noisy places in general. No thanks. Especially noisy eating establishments. I want to enjoy my meal!

  4. Ooooooh I hate Subway! No one here in middle America gets it, though.

    Happy birthday to your dad!

  5. I feel exactly the same way about Starbucks except Tim Horton's is my thing, not Dunkin. Also sounds fun in theory but I agree, the actual experience isn't usually what I think it's going to be.

  6. Ugh, Subway is to hoagies what Genos is to cheesesteaks for me. GAR-BAGE! MMMM, now I'm craving some Campos. Hell, even Wawa does a fabooosh hoagie.

    I agree w/ above commenter ^ Nadine.. I drink both Starbucks & DD, but MUCH prefer Dunkin. But, Starbucks Peppermint Mocha is my jam. And it should be here soon!

    Happy Happy to your Dad!!

  7. I don't drink coffee at all, ever. there I said it.

  8. Happy Birthday to your Dad!!! I totally agree with Starbucks and Concerts! Though my recent experience with Live frontman Ed Kowalczyk changed my mind, but it was only like 100 people. Much more managable, I hate crowds too.

  9. I hate going to the movies. I haven't been since 2009. It irks me that by the time I have left the movie, the money I spent I could own a copy of that movie forever. Plus the seats gross me out and the sticky floor is horrendous. Although just this morning I was considering taking my husband as a surprise but that may be because I have a gift card to The Movie Tavern. :)

  10. McDonald's, summer beaches (LOVE off-season beaches, don't need sun poison), clubs, Weight Watchers' meetings, tropical places

  11. You SHUT UP with those dogs! OMG, I love it! And I love the mile every day challenge...Going to check that out now. And yea we don't have actual "hoagies" in Florida, but we have local sammich shops that are way better than Subway, thats a last result for me.

  12. Ew you're right, Subway smells weird.

    You know I'm with you on pubs not clubs, but I do enjoy the zoo. Can't help it.

    Happy Birthday to DOS!

  13. Happy birthday to your Dad! I also dislike Subway and we have many yummy hoagie places. I pledge to walk a half mile every day starting Sunday morning. Been walking 4 times a week, but it's too early and dark for my morning work days. Love when the clocks drop back.

  14. Yea I am not currently a fan of subway nor Starbucks coffee prices! Have a great weekend!

  15. Love the picture of the pups! I know you are a tree, but who is Mike Doyle?
    Agree with all 5 of your avoids and add sporting events for the most part unless my kids are playing. The experiences at the Linc when it first opened and ManUnited were there!EW!
    Oh, Steph, look at all the water running down the blacktop.
    You- Mother, that is PEE JMJ
    Happy weekend, everyone.

    Love your MOMMA

  16. those costumes are the best thing ever. and i avoid subway too. it's terrible. the bread is stale. ugh i hate it. not worth a $5 footlong. You know how I feel about concerts. I go with 180,000 people there because I am a freak.

  17. I avoid Walmart like the plague. Haven't been in one in years. I consider it the evil empire, and the opposite of a place I would ever want to give my hard-earned money to.

  18. "Pubs not clubs" would be a really great tshirt, I'm just saying.

  19. $4.55 for a Skinny Grande Latte at Starbucks and it's worth every penny! Like I always say to folks...I don't drink or smoke... so I spend my $$$ on very expensive coffee! Enjoy your weekend!

  20. I am SOOOO with you on Subway! I can't stand to eat there, and the smell — it makes me gag! We love McAlisters, Firehouse or Quiznos. Even though I don't think we have a Quiznos in Bham. Oh and Jersy Mikes is pretty good, too. And concerts, yeah, I've been to a few, but if you aren't right up close, what's the point of going? And I'm never a fan of traffic, especially sitting still in traffic!

    Happy Friday Steph! Thanks for always linking up with me! And, hope you the hubs and the pups have a great weekend!!

  21. We went to so many concerts this year and each time we were like, why do we keep doing this?!? No more!


    Happy Birthday to your dad!

  22. I LOVE THE DOGS. I know I already said that but it needs to be repeated. Amazing.
    I avoid concerts too, it's really not my thing and never has been. I'm always torn on the zoo. If I go, it's only for zoo lights in December, so I don't see many animals anyway. I can't go in the summer when they are all outside with sad faces unable to run free. But at least they're well fed and cared for and safe from predators? I don't know, I can never decide.

  23. I've been into a Starbucks twice in my life. and I don't like clubs, bars I can handle, clubs no thanks. but I do love concerts!

  24. I told someone about your costume because I thought it was so cool and they didn't get it and I was so sad (also, the person was in his 60s...). I hate Subway so much and I think clubs are only for college kids and creepers now, right?

    You will never catch me at McDonald's or Burger King. I'm definitely not above fast food but those two just make me feel awful after eating there!

  25. eww i hate subway too. and the zoo is pretty much hell on earth for me!!

  26. Awwww. I understand the zoo. I didn't go until I had Bird.

    Never been to a club. Prefer the bar. Dirtier the better. Sounds weird, but typically means more fun and less people.

    Not a concert fan either - except a little over a year ago I did see the Beach Boys in concert, and that was pretty fun!

    Happy Birthday to your Dad!

    Love the costumes! Target had Dog costumes half off today - I wanted to buy some...

  27. I agree w/ you on 3, 4, & 5! I do enjoy a nice zoo and concert from time to time! :)

  28. I can honestly say I've been to a club one time. It was awful so I went back to the pub and had a glorious time. I feel ya on concerts. I'm the say way.

  29. I've recently become very anti-crowd but do enjoy a concert where I have a seat to claim my own space. Have to admit I eat at Subway a couple of times a month!

  30. I never go to Starbucks because I don't really like coffee. I don't really go to concerts, because they are super expensive and I hate SUPER LOUD music. I'm not much of a club person, because I hate dancing. I'd choose a bar over that any day.

  31. Subway is disgusting. I can't understand why it smells so bad. There really are no good authentic hoagie/sub shops here (we call them subs in Erie, and it never went away). And then in college they were grinders, because we were close to Pittsburgh. PA loves to give their lunchmeat sandwiches many names apparently.

    We always get good ones when we go back to Wilkes-Barre to see John's family. There is a place there called Primo's (I think it originates in Philly) that I love. It might be totally inauthentic to people really from Philly, but they are my favorite.

    And I just wrote a dissertation on sandwiches. And now I want one. Yum.

  32. I confess that I hit Starbucks pretty frequently and do breakfast flatbreads from Subway, but only breakfast flatbreads.

    I'll do a mile a day in November. Boom.

    I will never, ever, ever go to Chuck E. Cheese. And I love me some skeeball.

  33. My friends and I have had this same conversation before!! I am from Philadelphia originally and can never understand why anyone would go to Subway. There are so many amazing food options in Philly!!!

  34. OMG your fur kids are ADORABLE! Love the costumes.

    I hate paying eleventy hundred bucks for a drink too. That's why I buy the concentrated tazo chai at Target and make my own. $4.00 a week as opposed to $4.00 a day.

    Clubs were so IN during my 20s and I just couldn't do it (at least not the straight ones.) It felt like such a meat market, I was allergic to getting hit on, especially in that environment. I love that bars are in now, so much better.

  35. I suggest you rethink your definition of a concert. yeah, the old days of the Spectrum up in the nosebleed seats don't leave you with much to say in favor of live music. Try a coffee house with an Open Mic night; people passionate about their craft, enthused and excited to be in front of an audience, even if its only 50 people. Very low-keyed way to reconnect. (usually free, too) Or look into an open air concert in a park.


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