Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sinful Admissions of a No Spend September

The rules: 
1. No outings that are not budgeted for prior to 9/1 - no impromptu lunches, dinners, or nights out.
2. No unnecessary purchases.
3. No weekly coffee from DD.

Budgeted outings are fine, groceries are fine (although I am trying to only buy the necessities of the week and not stocking up), regular expenses like gas for the car are all fine.

How did I do?

Date of infraction: September 10
Purchased: Herr's popcorn and Rosenberger's diet iced tea from Rite Aid
Spent: $1.68
Notes: I blame this on the Philadelphia Parking Authority, who I saw doing assy things all the way to Rite Aid, such as ticketing an 8.5 months pregnant lady who was having her work baby shower gifts loaded into her vehicle and was standing right next to it.

Day 16, on the way home in the car, I was gleeful with just how little I'd spent outside of my budget. I counted my chickens before they hatched, because

Date of infraction: September 17
Purchased: Yankee Harvest and Autumn Leaves tumblers
Spent: $35.63
Notes: Goddamn emails advertising goddamn buy one get one free sales. On the plus side: I saved $27.99. I had just gotten a $25 credit for returning a dog harness, so it was sort of a wash? HOWEVER. I could not wait an additional 13 days? Sure, there might not be a coupon then, but still. WEAK. Even though I'm secretly happy that I got my fall candles before October. I should've purchased them in August and this wouldn't even be a thing.
Date of infraction: September 23
Purchased: Lunch
Spent: $10.66
Notes: You know who is to blame for this? Booze. And Laura and Chris for throwing such a fun wedding that I was incapable of productivity on September 22, leaving me lunch-less on September 23. Food is a necessity. Buying it at $10 a meal when it's not budgeted is not. Unpreparedness is a fatal flaw of the No Spend September'er.

September 24. I'm itching to start my seasonal purging practices.  I need new organizing items. There they sit in my Amazon cart. One click of the button and they'll be here by September 26. GET OFF OF AMAZON, you fucking dumbass!

All in all, I have really done well this month.

In my first freeze, I spent $49.02 in unplanned monies. In my second spending freeze, I shit the bed and spent $109.30. This month, my lowest yet: $47.97. I did have some help - a DD gift card from Carly at The Pinot Project that I'll be paying forward, and some timely stuff from my fairy godmother Lori.

And of course I have a list of shit I'm buying today: a tweed vest from Old Navy and organizers are among them.

What do you think of the concept of a no-spend month? Would you be interested in doing one in January and linking up your results in February?
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  1. Christmas candles are my weakness...
    Why yes I want to feel like I'm walking through a Christmas tree farm while I'm really going to the bathroom. I will see your $25 candle and raise you a $10 hanging air freshened for my car."

  2. Wow I think you did really well! I think it's a good idea to try this- but I think I'd have wayyyy more infractions than you haha!

  3. Bravo honey, bravo! I'm very impressed!!! And fall candles... hello, essential!!!!
    Had I not found that check, I would have been shitting the bed right with you! I will definitely do this in January, it would be fun to do a group link-up!

  4. Well you did way better than I did! I am on board for January. It is a lot easier after the Christmas spending extravaganza and there probably won't be any shit I need in January.

  5. You did great! I so had an epic fail. It started off great but it was epic fail due to Ulta & MAC's Riri Hearts fall collection lol

  6. More healing lights to you. Rest is best! Plenty of fluids. Drink at every commercial(still remember telling you kids that!)
    I have been on a no spend for years
    since no regular paycheck- my choice.
    Very grateful. My splurge is nice perfume-only when there is a giveaway. We really do not need that much. Bravo on keeping track and your all-time low.
    Carpe diem! 85 today Hooray.
    Love your MOMMA

  7. I was thinking of doing a no spend November! I wasn't sure exactly how you did it, especially with events. If it's just no impromtu spending and I think I can handle that.

  8. i don't think i would be brave enoughto admit my infractions. but you still did really good. and you cannot count that $1.68!

  9. I will DEFINITELY do this with you in January. Just remind me :)

  10. I am impressed! I was thinking about doing it in Feb but now that you mentioned January... I am in! My hubby will love you!

  11. hey, you saved $28 so those tumbler thingies were practically free. <--this is how i would rationalize it to myself.

    and going $48 over isn't bad at all! i don't know if i could even have a no-spend month!

    Vodka and Soda

  12. I love how you used the word freaking kill me!! And heck yes to the ON vest!!! Make sure to post some outfit shots!! ;) And by the way, I changed my post today and reworded it to say that I am going to "TRY WITH ALL MY STRENGTH" not to!

  13. The lunch was necessary. The ticket incident, understandable. The candles, why not. My budget usually doesn't allow me to buy anything besides food, wine, and the occasional candle. I am looking forward to being done with school and having money for more splurges.

  14. I think you did a fantastic job! I might be in for January. But I'm scared. Hold me.

  15. I think you did fantastic! And I'm totally in for January. December is killer for us, even if we budget. Between Hanukkah (which mercifully comes early this year), Christmas, and the child's birthday, we spend a painful amount of money. A January no-spend will be completely welcomed.

  16. You did great! I did that in March and at the end I went nuts and bought so much...these are hard to do!

  17. That is an impressive job! Very few fails. Who the f gives a pregnant lady leaving her shower a ticket? Dicks. And really, who can resist candles? That'd be a superpower.
    Now, reward yourself with organizational supplies!! And then show me what you get :)

  18. but did you get the cardboard dirty dancing cutout yet? It's Oct 2

  19. Not bad at all! I really need to do this...especially the unplanned outings.

  20. Okay you did much better than I did. i gave up after day 2. That business is hard!! I really need to get my grocery spending back under control!

  21. I believe you should retract the infraction of the Yankee Candle purchase. I mean you were LOSING money by not purchasing them on sale. Also, as much as I would love to have a no spend month, my list of infractions would be far too long and embarrassing to link up to your superior controllness of the spending.

  22. I think you did awesome! I think being aware of purchases in general just makes a huge difference.

    Have you tried the cash only thing? Where you actually budget out how much - pull cash out - and only use that? WHen we do that I am amazed at how much more I restrain myself.

  23. I love the idea in theory but I would completely blow it. I spend money (that I shouldn't spend) like a drunken sailor.

  24. I am super impressed. You didn't go crazy on anything and you would have kicked yourself for paying full price for the candles!

  25. I would totally be interested in a January challenge. I usually try to do February or March (they're easier) anyway!

  26. I think doing this in January is a great idea - I would LOVE to link up!

  27. I love no-spend months! If we aren't moving yet, I'd probably be down.

  28. Omg you are seriously hilarious and awesome and I'm sorry I didn't read this sooner!!


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