Monday, October 28, 2013


I got nearly 20 hours of sleep this weekend. Sing the songs of angels, mofos. Exhale. 
1 - After an uneventful Friday night, I froze my ass off on Saturday at my nephew's fall ball game.
2 - Drew on base. 
3 - Next baller?
4 - A visit to Styers where no pumpkins were found...
5 - But lunch was eaten. MFD and I got sausage peppers and onions and meatballs and went halvesies.
6 - Errands: Target, Home Depot, Rite Aid.
7 - Chicken cordon bleu pasta. Make that, yo. Click on it to see my revisions. 
8 - She's my cherry pie. 
9 - I couldn't sleep Saturday night due to too much coffee, so I spent from 12 - 4 a.m. doing two loads of laundry, cleaning the powder room, and watching Sons.
10 - Coffee time Sunday.
11 - We like to lounge.
12 - We hate to mulch.
13 - Weekly food prep: savory oatmeal for breakfasts (pictured - I cook it in chicken broth and add a bit of olive oil and some cheese to the top), hard boiled eggs for snacks, PB&J for lunch, green beans for snack.
14 - A joyous romp with the dogs in the fields. 
15 - Fat ass Sunday dinner - check back here tomorrow for the details. 

Toodleoo, weekend. Thank you for being a friend. 

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  1. Savory oatmeal? Sounds delish!

  2. I haven't calculated my weekend sleep, but I think I would be right there with you at the twenty hour mark. I am super impressed that you used your insomnia for productive stuff. I would have been in bed with headphones watching Netflix the entire time!

  3. 20 HOURS?! you are one lucky lady!

    and what season of SOA are you on? this season is SO GOOD so catch up quick and we can talk about it!

    Vodka and Soda

  4. I'm liking the purple update to your design!

    That pie and pasta looks amazing. I wish I had cold pie for breakfast.

  5. Oh girl I just wish I could remember to document my weekend as well as you do! Looks like it was a great one, other than freezing!

  6. Love the picture of the pups romping!
    Really beautiful weather this weekend, especially yesterday. Flip flops for me and glorious rides on both trips to Villanova with Jetta sun roof open and CD's blasting.
    Music soothes my soul!
    Have a happy day!!!
    Your MOMMA

  7. mmmmmmmmm... meatloaf! and sleep!

  8. mmmmmmmmm... meatloaf! and sleep!

  9. Love all the pictures of all the fun that was had... even if mulch was involved. LOL

  10. I am so jealous of the sleep!! Even on vacation I still only got 6 hours a night plus a 40 minute nap!! Yard work sucks!! That is all. I totally didn't rake but I need too! That pasta looks so good.

  11. I want 20 hours of sleep! In other news, I played catch with my nephew this weekend and almost died from heat stroke, haha.

  12. 20 hours of sleep? I am so jealous. I acted like an 18 year old Saturday night and stayed out until 5:00 am dancing like I don't have bad knees. I woke up Sunday SUPER sore and smelling of bad decisions and lost dreams.

  13. your nephew is too cute!! The Sons and Meatball pictured in this post make me confident you are my soul mate!

  14. Sweet glorious sleep. 20 hours sounds heavenly. How are you liking Sons-- what season are you on? The fat ass dinner looks yummy, do share this week!

  15. That might be the first running photo I've seen of the grumble. Usually, they sleep!

  16. 20 hours?! I am jealous of that. and that chicken cordon bleu pasta. gimme

  17. I don't think I got quite that much sleep this weekend- but tried to make up for it yesterday/last night by napping on the couch and going to bed at like 8:30 :)

    I've watched the first season and a half of Sons of Anarchy and really need to watch the rest!

  18. Totally love the pics of the pups!

    I have never had savory oatmeal, but it sounds delish - and a nice change to the traditional!

  19. Two things...that pasta and that oatmeal in chicken broth...holy heck...I need to hop on that stat. Glad you are refreshed from you 20 hours of sleep!!! :) I think I got 30....momma was tired!!

  20. I still haven't tried savory oatmeal but I should get on that. Loving the new look of your blog!

  21. You just had yourself an amazing weekend! You needed it big time, I'm very glad for you!! <3

    Adding that cordon blue recipe to my list

  22. 20 hours of sleep sounds glorious. Yes I just wrote glorious. That is how good lots of sleep is!!!! I got no naps this weekend which made me very sad and very tired.

  23. Sounds pretty fun minus the lack of Saturday night sleep! I love meatball sandwiches.. my favorite.

    I love the cute dogs picture too!


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