Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...your weekly dose of random

1. Guess what I did this week? Booked our five night Disney cruise for December 2014 out of Miami. BOOM shaka laka laka. We will hopefully follow it up by a quick jaunt to Orlando to see Magic Kingdom and EPCOT all done up for Christmas. More than a year to obsess and plan...just my style.

2. Can't stop singing this song. Don't want to stop singing it either.
3.  Do you know I don't own any belts and haven't since 1993? File under very important and useless facts about SMD.

4. Something I don't understand: people who bitch about getting older or get moody around their birthdays, or say things like "don't remind me!" Isn't getting another year older infinitely better than the alternative?
Thanks Heather H for sharing this on FB on Tuesday!
5. I went to MAC twice this week. Well three times. Twice to the store and once to Macy's. I am not pleased with the service at the MAC store on Walnut in Philadelphia. I much prefer the people who work the counter in Macy's and if I go there I can also see the Wanamaker Organ (the largest operational pipe organ in the world) so it's a win win. But I digress: MAC purchases were eye shadow in expensive pink, lipstick in syrup, and lipglass in I forget.
6. I am not enraptured with any fall TV except for Blacklist. I have no desire to watch Homeland on a weekly basis - I want to binge on it. Nothing else is setting my ass on fire. I want to get on the Sons of Anarchy bandwagon.
7. A week ago I started my 30 miles in 30 days quest, which I mean to do mostly at lunch. It's nice to get out and walk for 15 or 20 minutes to break up the day and free my mind. I hope to build on this in the months to come, even if all the miles aren't done at lunch. I'm annoyed with myself that I just stopped doing anything a few months ago.

8. Our nephews came to visit us on Monday night. They are a hoot.
9. I've started a question of the day on my blog facebook page. I do hope you'll participate. It's not going to be quantum physics, because first of all I don't even know what they are, and secondly they don't sound fun. Please like my blog facebook page, and under "Liked," be sure to click "show in news feed" and also "get notifications" if you're into that. I think you should be. That will ensure that you don't miss any of my scintillating posts. Do you have a question for me to ask? Hit me up.

10. Ecard of the week.  I'll never teell-elll (said in that fucked up creepy Brittany Murphy voice from Don't Say a Word):

Hasta manana, amigos. Up tomorrow: Makeup and Beauty Things. 
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  1. I'm so proud about your Expensive Pink purchase. It's one of my fave go-to colors in the fall! If you get NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk, use that all over your lid as a base, the shadow will look less orange.

    Steve and I just finished SOA season 5 last night, and then will catch up with season 6 to tune in to FX on Tuesday night. It's a-maze-balls.

  2. For the first time ever, I am watching no new TV in the fall. My husband wants to get on the Sons of Anarchy train too, and as I am not completely opposed, I will likely join him. Gotta love binge watching!

  3. Those little boys are getting so big!!!

  4. The MAC store intimidates me. I'm a big make up lover, but I have no MAC products!

    Also, I have no belts except those fake ones that come attached to stuff.

    That Royals song is my jam right now. My husband and students wish it wasn't, I'm afraid, but I can't stop. Love it.

    That Disney cruise sounds great! I've never done one, but they look and sound amazing.

  5. LOL at that ecard. I think poor service must be a problem at all MAC stores. I am unhappy with the stores I've been to in Florida. Although, I must admit, the MAC at Caesar's Palace in Vegas has really great employees.

  6. Okay so that song is officially stuck in my head. Secondly, I am so jealous that you went to MAC several times this week. The closest one to me is over 2.5 hours away so I am not able to go much. I would love to know more about your experience there, thanks again for months ago going there to look for me something!

  7. I'm going to be 50 in a few days, and my take is that the first 49 have been great, and am looking forward to the next 50. I wonder what it is in store for me?

    I've never heard Royals till today, but its stuck in my head. Not bad though lol.

    SOA is definitely worth your time. I bought the first 3 seasons, but have caught up thanks to Netflix.

  8. SOA is so freaking fantastic you are missing out! Get on that boat ASAP.

    I also don't own any belts since probably when I was a little kid.

  9. I am so jealous of your vacation- have a great time! MAC stores make me anxious for some reason- I think I just get overwhelmed. I much prefer the counter at Macy's, and the employees are waaay more helpful!

  10. A Disney Cruise? So awesome! While I am terrified to death of a cruise, I totally want to hit up Disney World! Love the Royals song. I read an article saying that song is racist. I mean, really? So stupid.

    Yay for new make up! Now I want to go play at Sephora.

    That ecard will really make you think...

  11. So funny that you mentioned that song cause I heard it for the first time yesterday and really liked it!

    I need to get myself a facebook page created... I have a personal one.. but wasn't sure if I wanted a Blog one... do you mix both?? meaning... are your real friends involved with your blog facebook page? hope my question makes sense.

  12. Love that song! You need to get on the SOA Bandwagon it is SO GOOOOOOD!!! That ecard will forever pop in my head now when I stay in yoga pants all day!! :)

  13. Theresa M - all good things are in store for you, of course. I can't wait to see what they are!

  14. Cruising is so fun! How exciting that you booked a 2014 one :D

    I LOVE MAC products.

  15. I'm torn on my usual shows this fall. Most of them I'm like eh, I'll watch it online in a few days, whatever.
    Except Scandal, still loving that.

  16. Super jealous of the Disney vacay. Hubs and I went to Disney at Christmas time in 2006. It was soooo amazing! You will definitely enjoy!

    How funny!! My mom grew up in Philly, and just last weekend she was reminiscence about the Wanamaker Organ, telling us all about it!

  17. #1 very jealous.
    that e card yes.
    Royals, i can't stop singing it either. her other stuff is great too.
    I hate belts.

  18. So I had pulled up your blog hadn't read it yet, went to youtube to listen to Royals then came back to you and there it was...weird

  19. OMG! I hate when people complain about birthdays. You got to live another year! Another thing, I hate is when people are like, "Ugh I'll be 22 next year. I'm so old." Um, shut up.

  20. Tell me more about this Disney cruise. How does it compare to others? I love Disney but I'm worried it would be too "kiddy". Thoughts?

  21. Obviously Homeland should only be watched binge style - which is why the first two discs of season two are waiting for me in Netflix envelopes for this weekend. I will go like your facebook page right now. I started one last week and I have 3 likes... one of those is me. I have to work on it.

  22. I may have to see the Wanamaker Organ.

    That ecard is perfect.

  23. OMG I love being the age I am! Working with kids,daycare, school, high school. #DONEWITHTHAT
    Knowing what I know now is a big bonus, too.
    I am very suburban, but love the city walking situation. Wish it would get no cooler than today- ever.
    I am with you on the Homeland. Love the Blacklist, altho I hide my eyes thru a lot of it.
    Can you please blog everyday?!
    Love your MOMMA

  24. I'm turning 30 in January and every time I tell someone that they GASP and go OHHHH 30!! Like WTF? I wonder if people get nervous for me because I'm almost 30 and single and childless. I'm totally fine over over here people! Birthdays are fun!

    Also, are we going to need do have a MAC intervention for you? :)

  25. I am so jealous of your Disney cruise! I want to go so bad, but I am waiting until the kids are just a tad bit older. I am hoping 2015 will be our year!

    And belts make me feel claustrophobic. True story.

  26. That song is so catchy! I sing it all the time too.

    I own a few belts but they are all skinny accent belts and none are actually made for holding up pants.

    Going to check out your facebook now. :)

  27. Dude, awesome cruise! I'm so jealous. I may drive the 4 hours and be sneak on, haha. Yea, I love Nashville, and HIMYM, but really nothing else this fall is grabbing me for tv.

  28. SAFIRE - me too! On both the cruising and the MAC products!

  29. you had me at Disney Cruise.

    and I love the "I'll never teeellll" I always say it the way it is from the movie too! so creepy!

  30. I also don't get the birthday thing. I hope I am always proud and happy to celebrate my birthday month ;)

  31. I wish I could motivate to go outside for lunch and walk. I've been walking to my car which is parked off site and that is a 1/2 mile but not enough for all the junk I'm eating lately!!

    Your nephews are so cute. Fun to get a week night visit from them!

  32. So jealous about your trip! And I never wear belts either- why would I want my pants to be tighter?!

  33. Now I will have Royals in my head ALL DAMN DAY and I'm only kind of mad about it. SD finally starting playing another song of her's on the radio and I love it, maybe even a little more than Royals.

    Get on the SOA bandwagon. RIGHT NOW.

  34. I'm jealous of your Disney cruise! I love Lorde's entire album. That girl is a weirdo, but she has some good tunes! My BFF and I say "I'll never te-ell" with the creepy finger wiggle all the time!


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