Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Anticipating...the five day weekend ahead. Serenity now, mofos.
Practicing...not thinking so much and just being.
Listening to... 
When I Was Your Man - BRUNO MARS by Bruno Mars on Grooveshark

Wearing...a big sweater to hide my pre-holiday weight, dirty hair and a big grin because this is a short week. BOOM.
Wanting...to dole out roundhouse kicks to the face to everyone involved in the Steubenville High School rape case. I can't even articulate my feelings about what happened to this girl. The complicity of  a community in making the victim seem like the criminal makes me sick to my stomach and also full of rage. The rape culture must stop. Do your part by not blaming victims. No matter what, they never asked for it.

Watching...Sons of Anarchy, almost to season five. Juice! What are you doing? Clay! Just die. I freaking hate Clay.

Needing...to purge some closets. I feel material items weighing down my soul. 

Smelling...Clinique Happy Heart perfume.

Drinking...coffee. I love it way too much lately. In my defense, I also have water.
Reading...The Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani

Feeling...like hibernating. Tis the season!

Loving...the sky on fire sunsets I've been seeing.

Hating...when people insist that others should adopt a dog instead of buying a puppy. Adoption is not for everyone. We bought a puppy once and adopted twice and there are so many instances in which I see how adoption would NOT work for the majority of families. So cool off, judgy assholes. Live and let live. Adopting dogs does not make you superior. And when I'm ready to buy another puppy, seriously, come at me bro. 

Planning...my winter to dos/goals.  

Missing...Beverly Hills, 90210. Always. Can't we just pick it up where it left off? I know some of you would volunteer to write episodes.
Enjoying...cozying up in my ubiquitous cardigans. 

Wishing...people kept a gratitude journal of things they were thankful for 365 days a year, and not just 30 days in November. I truly believe your life gets exponentially better when you are grateful for all things, big and small. Start every day with a grateful heart. You won't ever regret it.
Thankful...for a space on the Internet to store my mental inventory, and to you for reading it. 

Hark! Five day weekend.
Sleep, read, eat, relax, recline.
Wear elastic pants. 

Today is one of the only instances in which Tuesday does not suck, because it means I'm poised on the precipice of a five day weekend.

No posts for me until Friday. I'm wishing you the very best Thanksgiving with your framily. Wear the stretchy pants.
Keep up with me on Instagram and Facebook this weekend. Toodleoo mofos!

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  1. happy thanksgiving!!

    man, looking at that 90210 pic brings back memories. i was OBSESSED with that show!! did you watch sharknado with ian ziering?

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Wear elastic pants ... love it.

    I can't even deal with the Steubenville rape case. So awful.

    I'm totally with you on purging the closet. Everytime I go in there I feel the weight of so much "stuff."

  3. I am all about hibernating and purging out the closets! SOA is getting so good. Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving and I will be for sure wearing stretchy pants!! :)

  4. Happy Heart is one of my faves! I miss the original 90210, too. Thank the man above we have a short week...I am ready.

  5. I am so ready for the five day weekend, too. My stretchiest jeans are at the ready. Let's do this thing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Did you happen to notice how the Biebs has his 90210 late 80's early 90's hair? I'm grateful for your honesty and love reading your blog. You rock!

  7. I'm also anticipating the long weekend, it can't get here soon enough!

    I've been watching old re-runs of the original 90210 on Soapnet. It airs every Sunday night, so I have my DVR set to record a few episodes each week and I'm loving it! That show will never get old :)

  8. I prefer adoption over buying a puppy, if you know what you're getting into. Do not adopt and just bring the dog back a few weeks later. But also, don't buy a puppy from a pet store, that keeps puppy mills in business and those are some sick fucking things. If the person selling you the puppy isn't doing a thorough background check on you, they're shady. Real breeders care where their babies are going.

  9. Agree, agree, agree! I actually laugh when I see old BH 90210 on TV. The hair. THe clothes. Hahaha! Good times.

    Elastic pants UNITE!

  10. Just started watching Sons of Anarchy last weekend and I'm almost to the end of season 2 (don't judge). I have been waking up at odd times and have decided to embrace it by watching TV instead of rolling around so one day I was up at 4:30 in the morning and watched two episodes. Totally normal, right?

    Ugh the rape case...my husband and I were talking about it last night then realized we were both talking about different rape cover up cases because you know there have been too many to even keep track of lately. Disgusting.

    I'd write an episode of 90210. It'd be called "The Case of Donna's Nasty Boobies" and it would be a flashback to how they became cubic.

  11. 1. I am trying not to be jealous of your 5 day weeks, as I have 4 and am super grateful for those 4 days. Plus my office is closing at 2:00 pm tomorrow, if I can get my shit done in time I plan on leaving at 1:59 pm. :)

    2. Amen to people judging those that buy puppies. I wont even get started on how frustrating trying to adopt a dog is in most cases. And how stupid their rules are. If you are adopting a 5 lb chi dog, you don't need a fenced in back yard, an apartment is fine...yet I was denied. WTF? You'd rather let the dog die? Besides, I feel any dog you get you saved from somewhere. You may have saved a purchased puppy from a horrible puppy mill condition. It isn't the dogs fault how it came into this world. Just love all the fur balls!

    3. 90210. Yes, please.

    4. Have a wonderfully happy Thanksgiving!!!! May your stretchy pants stretch enough. I hope mine do!

  12. i can't get over the rape case. it's ridiculous and makes me sick.
    ugh need more coffee after that.
    i have never seen 90210- ever. not the new or old. i know, i suck.

  13. I wear stretchy pants
    (I've grown out of all the rest)
    They'd best stretch some more!

    I'm always grateful
    (I'm a very lucky girl)
    my life is superb!

  14. I totally want to just stay indoors... it's super cold out!

  15. YES to so many of these...

    Big sweaters + coffee = winning.
    Adopting vs. buying a dog...I agree. I get tired of people who are all haughty about the fact that they adopted a dog. Not to knock it because it's great to save dogs from shelters, but it's not for everyone. A lot of times there's a reason they're there and if you don't have the time/patience to deal with pre-ingrained issues, adopting might not be for you.

    I'm in a blog rut...mind if I steal this idea? ;)


  16. There is a lot going on in that head of yours!! My favorite one of all...90210...bring back the Peach Pit!! ;)

  17. Gratitude journals are such a good idea! I had one for a bit... I should get back into it... it really does make you stop and appreciate little things in life. :) I HATE CLAY WITH A FIERY PASSION.

  18. short weeks are the best weeks!!! will you post videos if you wind up roundhouse kicking anyone???

  19. I LOVE these type of posts! That Bruno Mars song is one of his best!

  20. The world could do with a lot less "judgey asshole" in it.

  21. I have a gratitude plastic zip-lock gallon storage bag. It is very full. I put a note in one a day, more if there is a big grateful to document. Very grateful for the internet to communicate with you and Lori several times a day and for
    texting- better than hanging on the phone. Lights, love, and happy holidays, and extra lights for safe travels!

    Love your MOMMA

  22. Yay for short weeks! I am starting a thankful jar this Thanksgiving to be read next year!

  23. wear your stretchy pants.. I love it! hooray for short work weeks (I even have today off).

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  24. Wednesday's at 8 pm back in the 90's, I was glued to the television set! LOVED 90210. Were you a fan of Party of 5?

  25. 5 day weekend!? Nice! I'm just getting 4 days but I'll take it! Ok I totally agree about 90210. I use to watch reruns every weekend all weekend when I had the SOAP channel. But that channel went away. Crazy! I LOVE that show so much!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  26. I totally agree! We rescued Weiser, but with a rescue comes lots of issues. Now do I want a puppy to have to train? Heck no, but that's up to the individual and no one's place to judge. I also say no blaming the victim!

  27. Catching up on my favorite blogs today. Yes to the gratitude journal - I think I'm going to try something different for 2014 instead of doing it on Instagram, but I'm not sure yet… still open to new ideas. As far as adoption, we've adopted both of our dogs - one was easy, the other was not. You have to have time and openness to the whole process. Puppies need to be trained, some dogs need to just be loved for a while. Lola is doing awesome now, but it has been a journey. Totally agree that it isn't for everyone (but I do love a good adoption story.) And last but not least, have you gone back and watched 90210? I made my husband buy them for me when they came out on DVD and I watched the whole series. I love how it seems even cheesier now.


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