Thursday, November 14, 2013

Take a letter, Maria, on my Thursday Thoughts

Take a Letter Maria by R.B. Greaves on Grooveshark
Dear Gift Givers:
Are you signed up for GroopDealz? If not click here and sign up (even though they spell their name horribly). I've purchased two necklaces. Both were fabulous buys. With Hanukkah and Christmas looming, get yourself some good deals on some great gifts...whether they're for you or for someone else.
From The List Maker
Dear Melissa:
Have a fabulous birthday!
xoxo, Steph

Dear Ann Taylor LOFT:
This scarf is worth $23, but it is not worth the $39.50 at which you have it priced. Your continual sales make it clear that $23 should be the actual price, and that's what I paid for it. I silenced my Veruca Salt I want it now to show you who's boss.
Signed, The Consummate Consumer

Dear Cheez-Its:
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. And the fat on my ass.
Ciao - your forbidden lover

Dear Pug Fans:
You're welcome. 
Love, The Grumble Leader
Dear Hoarders:
Is this how it starts? I got a really good deal though. Anyone have aches? See me. 
Worried in Pennsylvania
Are You There, God?
Pardon my french, but being a woman is a pain in many places, including my ass (metaphorically).
It's Me, Margaret
Dear Otterbox Haters:
Yes, it makes the phone bulky. You know what else it does? Saves your phone from being liquefied when you accidentally drop it in the toilet. BOOM. Yes, the toilet was free of poop and pee. 
Grateful Otter Lover
Dear Philly Pie Buyers:
If you are buying pies for thanksgiving, consider buying from MANNA. They provide free meals for many patients with terminal illness such as cancer and HIV. It's a great organization! Check it out here
From the Do-Gooder Pie Fiend
Dear Universe:
Is it Friday yet? 
Signed, The Girl Who Has a Half Day Friday

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  1. I'm glad your phone is okay!

    And yes- it's almost Friday! Woohoo.

  2. GroopDealz and VeryJane are my jam. So many cute things. Your pug babies are too cute! Glad your phone is ok.

  3. I LOVE THAT BOOK!! brings me back to my elementary days.

    i don't get people who don't use cases to protect their phone. you paid $$$$ for it, why not save it from nicks/scratches/dents etc?

    Vodka and Soda

  4. Good thing I had already swallowed my coffee when I saw the caption on Maisel's picture.

    Aaron, on seeing my new OtterBox case: "Do you anticipate dropping it? Or getting it wet?"

    No, jackass, but it could happen and if it does, I'm ready. Are you?

  5. The #tuesdayhaters was my favorite picture of those two ever. Sorry but my husband now knows you by your dogs. Too many Steph's gets confusing for him :)

  6. I didn't know Otter boxes saved the phone from water too! (I currently have an ancient basic phone so I'm not in the "phone case" loop)

    I have a half-day Friday too! We're almost there!

  7. They See Me Rollin has me CRACKING up. Like I kind of want to make it my desktop background. Is that weird?

    And now I will spend the day on your jewelry site. I know it's good but I have resisted for so long and I think now is the time to give in...

  8. Dear Maisel~ Thank you for making my day!

  9. I love that picture of Maisel so much, I might have to include it in my weekly report to my team this week.

  10. I am cracking up in my office. I have been MIA from blog everything this week. I love the pug pictures of Maisel in her various outfits. She is just so damn cute.

    Cheez Its are amazing. I buy the reduced fat to make myself feel better about them. I had to unsubscribe from GroopDealz because it was getting out of hand, but I have gotten some pretty awesome things from them.

  11. Oh, dear. I see bad things in my future now that you've introduced me to Groopdealz.

  12. Ahhhhhh I love the rollin' pug pic OMG! Way too cute! That book ...haha memories!

    And damn you for your groopdealz! Where has that website been all my life!? Now I have lots shit to buy because it is cheap. No bueno.

  13. Yes, the otter box is magical! I have now dropped my phone in the toilet TWO TIMES. And still have yet to figure out why I keep taking it with me. I mean I'm obviously not coordinated enough!

  14. gah now you got that song stuck in my head!! but it's ok, it's a good song. i love groop dealz. just recently got some tights from them and they are my fave.

  15. not only do i love the song you picked but I love otter boxes and cheeze its too! you have great taste! I just discovered (trouble) and have been buying gifts left and right!

  16. Sorry, boys, but Maisel is the most photogenic little dog ever! So glad the universe sent her to you and Mike Doyle and the boys.
    I love the nomorerack site- beautiful purse for $45.00 orig $250.00, earrings good, too.
    The mark up on stuff is ridiculous.
    Amen, holler on the women thing.
    Most women, anyway.
    Carpe diem, everyone.

    Love your MOMMA

  17. Bloody Hell - look at the chins on that birthday bitch! Oh well, pass the Chambord! Xoxo

  18. I *refuse* to pay more than $20 for a scarf, just because there are SO many cute ones for $10-15 out there. $40 is just greedy.

  19. I'm not going to lie ... I had my phone in my back pocket once & it fell into a toilet in which I had just peed. Yes, I fished it out bare handed. That fucker was expensive! Oh, the shame.

  20. Hahaha You're welcome. And dear readers, you're welcome for the fabulous pug shots. I need more! Hell yes to the discounted scarf. Show them who's boss.

  21. I love Groopdealz. So much good stuff on there!

  22. Ugh... just converted to Otter Box, but I have the commuter one not the one that is gigantic.

    Love the pic of Geege - is he the pain and the reason for the meds? :)

    Cheez Its are the bomb. Way better that Cheese Nips by the way... significant difference.

  23. I have the ugly Otterbox too, but I don't care because I will NEVER crack a phone again! And good 'ol Judy Blume! This book brings back memories. Happy Half Friday!!!!!!

  24. I dropped my iPhone in the toilet in a bar a few years ago and it was dead. So sad

  25. They see me rollin they haten LOLOLOLOL cannot stop laughing.

  26. Dear Steph's cheez-its,

    I just ate half of a box of milk duds.


    Tiffany's guilty conscience!


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