Friday, November 22, 2013

HO HO HO Mofos. Holiday Gift Ideas.

Confession: I suck at gift giving. I always want people to tell me exactly what they want, so I make sure they get it. If they don't, I am sadly much more comfortable gifting someone with things I have and love than going out on a limb or buying them something that will just sit there and collect dust.

This list of holiday ideas are gifts I can personally recommend because you will find them in my house and on my person. I will always choose a gift made by an entrepreneur over a shelf item, and this list is a little of both. Everyone is gaga for Black Friday - don't forget Small Business Saturday! Patronize entrepreneurs!

1. Infinity scarves from Four Barefoot Children, an Etsy shop with handmade items made by my friend Courtney, who I've known since junior high. I have the mustard chevron infinity scarf. Soft, warm, super comfortable, and priced right, these would be a great gift for a coworker, teacher, yourself...

2. Something soothing for the dry skin club: Vitamin E Body Butter by The Body Shop (you should buy the 50% off Groupon that gets you $20 for $10 and the entire site is buy 3 get 3 or buy 2 get 2 RIGHT NOW) paired with a pair of exfoliating gloves and Boots No. 7 Luxurious Foaming Shower Oil. The key to not getting dry skin is exfoliation, so don't skip the gloves!
3. Jewelry by Debbie Rae Designs - as you can see, I have a lot of her bracelets. She also makes necklaces and earrings and can do custom pieces. Your outfit is simply not complete without a Debbie Rae Designs piece.
4. Hand-knit scarves to sink into and hand-quilted table toppers are available from my aunt Lori. Her scarves are gorgeous, the one she's modelling is the fourth she's made for me, and the table topper is my Christmas topper. I have a fall topper too and people are always asking me where to get one. This is where! Shoot her an email.
5. I am cuckoo for monogrammed items, especially glasses and mugs. My friend Suzi is one of the owners of My Fab Glass - give someone the gift of a special glass or mug this holiday season. Hell, give yourself one. One for me, two for you, etc.
6. Do you have a coffee lover in your life? They must have the Aerolatte mik frother (AKA fuffer). You will not be sorry, they will love you. Pair it with a monogrammed mug like the above.
7. Do you know someone with a sick sense of humor? Gift them with Cards Against Humanity. It is awful, horrifying, shocking and hilarious. It will give a whole new meaning to a dysfunctional Christmas.
8. I freaking love Yankee Candles and I want them buring in my home at all times, so I like to give them too. They keep running their buy 1 get 1 free sale. Take advantage.
9. Other beauty items: Pre de Provence sage soap. I adore it. MAC Lip Glass set.

10. Other accessories: striped or argyle socks and awesome gloves in a dashing color.

What gifts do you like to give - and get? Have you done any holiday shopping yet?

Happy happy birthday weekend to my lovely long-time friend Gwen. Have a fabulous birthday tomorrow. Love you! Visit Gwen's blog/facebook/twitter/instagram and show her some birthday love!
Happy weekend!
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  1. one of my fav sites for christmas shopping (for myself and my geeky friends) is at a site called Think Geek. it has EVERYTHING that gives me a geek boner - lego slippers (on my wish list), stark trek bath robes (NEED), a mug that has a battery on it and the battery powers up when the mug is hot (def on my list)...basically, i want to BUY ALL THE THINGS.

    also, a great thing for dry skin: ARGAN OIL. i swear, this is the juice of the skin gods.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I did a gifts idea post today too! Yankee Candles are great. And after their episode of Undercover Boss, Spencer has supported my candle habit even more. :)

    Love these ideas- I needed some! Have a good weekend.

  3. I need to go to the Body shop like now!! Love Yankee Candle and you can't go wrong with a candle. i am getting Cards Against Humanity for my work yankee swap!

  4. I love this list because it isn't all overpriced designer nonsense (I mean a little is okay but this is full of things I can afford!). Checking into the scarves now and those earrings are probably making their way onto my list!

  5. Love the list. Think I may need to pick up Cards Against Humanity (or put it on my list for Santa!)

    Last year I picked up a necklace from Ten Thousand Villages for my sister and it was her favorite gift. I love supporting small vendors & handmade items.

  6. Oh crap, it's time to Christmas shop.

  7. Love this list especially the infinity scarves and Yankee Candles :)

  8. I just saw that the Yankee Candle outlet by my house is going to have large jar candles 6 for $60 on Black Friday. That is such an awesome deal!

  9. You do not suck at gift giving at all. You ask people exactly what they want or what to get others. That is the best !
    Then add little things that fit the person. Many moons ago, when I was a kid or teenager, there was no buying power in my house so Christmas and birthdays were it. Now we are able to buy whatever we want within reason.
    Very thankful. Lovely list. Love your MOMMA

  10. I love Yankee Candles- any candles really. You can never have enough! And of course Cards Against Humanity is the best- did you see the 4th expansion pack came out?

  11. I'm a terrible gift giver!! but these are some really great ideas! i love candles. and scarves. and no 7. cosmetics!

  12. Ok, I love the title of this post! So you. So awesome.

    I love your list. It is full of awesome stuff that anyone would want to have! There is always someone on my list that I have a hard time with every year. It is usually my dad, but other than that I have pretty easy people to buy for. Especially my mom. Basically anything I love, she will want. The hard part with her is narrowing it down because I cant afford to buy everything!

  13. This is a great list! And I can also personally vouch for Debbie Rae Designs - I love my bracelets and I've given them as gifts, too.

    Thanks for the birthday love!

  14. I have two Debbie Rae pieces, I love them!

  15. Ugh, you gave me all the links I needed to click this morning. AND ALSO GROOPDEALZ. You are such a giver.

    Cards Against Humanity is the greatest game ever invented.

  16. Love the monogrammed mug! And I second the milk frother idea - we have one and it's the bomb.

    I have to disagree on Yankee candles, though. Bath and Body Works are more better. ;)

  17. Cards Against Humanity is the BEST! We asked for Apples to Apples one year and we have that... but I think it's time we crank things up a notch and add this to our arsenal. Also, thanks for the heads up on The Body Shop... my mom LOVES their stuff so I'm gonna head over there and and see what;s what. :)

  18. I need Cards Against Humanity....I heard it's so fun! And that chevron scarf is too cute! I need to get my Christmas shopping on!!! I have only bought two things!!! Ugh!!!

  19. I LOVE all these gift ideas. And I might just have to use some of them this Christmas! Happy Friday Steph, and thanks for linking up! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Thanksgiving!

  20. The fuffer is at the top of my list!

  21. Great ideas. I love etsy! I just wish they would do some last minute shipping!!! I went on last week to get something (like you, I like the little shops), but he already cut off for Christmas orders... really dude? So frustrating! Anyway, thanks for sharing some great links!

  22. I love your list! Great ideas. I was gifted Cards Against Humanity for Christmas when it first came out. 2? 3? years ago, and the person who bought it always now gifts me the extension packs. It's the best game ever, I love it. I recommend it to everyone!!

  23. I am a giver so getting gifts is uncomfortable for me something I am working on. I love to make things to give. I like to give for no reason throughout the year as birthdays and Christmas are a given. I like to be wearing a scarf that I made and someone admires it and I take it off and give it to them. I believe myself to be an excellent gift giver lol.

  24. I'm pretty good at Christmas gift giving as long as I start early. If I start too late I end up spending too much money.

    I totally support small businesses as well, my aunt is a coffee shop and party rental store owner in a small town and she's taught me the ways. I try super hard not to go to Starbucks because small coffee shops struggle.

  25. Fabulous gifts for everyone, but especially for me!

  26. I suck at gift giving too! and I would hate to waste $$ on something someone will re-gift or not use at all! I am thinkging of going the Candle route this year =)


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