Friday, October 25, 2013

The Friday Five, High / Low Style

It's Friday: praise the tiny lounge attire wearing, sleeping in planning, binge television watching, Workin' for the Weekend singing, lazy days loving baby Jesus. Let's Shake - n- Bake.

Today's Friday Five is about maintenance - ways in which I'm high maintenance and ways in which I'm low maintenance. Thanks to Laura for her help flushing out these lists.

Ways in which I am High Maintenance:
1. I must have a lot of ice in my drinks.
2. If I am getting coffee out and it has a lid, it must also have a straw or I will throw a shit fit that is way out of proportion to the actual situation. There are times when insanity shines through my face like a bright ray of sunshine. This is one of those times. After being burned too many times in DD drive thrus, I've started carrying straws in my middle console.
3. My house must be cleaned top to bottom weekly, some areas (vacuuming, bathroom and kitchen wipe down) multiple times per week. I blame those dogs. Their hair is in cahoots to create chaos all over the house.
4. I want an immediate response to my emails and texts. I know you're looking at your phone.
5. Only one person cuts and colors my hair, and that person is not me. It's Kristi Morgan at Sensational Scissors.

Ways in which I am Mid-Maintenance:
1. I am not well if my nails aren't painted but I do do them at home.

Ways in which I am Low Maintenance:
1. I will run errands in yoga pants. Don't care.
2. Hotel rooms - I'm only sleeping there, so I refuse to pay a lot for a room in a luxe hotel. Mid-range suits my needs quite well.
3. I am not a demanding or needy friend.
4. I am not into fancy dancer cars. As long as it goes, it's good with me.
5. I don't blow dry my hair and I don't wear makeup daily. It takes me less than 30 minutes to shower and get out the door even if I am wearing makeup.

And you? What are your highs and lows?

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  1. I too only take about 10 min to get out the door, but if my bed is not made in the proper way ( comforter lines even and straight and pillows in their specific spot) I will not be walking out that door. I have also been known to throw punches if anyone tries to lay on top of my nicely made bed...

  2. totally stealing this for a blog post today mmmkay? was thinking about what to blog about today and ...i got nuthin'...until this post so thanks! :D

    ok i'm a really low maintenance person. low maintenance wife, friend and mom. can't meet up until next month? no worries; i know how busy things can get. my birthday? no husband, don't buy me anything (and this is for real; i have told him "no presents" for years now). do my hair? AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO' DAT!

    happy friday!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I don't think I even want to attempt to list my high maintenance issues. For low maintenance, I'm out the door in 45 minutes or less, too. I wear more makeup in the winter to protect my skin from the cold, but that's it. I'm usually a mascara/lipglass kind of girl!

  4. We're low-maintenance in exactly the same ways! I'm getting inches chopped off my hair this weekend because I cannot stand dealing with it in the morning anymore.

    I think funnier wording would be "way out of proportion into AN actual situation", because in the grand scheme of things, missing a straw isn't even a situation. But I've been known to throw fits over much less.

    Namely, if my house isn't clean (see #3).

  5. I've been much less high maintenance since I lost my hair. I used to be makeup (at least lip glass/mascara) any time I left the house, now I just don't care.

    LOL, I feel bad that you hate not getting immediate responses to texts/emails. I am guilty of not always replying right away, but not necessarily out of not want to talk to you. Sometimes my phone or iPad is somewhere else in the house, and I'm just too lazy to find it. I guess I'm low maintenance in the fact that I dont need my phone glued to me all the time.

  6. I am not a hair and make up daily gal. I like make up- a lot- but I don't wear it everyday.

    I'm high maintenance to my parents, I'm afraid. Only child, righ hurr. I'm always calling them for advice and guidance. :)

  7. I love low maintenance #4 - Have I mentioned I drive a 1990 Toyota Corolla. I have never had a car payment in my life 32 years and counting...

  8. So where did the coffee through a straw thing come from? I worked for a guy who did that because he had veneers and I know some people are really into it so I'm just curious. I tried it once and it burned my throat.

    I am high maintenance when it comes to going out to eat. I am low maintenance when it comes to clothes. Is it cheap and does it fit well? Those are really my only concerns.

  9. You can come and clean my house anytime. I love it clean but don't like always doing it.

    I am low maintenance in that I could care less about labels or paying high price for things. I am high maintenance in that I like a plan when getting together with someone, even if it changes.

  10. UGH. My husband orders his water with no ice at restaurants and it weirds me out. And bravo to you for getting out the door that quickly, the worst part about having female roommates in college was waiting for them to get ready to do anything. Who cares?

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Low:
    attire, hair, make-up (none), meal prep, wine (cheap is fine)

    coffee time/lasix time in the morning, ice cream (only high quality!), bourbon (only high quality), coffee itself (high quality, with cream, strong), shoes (not fancy, just comfortable on my ass-face feet)

    October 25, 2013 at 9:32 AM Delete

  13. I have to have lots of ice in my cold drinks too! I cant stand room temperature water. Gross. I only carry designer handbags. I guess that makes me high maintenance too.

    Low maintenance, I am not picky about having to choose a restaurant or what to do. I am pretty go with the flow. Just let me know ahead of time so I can look up the menu online and know what I want to order!

  14. Ugh, the morning rush and quadruple ugh, the morning rush with kids.
    Thanks to the universe, I am done with that.
    Mostly I am low maintenance & defer to others so everyone is happy.
    I need sweet and low and skim milk in my coffee and prefer to brew my own.
    Love to have the coffee ready to go in the AM.
    Adore makeup. It gives such a life- but go without many times.
    Try to work myself out of a bitch
    immediately. My guides are in my head telling me "serenity now"! Much different than in my younger years. Much, much better.
    Enjoy this sunny day and every day of your life.
    Love your MOMMA

  15. I have an overwhelming and, perhaps, irrational fear that I am Sally and think I am low maintenance but am actually high maintenance.

    High maintenance - when I want something it done, I want it done rightnownoquestionsasked. I WILL get my hair cut & colored every 7 weeks like clockwork. I generally prefer to do things the right way rather than the easy way.

    Low maintenance - I am happy on the weekends to throw on a baseball cap and be grody. I will gladly pick up a tool belt before paying someone to do only a slightly better job than I would. I am happier playing in the mud with my kids than getting dressed up for a fancy night out.

  16. My husband calls me high maintenance but I am definitely low maintenance... or maybe not? Love your posts as usual! Have a great weekend!

  17. I hate ice unless it's in water, or if the drink isn't cold. But we keep all of our drinks in the fridge, so there is no need for ice. I know — and trust me this is not a southern thing. LOL Considering that I use to be pretty high maintenance... since being pregnant... that has all changed. I only dry my hair and straighten it if I plan on going out and it's a fancy place. In other words, walmart, target, the grocery store — you don't get my best. HAHA. And cleaning... I love a clean house, but the chemicals in the cleaning supplies well, I can't use them. So the cleaning is done by the husband when he feels like it. But I do keep the kitchen clean.

    Happy Friday and thanks for linking up! Y'all have a wonderful weekend with the pups!

  18. i think we are very similar maintenance which means I think we are high in the right areas- does that make sense? couldn't agree more about hotel rooms.

  19. Haha I too run errands in yoga pants but am still classified as high maintenance! It also drives me nuts when ppl don't text back lol Have a great weekend!

  20. Ok, I only take 45 min to get ready, but I dry my hair. But I don't have much.

    I'm not high maintenance at all - that I am aware of.

    I dye my own hair, don't do nails, could care less about my car.

    Well ok. Wait. I am high maintenance about my child. I like her to look put together and not like she walked out of a trailer park. That's about it!

  21. My high and low maintenanceness swings wildly depending on my mood or the context. If I'm having a good day, I'm overall low maintenance. I will go anywhere in yoga pants and without makeup but if I'm in a situation that calls for it, my makeup must be perfect or I freak out.

    I dislike ice as much as you love it and maybe I freak when I ask for no ice and receive it.

    Also, matching socks. Socks must match.

    And the texting. I am very high maintenance with that. I know your phone is attached to your hand. Text me back. Now.

  22. Hahaha your second one, must have straws, reminds me of Stewie - "AND NO PICKLES GOD HELP YOU IF I FIND PICKLES"
    It's totally fair. If I have anything with red peppers or cherries touching my food, I flip out. I hate them.

  23. I remember the ice thing. As long as a hotel room is clean, it's OK but where I AM high maintenance on hotels is location. I want to be close to the action.

    Aaron is the WORST about responding to texts and emails. Know that if I don't respond right away, it's because I'm somewhere that I can't use my phone.

  24. Paint my nails, post IG deliciousness this weekend. these are things i want. I am loving the new layout BTW

  25. Girl, I love this post and may steal the idea next week! :)

    I am so high maintenance about cleaning my place once a week. It needs to be done.

    I also don't wear make up everyday and TOTALLY run errands in sweats!

  26. I'm pretty much the same with all the low maintenance ones! Although, I sometimes like expensive hotels. Just depends on how much time we will be spending in them. I don't answer emails immediately, but that's because I have email turned OFF on my phone. I hate checking emails from my phone, so I only do it when I have to. I actually rarely use my phone for anything but pictures and Instagram.

  27. This is a great post! Love it. I'm similar, I never wear make up, I frequently wear yoga pants to run errands, and I honestly cannot be fussed with cars.

  28. I'm with you on the out the door in 30. No blow drying for me, makeup takes 10 minutes. "Make bed, clear head" is a Momism..bed making a must!Pillows on sofa, my chair in order. Knick knacks must be slanted to the center of the room and in groups of 3. Yes..a little OCD here, but that's me :)

  29. I am the total opposite of your low maintenance number 5. My hair is a disaster if not blow dryed and straightened every day. On a good day, when I'm not fucking around, I can get showered and ready in 45 minutes. On a normal day, I need at least an hour.

    I am high maintenance in that I need to have a minimum of 45 minutes of time in the morning to drink coffee, watch the Today Show, and screw around on the Internet. If I do not get that, the day is going to be shit.


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