Saturday, October 5, 2013

I Celebrate Half Birthdays.

This post is sponsored by Cardstore. I received one free card for reviewing the site and process. All opinions are my own. 

It's Saturday. A Saturday that's 162 days from my birthday, which means you missed my half birthday by 12 days. It's fine, no really. It's fine. And if my math is off, that's fine too, because it's Saturday and also math sucks.

You've probably just eaten a jelly donut, dribbled it on your chin and are in a sugar coma, looking for something to do. Me? I'm sending myself an awesome half birthday card since no one else did. And I'm doing that without leaving my couch. You heard me! I'm sending myself an actual card in the mail without leaving my couch. 

Perhaps you'd like to join me in the Cardstore Birthday Card section and play along. Perhaps you think I'm crazy for sending myself a card, to which I say don't be a spoilsport, Jan Brady. 

You can choose from photo (normally a favorite of mine), for him/her/kids, romantic (not appropriate for the card I'm sending to myself), and funny (always appropriate). I chose funny.

And of course I chose one with a curse word because it's who I am. Cursey McGee. 
I approved it, entered my address, and BOOM. It's on its way to me. Postage applied and all. Magic Express, one way ticket to card town. 

Because I hate going to Hallmark and fighting everyone to look through the cards. There's always someone who won't move and someone who smells. And it's hard to find cards with curse words. 

And all the time I hate going to the post office for stamps. I can never remember my login either. 

I like that I can browse cards at my leisure and most of all that I can personalize them and write ridiculous things that I always add to Hallmark cards. When Cardstore adds the text, no one needs to be exposed to my serial killer handwriting either. 

This is a win all around. Hallmark, take a seat on the bench. Cardstore, you're up. 

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  1. Oh I like it! That would save a TON of hassle =)

  2. I have a great card store with tons of curse words. I want to take you there.

  3. Dipshit, haha. I love making cards!


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