Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

1. Flyguys are back. In other hockey news, I've loved Rick Tocchet since 1985.

2. James Spader is killing it on The Blacklist. I am declaring this the best new show of the season. Are you with me?

3. Thanks to Marla at Luck Fupus, I am minorly obsessed with Bar Rescue.

4. I'm investigating Halloween costumes for this year. A few of our previous costumes:
5. Words I like this week: halcyon, riveting, sphincter, tomfoolery.

6. MFD got his hair cut. I wanted him to keep it because it was fun when it wasn't styled. Fun is not what he calls it.
7. Every time I go to Trader Joe's, I spend $46-$50. I could be buying one thing, five things, 10 things.  Doesn't matter. I'm always in that price range. I love their entry displays of flowers, and now pumpkins. Tis the season.
8. Congratulations to the members of Congress who are keeping the government closed! You've all been granted permanent residency on Asshole Island. Please make your way to the ship, you need to leave right away and never ever return, you assholes.
9. No disrespect to the weekdays, during which a lot of good shit happens, but...
10. Ecard of the week, thank you Mush for sharing:

Happy birthday Melissa Crane (do you guys still refer to your girl friends who got married by their maiden names if you knew them as that first? I do)! Happy Little Friday to the rest of you. 
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  1. Hey girl! This is a great post. Those Halloween costumes are great. I want wave to the ship to A-hole Island as it leaves!
    Have a great day.

  2. This week = lasting forever. I don't understand it.

  3. Love your Halloween of yesteryear choices! So fun!I am so over our government. They all need to be kicked out and we need to start from scratch!!! Any chance we can get a hurricane to hit the DC area? It could use a good wash out!

  4. Those Halloween ideas are awesome! So creative! I'm horrible at costume ideas, every.single.year.

  5. Hurrah! I have some other Asshole island residents walking around in my daily life. Can they catch the congress ship?

    We call all the ladies at work all three of heir names, including maiden.

  6. Your past costumes are amazing. Can't wait to see what you choose this year!

    Ugh Congress, really? Get your acts together. Can the rest of us just quit working when we disagree with our coworkers and expect to have a job after the mess gets cleaned up? NO.

  7. 1. I'm still sad that Lavy is done. But that picture of Tocchet... stud!
    2. Why not a picture of him in his award winning role in Mannequin? Either way, I'm with you!!!
    3. Love me some Jon Taffer.
    4. I'm not sure which one is my fave, Bill & Monica or Santa & Mrs. Claus.
    5. Sphincter is always a choice word!
    6. MFD and I can rock the same style right now.
    7. Did you get the microwave rice??
    8. Blech.
    9. Preach.
    10. Snort

    As I type, I'm enjoying a homemade PSL. It's delish! Thank for the recipe, oh great one!

  8. They don't deserve an island! Send them to Asshole sewer on Asshole planet in a galaxy far far away...

  9. This entire post is so much win. Asshole island? Check. Trader Joe's? Double check. BILL CLINTON AND MONICA LEWINSKY? You are amazing.

  10. Blacklist is the best! And Joe and I will watch full-day marathons of Bar Rescue- love it!

  11. my fav costume is for sure bill and monica. awesome. and #8 please transport them all to asshole island- that'd be great.

  12. I love all of your blogs! Always good and thought provoking. Love Blacklist,even tho too violent for this Dalaimomma. Need to find out about the husband, her father, who is Red, etc.Grateful for DVR-ing. I need to watch Monday's episode. I have been using microwave rice- birdseye,etc(ref. Marla's#7)I love it. 4 min-perfect rice, a bit costly, but time is money.
    Trader Joe's has the real deal dried apricots-not those weird Mediterraneans. Love the Trader Joe's that sell alcohol. Need that in PA. I do still call my high school friends by their maiden names, too.
    Sending positive thoughts to our "leaders". Stay dry!
    Love your MOMMA

  13. Yes, my bff will always be Mirza! I called her Smirza for years because that's what our school made our email addresses. I refuse to accept that she has a new last name.
    I am crying laughing over that Bill and Monica picture. It is seriously fantastic. He makes a perfect Bill, I hope he's not insulted by that.

  14. Oh my gosh, I'm dying over your Mennonite costumes. Those are awesome!

    Also, I agree about Congress. Every single one of them should be told, "thank you for your service, we no longer need you" and kicked out. Then, we get all new people who the American people actually WANT in office.

    But I would go as far as saying we need to clean out the House, the Senate and the Pres & Veep. No hating, but I'm over it.

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Blacklist. Not my typical show - but those writers are geniuses The story lines catch you!

    With you on the government. Stop blaming the other side and DO SOMETHING!! GEEZ! I wish we could have a reset button. All new people. Anyone working in a white building or house needs to be exchanged! HAHAH

    Does Trader Joe's have any season specific items? I haven't been in a while. Worth a trip?

  16. If I knew you before you got married, you will ALWAYS be known by your maiden name. I was a bridesmaid in a college friend's wedding a couple of years ago and when she made the announcement about who the bridesmaids were, she used my maiden name. So I think it's a pretty widespread problem.

    If the husband and I ever have occasion to go to a costume party, we are going as Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker. I have wanted to do this for YEARS.

  17. I think Bill and Monica are my favorite. John and I don't get into Halloween; we have never even done couple costumes. Lame, I know.

    I am smitten with the pinky red pumpkins this year, like the one in your photo. I have one in our fall porch display. I am sad we do not have Trader Joe's though. Those elitist bastards won't come to West MI because of some income studies they do, and we don't have enough people who make a certain income or some shit like that.

    I have some colleagues that should get an express ticket to Asshole Island. I can't wait until the next election cycle when we can vote everyone out of office.

  18. I love your costumes!

    And if I knew you before you got married, you will always be known as your maiden name. It is hard for me to change.

  19. I haven't watched Blacklist, must catch up. Love, love, love your previous costumes! That ecard is perfect, feeling that way right now.

  20. blacklist is on my To Watch list! i'm saving them for the plane ride back to toronto on sunday!

  21. Maiden name, it is who you were since birth and having met many people since births you are recognized by that name. Bon Voyage CongrASS people.

  22. The Blacklist rocks. All the Bizzles are fans. James Spader is superb, but I can't help feeling a little melancholy that he's aged so much. He's TOTALLY her dad, btw.

  23. I love your Halloween costumes! Every year I say I'm gonna dress up and every year, I don't. Bill and Monica (and that stain! EW!) is the best! I can't wait to see what you do this year!


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